Daniel Defoe

George Harris Healey (ed.), The Letters of Daniel Defoe

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6. To [         ?         ].1 18 April 1704


I Was Very Sorry To heare you were So Suddainly Goeing away, and Came a great way to have Wisht you a good Journey.

This I thot my Self Oblig'd to in Return for those Many and Kind Visits you bestow'd on me in a house of Bondage and affliction.

As This was all my Reason for offring you the Interruption of a shake by the hand, So I supply your Absence by putting it pg 12into Writeing, Onely Assureing you I shall be Glad To hear by a Line, whether you Get Safe Down, and if it be worth your while to Correspond you may be Sure Twill be welcome To

  • Your Oblig'd Frd & Servt
  • D Foe    

Aprll 18. 1704

MS.: Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Pub.: A Catalogue of the Collection of Autographs Formed by Ferdinand Julius Dreer, Philadelphia, 1890, i. 157. Address: none.

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Editor’s Note
1 The addressee remains unidentified. He may have been William Penn, but the possibilities cannot be narrowed down to him.
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