Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition, Vol. 2

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Sc. 394.14

Enter Cleopatra, Charmian, Iras, Mardian.
Critical Apparatus1

Cleo. Helpe me my women: Oh hee's more mad

2Then Telamon for his Shield, the Boare of Thessaly

Critical Apparatus3Was neuer so imbost.

Char. To'th'Monument,

4There locke your selfe, and send him word you are dead:

yy5v Link 5The Soule and Body riue not more in parting,

6Then greatnesse going off.

Cleo. To'th'Monument:

7Mardian, go tell him I haue slaine my selfe:

8Say, that the last I spoke was Anthony,

9And word it (prythee) pitteously. Hence Mardian,

Critical Apparatus10And bring me how he takes my death: to'th'Monument.


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Critical Apparatus
39.1 hee's jaggard; he is allot. This metrical emendation was universally accepted until kittredge (1936), and also by alexander (1951). But a missing syllable before the caesura is acceptable, especially in Shakespeare's late verse, and the contraction seems more dramatic.
Critical Apparatus
39.3–4 To 'th'Monument, … dead: pope: your selfe,| jaggard
Critical Apparatus
39.10 death: to pope (~. To); death^ to jaggard
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