Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition, Vol. 2

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Sc. 144.5Scena Quinta.

Enter Duke and Frier Peter.

Duke. These Letters at fit time deliuer me,

2The Prouost knowes our purpose and our plot,

3The matter being a foote, keepe your instruction

4And hold you euer to our speciall drift,

5Though sometimes you doe blench from this to that

Critical Apparatus6As cause doth minister: Goe call at [Flauius] house,

7And tell him where I stay: giue the like notice

Critical Apparatus8To [Valentinus], Rowland, and to Crassus,

9And bid them bring the Trumpets to the gate:

10But send me Flauius first.

Peter. It shall be speeded well.

Enter Varrius.

Duke. I thank thee Varrius, thou hast made good hast,

12Come, we will walke: There's other of our friends

13Will greet vs heere anon: my gentle Varrius.


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Critical Apparatus
4.5.6 Flauius rowe3; Flauia's jaggard; Flavio's evans (Theobald). The 'his' in the following line makes it clear that a female is required, and 'Flauius' occurs at 4.5.10.
Critical Apparatus
4.5.8 Valentinus capell (Thirlby); Valencius jaggard. Although jaggard's 'Valencius' is a possible name—EEBO–TCP identifies four examples between 1533 and 1599—it is metrically awkward here, and could easily result from misreading of a foreign proper name.
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