Robert Herrick

Tom Cain and Ruth Connolly (eds), The Complete Poetry of Robert Herrick, Vol. 2

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Critical ApparatusMyrtillo, Amyntas, Amarillis


Amar: Good day Myrtillo

Myr: And to you no lesse.

Critical Apparatus2

Amyn: And Crownes of wheat fall on our shepperdesse

Critical Apparatus3

Amar: And mirthfull pipes to you;

My: But say what newes

Critical Apparatus4        stirrs in our sheep-walkes?

Amy: None

Ama: Save that my ewes

Critical Apparatus5        My weathers, lambs and kids and all are well

Critical Apparatus6        I nothing else can tell.

Critical Apparatus7

Amy: Or that this day Menalcas makes a feast

Critical Apparatus8    To his sheep-shearers

Myr: Oh these are the least

Critical Apparatus9    But dear Amyntas and sweet Amaryllis

Critical Apparatus10    Rest but a while on this soft bank of Lillies

Critical Apparatus11    And lend an ear to a report

Critical Apparatus12    The Country has.

Ambo: from whence?

My: the Court

Critical Apparatus13    Two dayes before the shutting up of May,

Critical Apparatus14    (with whitest wooll be clad that day)

Critical Apparatus15    To Englands Joy a Prince was borne

Critical Apparatus16    Soft as the childhood of the Morne.

Critical Apparatus17

Amar: Pan pipe to Him and bleates of lambs and sheep

Critical Apparatus18      Lett lullaby this prety Prince a sleep.

Critical Apparatus19

Myr: And that his birth should be more singular

Critical Apparatus20    At noon of day was seen a star

Critical Apparatus21    Bright as the Wise mens torch that guided them

Critical Apparatus22    To Gods Babe born at Bethlehem

Critical Apparatus23

Ambo: But ist a sin if we

Critical Apparatus24Shoulde go this Babe to see?

Critical Apparatus25pg 128

Myr: Not so, not so; but if so be it prove

Critical Apparatus26    A fault at most 'tis but a fault of love.

Critical Apparatus27

Amar: Yea but Myrtillo I have heard it told

Critical Apparatus28      Those learned men brought Incense Myrrh and gold

Critical Apparatus29      And spices sweet

Critical Apparatus30    And layd them down at their Kings feet

Critical Apparatus31

Amy: Tis true.

Myr: Tis true.

Omnes: And each of us will bring

Critical Apparatus32                              Unto our loving King

Critical Apparatus33                              a neat

34                              though not so great

35                              an offering


Amar: A Garland for my gift shall be

Critical Apparatus37      Of flowers n'ere suckd by theeving Bee

Critical Apparatus38      And all most sweet, yet all lesse sweet than Hee

Critical Apparatus39

Amy: And I will lay before his view

Critical Apparatus40      Leaves dropping down the Honey-dew

Critical Apparatus41

Myr: And I a sheep hook will bestow

Critical Apparatus42      To make his little Kingship know

Critical Apparatus43      As He is Prince he's Shepherd too.

Critical Apparatus44

Chorus: Come let's make hast and trimly let's be drest,

Critical Apparatus45  And quickly do't the sweftyst Grace is best

Critical Apparatus46And when before Him we have layd our treasures

Critical Apparatus47Wee'l blesse his Face then back to Country-pleasures.

