Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition, Vol. 2

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Enter Coriolanus in meane Apparrell, Disguisd, and muffled.

Corio. A goodly City is this Antium. Citty,

2'Tis I that made thy Widdowes: Many an heyre

3Of these faire Edifices fore my Warres

4Haue I heard groane, and drop: Then know me not,

5Least that thy Wiues with Spits, and Boyes with stones

6In puny Battell slay me. Saue you sir.

Critical ApparatusEnter a Citizen.
Critical Apparatus7

Cit. And you.

Corio. Direct me, if it be your will,

8Where great Auffidius lies: Is he in Antium?

Critical Apparatus9

Cit. He is, and Feasts the Nobles of the State,

10At his house this night.

Corio. Which is his house, beseech you?


Cit. This heere before you.


Corio. Thanke you sir, farewell.

Exit Citizen

13Oh World, thy slippery turnes! Friends now fast sworn,

14Whose double bosomes seemes to weare one heart,

15Whose Houres, whose Bed, whose Meale and Exercise

16Are still together: who Twin (as 'twere) in Loue,

17Vnseparable, shall within this houre,

18On a dissention of a Doit, breake out

19To bitterest Enmity: So fellest Foes,

20Whose Passions, and whose Plots haue broke their sleep

21To take the one the other, by some chance,

22Some tricke not worth an Egge, shall grow deere friends

23And inter-ioyne their yssues. So with me,

Critical Apparatus24My Birth-place [hate] I, and my loues vpon

25This Enemie Towne: Ile enter, if he slay me

26He does faire Iustice: if he giue me way,

27Ile do his Country Seruice.


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Critical Apparatus Enter a Citizen = after 'me' in this line
Critical Apparatus
4.4.7–8 Direct … Antium? capell; prose jaggard
Critical Apparatus
4.4.9–10 He … night. capell; prose jaggard
Critical Apparatus
4.4.24 hate capell; haue jaggard; leave conj. Proudfoot. Graphical error, misreading 't' for 'u'. Proudfoot plausibly posits that 'haue' may derive from a graphic misreading of 'leaue', but this emendation would lose the parallel with 'loues'.
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