Sir Richard Steele

Rae Blanchard (ed.), The Correspondence of Richard Steele

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285. Steele to Mrs. Steele

Brit. Mus.: Add. MSS. 5145.—Nichols, Correspondence (1787).—Address: To Mrs. Steele at Her House at Hampton-Wick Carriage paid

 Augst 28th, 1708

Dear Prue

The Afternoon Coach shall bring you ten pounds. Your letter shows You are passionately in Love with Me. But We must take our portion of life as it runs without repining and I consider that Good nature added to that Beautifull form God has giv'n You would make an happinesse too great for Humane life.

  • Yr Most Oblig'd Husband & Most Humble Sernt
  • Richd Steele     

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