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Critical Apparatus
Emendations to Copytext (MS 28)
Critical Apparatus
Title: italics supplied
Critical Apparatus
Heading: Myrtillo, Amyntas, Amarillis] Mirtillo, Aminta, & Amarillis RO23  Vpon the birth of the Prince Eclogue Myrtillo Amyntas Amaryllis YA35  An Eclogue on the birth day of Prince Charles. Mirtillo, Amintas, Amarillis CL24  A pastoral on ye same Mirtello. Amintas. Amarilla speak [?] BD14  A dialogue on Prince Charles his birth betweene 3 shepherds; Amintas, Martillo, Ambo. RO27 A pastoral upon ye Birth of Prince Charles The Speakers, Mirtillo, Amintas, and Amarillis. Presented to the King, and Set by Mr. Nic: Laniere 1648 A Dialogue vpon the Princes Birth song betweene Amintus, Myrtillo, Amarillis HRCK A Dialogue vpon the Princes Birth sung betweene Amintas, Mirtillo & Amarillis OG42
Critical Apparatus
2 Crownes of wheat fall] all faire Signs lead 1648
1648 assigns l. 2 to Mirtillo; BD14, CL24, OG42, RO23, RO27, and YA35 assign it to Mirtillo and Amyntas together. HRCK initially assigns it to Amyntas and Mirtillo and then strikes out the latter's name.
Critical Apparatus
3 And] A BD14 With 1648
mirthfull] all 1648
pipes] pipe BD14  white luck 1648
Critical Apparatus
4 stirrs] moves HRCK OG42
sheep-walkes] Sheepwalke BD14 CL24 RO23 1648
my] mine RO23 RO27 YA35
CL24 and RO23 assigns 'none' to 'Ambo'; RO27 assigns it to Amarillis. BD14, CL24, RO23, YA35, and 1648 assign the remainder of the line and lines 5–6 to Amintas.
Critical Apparatus
5 and all All other MSS do not copy.
Critical Apparatus
5 my] does not copy RO27
kids] wanton ⁓ 1648
and all] do not copy Ω‎
Critical Apparatus
6 I] Smooth, faire and fat 1648
nothing] none 1648
else] better 1648
can] I ⁓ 1648
Critical Apparatus
7 Menalcas] Menaleus HRCK OG42
makes] hath BD14  keeps 1648
BD14, CL24, and RO23 assign ll. 7–8 to Amarillis.
Critical Apparatus
8 To] His BD14 For 1648
his] sheepherds BD14
sheep-shearers] too BD14  shepheardes HRCK
Oh] Tut RO27 why YA35  True 1648do not copy BD14 CL24 HRCK OG42
these] those HRCK RO23
Critical Apparatus
9 But] Come RO27
dear] here BD14
Amyntas] Amynta' RO23 RO27
sweet] fair BD14 CL24 HRCK OG42 RO23 RO27 YA35
Critical Apparatus
10 rest] List RO23
but] you BD14 does not copy RO27
while] ⁓ here BD14 CL24 RO23 RO27 YA35 1648
on] under OG42  by 1648
this] these CL24
soft] do not copy Ω‎
bank] bankes CL24  bed BD14
Critical Apparatus
11 an ear] a gentle eare 1648
a] one BD14 1648
Critical Apparatus
12 has] hath BD14 CL24 HRCK OG42
the] from 1648
Critical Apparatus
13 Two] Three 1648
vp] in 1648
Critical Apparatus
14 (with] ^ ⁓ CL24 RO27 YA35
whitest] whiter CL24 RO23 YA35
be clad] be ever crown'd 1648
that] the CL24 HRCK OG42 RO23 YA35
day)] ⁓^ CL24 RO27 YA35
Critical Apparatus
15 Englands] all our 1648
Prince] sweet-fac't child 1648
Critical Apparatus
16 Soft as] More tender then 1648
Critical Apparatus
17 to] do not copy HRCK OG42
CL24, RO23, RO27, and YA35 assign ll. 17–18to 'Ambo'; 1648 assigns them to 'Chorus'.
Critical Apparatus
18 Lett] Sing BD14
lullaby] lullabies BD14
this] the CL24 HRCK OG42 RO27 YA35 1648  to rock BD14
prety] the BD14
