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Rae Blanchard (ed.), The Correspondence of Richard Steele

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62. Steele to [Spencer Compton]1

MS.: Blenheim MSS. (draft).—Aitken, Life, i. 353.

 Octbr 4th, 1712


I begg the favour of you to direct Mr Godfrey to accommodate me with sixty pounds in the same manner that you were pleased to order him once before in behalf of, Sr

  • Yr Most obliged and                 
  • Most Obedient Humble Sernt

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Editor’s Note
1 The Honourable Spencer Compton (in 1730 Earl of Wilmington), Paymaster of Her Majesty's Pensioners and Treasurer to Prince George of Denmark (Luttrell, vi. 165, 267), is being requested to advance Steele's pension as Gentleman Waiter to the late Prince. He was a fellow Kit-Cat of Steele's and a good Whig friend. See Nos. 119, 351. Edward Godfrey was an official of the Treasury.
The memorandum following, which was published in the Gentleman's Magazine in 1856 (xlv, 266–7), is apparently related to the transaction mentioned in Steele's letter above or one similar. Warren is probably a misprint for Warner. Steele's banker was John Warner (Nos. 55, 81); and in the record of the sale of what seems to be this document by Messrs. Puttick and Simpson on 29 July 1861, Warner's name is given:

'November 18th, 1712.

Left then in Mr Warren's [Warner's] hand an Assignment of my Sallary at Mr Compton's office of the net sum of seventy-three pounds eleven shillings and nine pence, on which Mr Warren this day lent me fifty pounds.

Richard Steele    

Mem: ye assignt above menc'oned I left wth Mr Godfrey att Mr Compton's office 20th Mch 1712. J. W.'

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