Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition, Vol. 2

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Sc. 165.3

Enter a Souldier in the Woods seeking Timon.

Sol. By all description this should be the place.

2Whose heere? Speake hoa. No answer? What is this?

Critical Apparatus3Tymon is dead, who hath out-stretcht his span,

4Some Beast reade this; There do's not liue a Man.

pg 31335Dead sure, and this his Graue, what's on this Tomb,

6I cannot read: the Charracter Ile take with wax,

7Our Captaine hath in euery Figure skill;

8An ag'd Interpreter, though yong in dayes:

9Before proud Athens hee's set downe by this,

10Whose fall the marke of his Ambition is.


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Critical Apparatus
16.3–4 Tymon … Man jaggard; not in jowett1. This two-line epitaph differs from that at 17.72–5, leading some editors to suspect a problem. jowett1 argued that this first epitaph was an early version and superseded by the later epitaph and so omitted it, while jowett2 and jowett3 restore it. That the play might feature two epitaphs may be supported by the two epitaphs on Timon's tomb recorded by Plutarch; see note to 17.72–5.
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