Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition, Vol. 1

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Sc. 214.4

Critical Apparatus1

Gower. Thus time we waste, & long leagues make [we] short,

2Saile seas in Cockles, haue and wish but fort,

Critical Apparatus3Making to take [imagination],

4From bourne to bourne, region to region,

5By you being pardoned we commit no crime,

6To vse one language, in each seuerall clime,

pg 1412Critical Apparatus7Where our sceanes [seeme] to liue, I doe beseech you

Critical Apparatus8To learne of me who stand [ith] gappes to teach you.

9The stages of our storie Pericles

Critical Apparatus10Is now againe thwarting [the] wayward seas,

11Attended on by many a Lord and Knight,

Critical Apparatus12To see his daughter all his liues delight.

13Old Helicanus goes along behind,

Critical Apparatus14Is left to gouerne, [if] you beare in mind.

15Old Escenes, whom Hellicanus late

Critical Apparatus16Aduancde in [tyre] to great and hie estate.

Critical Apparatus17Well sayling ships, and bounteous winds haue brought

Critical Apparatus18This king to Tharsus, thinke [his] Pilat thought

Critical Apparatus19So with his sterage, shall your thoughts [go one]

20To fetch his daughter home, who first is gone

Critical Apparatus21Like moats and shadowes, see them moue a while,

Link 22Your eares vnto your eyes Ile reconcile.

G3r Enter Pericles at one doore, with all his trayne, Cleon and Dioniza at the other. Cleon shewes Pericles the tombe, whereat Pericles makes lamentation, puts on sacke-cloth, and in a mighty passion departs.

Gowr. See how beleefe may suffer by fowle showe,

Critical Apparatus24This borrowed passion stands for true [owde] woe:

25And Pericles in sorrowe all deuour'd,

26With sighes shot through, and biggest teares ore-showr'd.

27Leaues Tharsus, and againe imbarques, hee sweares

28Neuer to wash his face, nor cut his hayres:

Critical Apparatus29Hee [puts] on sack-cloth, and to Sea he beares,

30A Tempest which his mortall vessell teares.

31And yet hee rydes it out, Nowe please you wit:

Critical Apparatus32The Epitaph is for Marina writ,

33By wicked Dioniza.

Critical Apparatus34    The fairest, sweetest, and [most] best lyes heere,

35    Who withered in her spring of yeare:

Critical Apparatus36    She was of Tyrus the Kings daughter,

pg 141337    On whom fowle death hath made this slaughter.

38    Marina was shee call'd, and at her byrth,

Critical Apparatus39    Thetis being prowd, swallowed some part ath' earth:

40    Therefore the earth fearing to be ore-flowed,

41    Hath Thetis byrth-childe on the heauens bestowed.

42    Wherefore she does and sweares sheele neuer stint,

43    Make raging Battery vpon shores of flint.

44No vizor does become blacke villanie,

45So well as soft and tender flatterie:

46Let Pericles beleeue his daughter's dead,

47And beare his courses to be ordered;

Critical Apparatus48By Lady Fortune, while our [Sceane] must play,

49His daughters woe and heauie welladay.

50In her vnholie seruice: Patience then,

51And thinke you now are all in Mittelin.


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Critical Apparatus
21.1 long 1creede; longest 4pavier
Critical Apparatus
21.1 make we taylor–jackson (Maxwell); make 1creede. The emendation regularizes the meter and improves the line's intelligibility.
Critical Apparatus
21.3 imagination hudson; our imagination 1creede; your imagination malone1780. Possibly correct if we compare 'time we waste', where Gower, as a choric commentator, directly addresses the audience who are being carried along by the play's fast-paced, expansive narrative. However, Hudson's emendation addresses meter, not sense, and with the pronunciation 'imaginatïon' produces a regular pentameter.
Critical Apparatus
21.7 sceanes seeme 4pavier; sceanes seemes 1creede; scene seems maxwell. Gower is speaking of multiple scenes 'from bourne to bourne'; a terminal 's' could have been easily added to 'seeme' in error.
Critical Apparatus
21.7–8 Where … teach you. 4pavier; 4 lines 1creede: liue,| beseech you| gappes|
Critical Apparatus
21.8 ith maxwell (Bullen); with 1creede; in 4pavier; i'the malone1780 (Steevens)
Critical Apparatus
21.10 the 2gosson; thy 1creede
Critical Apparatus
21.12 liues 1creede = life's
Critical Apparatus
21.14 gouerne, if taylor–jackson (Maxwell); gouerne it, 1creede. An easy misreading error. The comma is misplaced, and, as it responds to the sense of the assumed word, we have also emended the punctuation.
Critical Apparatus
21.16 tyre schanzer (W. S. Walker); time 1creede. Proper names were sometimes written without a capital letter, so we may more plausibly emend in the Reference edition to 'tyre'.
Critical Apparatus
21.17 Well … brought 4pavier; 2 lines 1creede: winds|
Critical Apparatus
21.18 his malone1780; this 1creede
Critical Apparatus
21.19 sterage 1creede; sternage gossett. Compare 'stirrage' in Romeo and Juliet 5.113.
Critical Apparatus
21.19 go one maxwell (Malone) = go on; grone 1creede; grow on malone1780
Critical Apparatus
21.21 Like … while, 4pavier; 2 lines 1creede: them|
Critical Apparatus
21.24 owde maxwell (Anon.); olde 1creede
Critical Apparatus
21.29 puts malone1780; put 1creede
Critical Apparatus
21.32–3 The … Dioniza. malone1780; 1 line 1creede
Critical Apparatus
21.34 and most best warren (Painfull Aduentures); and best 1 creede; best malone (Steevens). The emendation repairs the meter, and 'most' might be easily dropped in this cluster of '-st' endings; for the Shakespearean double superlative, 'most best', compare Hamlet (7.120) and King Lear (1.198).
Critical Apparatus
21.36–43 She … flint 1creede; In Natures garden, though by growth a Bud,| Shee was the chiefest flower, she was good taylor–jackson. taylor–jackson substitute two lines from Painfull Aduentures (530) for the eight lines in 1creede (which they include separately as an 'additional passage'). hoeniger describes the eight lines in 1creede as 'sheer poetic drivel'. taylor–jackson suggest that the two lines in Painfull Aduentures either 'represents Shakespeare's revised text, and [1creede] a first shot later cancelled in performance' or 'a revision (or alternative) by the collaborator Wilkins'. These hypotheses, if valid, do not provide grounds for emending by the criteria of the present edition.
Critical Apparatus
21.39 ath' 1creede = o'th'
Critical Apparatus
21.48 Sceane malone (scene); Steare 1creede; tears malone1780. Compare 21.7.
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