Critical Apparatus
19 should] might RO23 RO27 YA35 HRCK OG42
Critical Apparatus
20 At] In BD14 Next CL24
noon] day CL24
of] at CL24
day] full noone CL24
was] there CL24  do not copy HRCK OG42 RO23 RO27 YA35
seen] appear'd CL24 HRCK OG42 RO23 RO27  appeare YA35
star] silver ⁓ 1648
Critical Apparatus
21 mens] men BDE4 CL24
torch] saw CL24
that] which 1648
guided] lighted RO27
Critical Apparatus
22 Babe] sweet ⁓ 1648
born] when ⁓ 1648
1648 adds the couplet 'While Golden Angels (some have told to me) | Sung out his Birth with Heav'nly Minstralsie'. RO23 and RO27 assign ll. 23–4 to Amarillis; 1648 assigns them to Amintas.
Critical Apparatus
23 But] O rare! ⁓ 1648
ist] tis BD14
sin] trespasse 1648
if] that BD14
we]⁓ there 1648
Critical Apparatus
24 go] wend along 1648
this] his 1648
Babe] Baby-ship 1648  child BD14 CL24 HRCK OG42 RO23 RO27
Critical Apparatus
25 but if] I think  BD14
so be it] it chance to 1648
Critical Apparatus
26 a fault] At most CL24 1648  Almost HRCK OG42 RO23 RO27 YA35
at most] a fault CL24 HRCK OG42 RO23 RO27 YA35 1648
1648 assigns ll. 25–6 to 'Chorus'.
Critical Apparatus
27 Yea] I HRCK OG42  does not copy BD14 1648
Myrtillo] Amyntas BD14  deare ⁓ 1648
RO23 and RO27 assign lines 27–30 to Amintas. HRCK assigns the first two words of l. 27 to Amintas and the remainder of ll. 27–30 to Mirtillo.
Critical Apparatus
28 Myrrh] Mirth CL24
Critical Apparatus
29 And] With CL24
spices] spicy HRCK
Critical Apparatus
30 their] for Offrings at his 1648
Critical Apparatus
31 true]⁓ indeed 1648
Tis true] does not copy 1648
each] both BD14  all YA35
BD14 assigns the first half of l. 31 to Amintas and the remainder of ll. 31–5 to Myrtillo; RO23 and RO27 assign it to Myrtillo and Amarillis. HRCK and OG42 assign ll. 31–5 to Myrtillo.
Critical Apparatus
32 Unto] does not copy CL24
louing] blooming CL24 BD14 HRCK OG42 RO23 RO27 YA35  smiling, and our blooming 1648
Critical Apparatus
33 a] As CL24 HRCK OG42
so] as CL24
RO27 inserts the heading 'Offerings' and assigns ll. 36–8 to Amintas.
Critical Apparatus
37 theeving] th'theeving 1648
Critical Apparatus
38 all lesse] not soe YA35
than] as YA35  then CL24 BD14 HRCK OG42 RO23 RO27 1648
RO27 and YA35 assign ll. 39–40 to Amarillis.
Critical Apparatus
39 And] does not copy CL24
I will] will I RO27
lay before his view] beare along with you 1648
Critical Apparatus
40 the] with BD14
1648 inserts an additional line 'With oaten pipes, as sweet, as new.'
Critical Apparatus
41 a] does not copy YA35
CL24 assigns ll. 41–3 to Amintas.
Critical Apparatus
42 make] let HRCK OG42 have 1648
his] this YA35
Kingship] King YA35
know] to ⁓ YA35
Critical Apparatus
43 He is] hees BD14 RO23 RO27 YA35
he's] he is CL24
Critical Apparatus
44 trimly] timely CL24 HRCK OG42 RO23  fairly BD14  quickly 1648
Critical Apparatus
45 Grace] guift BD14
Critical Apparatus
46 layd] brought CL24
treasures] treasure HRCK OG42 RO27
Critical Apparatus
47 his] the 1648
Face] day HRCK OG42  Babe 1648
then] and CL24 HRCK OG42
pleasures] pleasure HRCK OG42 RO27
Critical Apparatus
Subscription: none] BD14 HRCK OG42 YA35  Finis RO23 R. H. RO27  Phil Massenger CL24
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