Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition, Vol. 2

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4.5Sc. 22

Critical ApparatusEnter Constable, Orleance, Burbon, Dolphin, and Ramburs.

Con. O Diable.

Critical Apparatus2

Orl. O [signeur] le iour et [perdu], toute et [perdu].

Critical Apparatus3

Dol. Mor [Die] ma vie, all is confounded all,

Critical Apparatus4Reproach, and euerlasting shame

5Sits mocking in our Plumes.

A short Alarum.

6O meschante Fortune, do not runne away.


Con. Why all our rankes are broke.


Dol, O perdurable shame, let's stab our selues:

9Be these the wretches that we plaid at dice for?


Orl. Is this the King we sent too, for his ransome?


Bur. Shame, and eternall shame, nothing but shame,

Critical Apparatus12Let vs dye in [pride. In] once more backe againe,

13And he that will not follow Burbon now,

Critical Apparatus14Let him go hence, and with his cap in hand

Critical Apparatus15Like a base Pander hold the Chamber doore,

Critical Apparatus16Whilst [by a] slaue, no gentler then my dogge,

Critical Apparatus17His fairest daughter is contaminated.


Con. Disorder that hath spoyl'd vs, friend vs now,

19Let vs on heapes go offer vp our liues.

Critical Apparatus20

Orl. We are enow yet liuing in the Field,

21To smother vp the English in our throngs,

22If any order might be thought vpon.

Critical Apparatus23

Bur. The diuell take Order now, Ile to the throng;

24Let life be short, else shame will be too long.


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Critical Apparatus Dolphin jaggard; not in taylor1982. See Taylor, 'Three Studies', pp. 104–5 for the difference between this scene in 1creede and jaggard. See Textual Introduction for our treatment of Bourbon and the Dauphin.
Critical Apparatus
4.5.2 signe ur allot; sigueur jaggard
Critical Apparatus
4.5.2 perdu … perdu rowe; perdiaperdie jaggard
Critical Apparatus
4.5.3 Dol. jaggard; Bur. 1creede, taylor1982 (subs.). See Textual Introduction.
Critical Apparatus
4.5.3 Mor Die 1creede (subs.) = Mort de; Mor Dieu jaggard. It is easier to explain a misreading of 'die' for 'dieu', but a reading of the form in 1creede is also possible. The compositor misreads 'u' as 'ie' and 'ia' at 4.5.2 so this seems a recurrent diffculty for him when he was faced with the French language.
Critical Apparatus
4.5.4 Reproach jaggard; Reproach, reproach capell; Mortal reproach craik. Capell's emendation is attractive because the line is short by two syllables in an otherwise metrically regular passage and a repetition could explain the oversight. craik's emendation is an unfounded conjecture. He suggests that the compositor could have overlooked it because of 'Mor Dieu' in the line before, but this seems unlikely at the beginning of a new line.
Critical Apparatus
4.5.12 die in pride. In once taylor1982; dye in once jaggard; flye in once allot; dye instant. Once theobald; die! In once (evans). The meter and sense are defective in jaggard. It is difficult to explain how 'honour' or 'instant' (even if written separately as 'in stant') could have been omitted. Taylor's emendation supposes the easiest sequence of error, whereby the compositor skipped from 'in' to 'in', and the new line created is metrically regular.
Critical Apparatus
4.5.14 hence jaggard; home 1creede
Critical Apparatus
4.5.15 Pander jaggard; leno 1creede
Critical Apparatus
4.5.16 by a 1creede; a base jaggard; by a base allot. The syntax in jaggard is unintelligible, and the repetition of 'a base' from the preceding line is suspicious. On these grounds, accepting the reading in 1creede seems justifiable.
Critical Apparatus
4.5.17 contaminated jaggard; contamuracke 1creede; contaminate capell
Critical Apparatus
4.5.20–3 We … Order jaggard; after 4.5.6 taylor1982 (following 1creede). The transposition in 1creede may reflect deliberate revision, but these lines work well with their placement in jaggard.
Critical Apparatus
4.5.23 Order now jaggard; Order 1creede
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