Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition, Vol. 2

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2.1Sc. 6Actus Secundus, Scæna prima.

Enter Antonio & Sebastian.

Ant. Will you stay no longer: nor will you not that I go with you.


Seb. By your patience, no: my starres shine darkely ouer me; the 3malignancie of my fate, might perhaps distemper yours; therefore I shall 4craue of you your leaue, that I may beare my euils alone. It were a bad 5recompence for your loue, to lay any of them on you.


An. Let me yet know of you, whither you are bound.


Seb. No sooth sir: my determinate voyage is meere extrauagancie. 8But I perceiue in you so excellent a touch of modestie, that you will not 9extort from me, what I am willing to keepe in: therefore it charges me 10in manners, the rather to expresse my selfe: you must know of mee then pg 217811Antonio, my name is Sebastian (which I call'd Rodorigo) my father was 12that Sebastian of Messaline, whom I know you haue heard of. He left Critical Apparatus13behinde him, my selfe, and a sister, both borne in an houre: if the [Heauens] 14had beene pleas'd, would we had so ended. But you sir, alter'd that, for 15some houre before you tooke me from the breach of the sea, was my 16sister drown'd.


Ant. Alas the day.


Seb. A Lady sir, though it was said shee much resembled me, 19was yet of many accounted beautiful: but thogh I could not with such 20estimable wonder ouer-farre beleeue that, yet thus farre I will boldly 21publish her, shee bore a minde that enuy could not but call faire: Shee is 22drown'd already sir with salt water, though I seeme to drowne her 23remembrance againe with more.


Ant. Pardon me sir, your bad entertainment.


Seb. O good Antonio, forgiue me your trouble.


Ant. If you will not murther me for my loue, let mee be your 27seruant.


Seb. If you will not vndo what you haue done, that is kill him, 29whom you haue recouer'd, desire it not. Fare ye well at once, my bosome 30is full of kindnesse, and I am yet so neere the manners of my mother, 31that vpon the least occasion more, mine eyes will tell tales of me: I am 32bound to the Count Orsino's Court, farewell.


Ant. The gentlenesse of all the gods go with thee:

34I haue many enemies in Orsino's Court,

35Else would I very shortly see thee there:

36But come what may, I do adore thee so,

37That danger shall seeme sport, and I will go.


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Critical Apparatus
2.1.13 Heauens allot (Heavens); Heanens jaggard. Probably foul case error or inverted type.
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