Richard Cobden

Anthony Howe (ed.), The Letters of Richard Cobden, Vol. 1: 1815–1847

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To HENRY ASHWORTHLondon, 15 June 1844

Text: MS BL Add. MS 43653, fos. 69–71; CP30, fo. 15 (copy) Address: Henry Ashworth Esq | Turton | Bolton


15 June 1844

My dear Sir

Thank you for your letter & enclosure—You will see by the last nights division that the Governt are beaten by the monopolists aided by the factions1—The Economist will explain it2—You will find my name amongst Peels supporters with 11 other free-traders. And you will see Entwisles name in the majority against the governt which we were told he was sent to support against the ultra monopolists. Perhaps the more rational of the Tories will now think that Brown3 would have assisted Peel versus Miles4 & Co quite as well as their favorite—Peel is in a very serious fix by this defeat upon a financial plan—I hardly think he will resign, but pg 366he certainly would be justified by precedent in doing so—It is difficult to see how he is to get out of this scrape

Ever Yours truly | R Cobden

Kind regards to Mrs A & your circle

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Editor’s Note
1 The government was defeated by 20 votes in a division on an amendment to reduce the duty on British plantation and foreign free labour but not slave-grown sugar, Hansard, lxxv. 907–72; for this important division in Tory ranks, see R. Stewart, 'The Ten Hours and Sugar Crises of 1844', HJ 12 (1969), 35–57.
Editor’s Note
2 Economist (15 June 1844).
Editor’s Note
3 Sir William *Brown (1784–1864), merchant and banker; MP S. Lancs., 1846–59; unsuccessful Anti-Corn Law League candidate for the county in 1844; founder of Brown, Shipley & Co., Liverpool; chairman of the Atlantic Telegraph Co.; high sheriff of Lancashire, 1863; baronet, 1863.
Editor’s Note
4 Philip William Skinner Miles (1815–81), Tory MP, Bristol, 1837–52, brother of Sir William Miles (1797–1878; first baronet 1859; Tory MP 1830–1 and 1834–65), had introduced the controversial amendment.
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