Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition, Vol. 1

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Sc. 245.0

Enter Gower.

  Marina thus the Brothell scapes, and chaunces

2Into an Honest-house our Storie sayes:

3Shee sings like one immortall, and shee daunces

4As Goddesse-like to her admired layes.

5Deepe clearks she dumb's, and with her neele composes,

6Natures owne shape, of budde, bird, branche, or berry.

7That euen her art sisters the naturall Roses

Critical Apparatus8Her Inckle, Silke Twine, with the rubied Cherrie,

pg 14199That puples lackes she none of noble race,

10Who powre their bountie on her: and her gaine

11She giues the cursed Bawd, here wee her place,

12And to hir Father turne our thoughts againe,

Critical Apparatus13[Wee] left him on the Sea, wee there him [lost],

Critical Apparatus14[Whence] driuen before the windes, hee is arriu'de

15Heere where his daughter dwels, and on this coast,

Critical Apparatus16Suppose him now at [Anchor]: the Citie striu'de

17God Neptunes Annuall feast to keepe, from whence

18Lysimachus our Tyrian Shippe espies,

19His banners Sable, trim'd with rich expence,

H2vCritical Apparatus Link 20And to him in his Barge with feruor hyes,

21In your supposing once more put your sight,

Critical Apparatus22Of heauy Pericles, thinke this his Barke:

23Where what is done in action, more if might

24Shalbe discouerd, please you sit and harke.


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Critical Apparatus
24.8 Twine 1creede = twin
Critical Apparatus
24.13 Wee taylor–jackson (Taylor); Where wee 1creede. As Taylor notes, '"Where" is not only extrametrical but superfluous.' See next note.
Critical Apparatus
24.13 wee there him lost malone1780 (subs.); wee there him left 1creede; waues there him tost taylor–jackson (Taylor). Both suggested emendations remove repetition ('Wee left him … wee there him left') and restore the rhyme with 'coast'; malone1780 assumes an easy misreading error ('left' for 'lost') and 'lost' makes sense in the context of 'lost track of' and also alerts the audience to both Pericles' personal loss and loss of direction ('driuen before the windes').
Critical Apparatus
24.14 Whence steevens; Where 1creede; And 4pavier
Critical Apparatus
24.14 before 1creede; tofore taylor–jackson (Taylor). Both readings note that Pericles' ship is driven by the wind.
Critical Apparatus
24.16 Anchor rowe (subs.) = anchor; Anchor 1creede. The compositor seems mistakenly to assume that 'Anchor' is a place name.
Critical Apparatus
24.20 feruor 1creede(b); former 1creede(a)
Critical Apparatus
24.20 Some copies read 'former' for 'feruor'
Critical Apparatus
24.22 his 1creede; the malone1780
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