Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition, Vol. 2

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Sc. 244.3

Enter a Messenger that meets Yorke. Enter Yorke with Trumpet, and many Soldiers.

Yorke. Are not the speedy scouts return'd againe,

2That dog'd the mighty Army of the Dolphin?


Mess. They are return'd my Lord, and giue it out,

4That he is march'd to Burdeaux with his power

Critical Apparatus5To fight with Talbot: as he march'd along,

6By your espyals were discouered

7Two mightier Troopes then that the Dolphin led,

Critical Apparatus8Which ioyn'd with him, and made their march for Burdeaux.


Yorke. A plague vpon that Villaine Somerset,

10That thus delayes my promised supply

11Of horsemen, that were leuied for this siege.

12Renowned Talbot doth expect my ayde,

13And I am lowted by a Traitor Villaine,

14And cannot helpe the noble Cheualier:

15God comfort him in this necessity:

16If he miscarry, farewell Warres in France.

Enter another Messenger.
Critical Apparatus17

2. Mes. Thou Princely Leader of our English strength,

18Neuer so needfull on the earth of France,

19Spurre to the rescue of the Noble Talbot,

Critical Apparatus20Who now is girdled with a waste of Iron,

21And hem'd about with grim destruction:

22To Burdeaux warlike Duke, to Burdeaux Yorke,

23Else farwell Talbot, France, and Englands honor.


Yorke. O God, that Somerset who in proud heart

25Doth stop my Cornets, were in Talbots place,

26So should wee saue a valiant Gentleman,

27By forfeyting a Traitor, and a Coward:

28Mad ire, and wrathfull fury makes me weepe,

29That thus we dye, while remisse Traitors sleepe.

Critical Apparatus30

Mes. O send some succour to the distrest Lord.


Yorke. He dies, we loose: I breake my warlike word:

32We mourne, France smiles: We loose, they dayly get,

33All long of this vile Traitor Somerset.


Mes. Then God take mercy on braue Talbots soule,

35And on his Sonne yong Iohn, who two houres since,

36I met in trauaile toward his warlike Father;

37This seuen yeeres did not Talbot see his sonne,

38And now they meete where both their liues are done.


Yorke. Alas, what ioy shall noble Talbot haue,

40To bid his yong sonne welcome to his Graue:

41Away, vexation almost stoppes my breath,

pg 245042That sundred friends greete in the houre of death.

43Lucie farewell, no more my fortune can,

44But curse the cause I cannot ayde the man.

45Maine, Bloys, Poytiers, and Toures, are wonne away,

46Long all of Somerset, and his delay.


Mes. Thus while the Vulture of sedition,

48Feedes in the bosome of such great Commanders,

Critical Apparatus49Sleeping neglection doth betray to losse

50The Conquest of our scarse-cold Conqueror,

51That euer-liuing man of Memorie,

52Henrie the fift: Whiles they each other crosse,

53Liues, Honours, Lands, and all, hurrie to losse.

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Critical Apparatus
4.3.5 Talbot: … along, allot; Talbot ^ … along. jaggard
Critical Apparatus
4.3.8 Burdeaux. chetwinde; ~^ jaggard. In jaggard, Burdeaux is a turn-under, and the compositor left off the closing punctuation.
Critical Apparatus
4.3.17 2.Mes. jaggard = Lucy. The messenger is addressed by name at 4.3.43, and when the character returns in 4.5 he is identified by Lu./Luc. See also notes to 4.3.30, 34, 47.
Critical Apparatus
4.3.20 waste jaggard = waist
Critical Apparatus
4.3.30, 34, 47 Mes. jaggard = Lucy. See also note to 4.3.17.
Critical Apparatus
4.3.49 losse theobald; ~: jaggard
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