Robert Herrick

Tom Cain and Ruth Connolly (eds), The Complete Poetry of Robert Herrick, Vol. 2

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  • 1Thou maist be proud and be thou so for me
  • 2yet know there is a death for thee and me
  • 3when as poore souls our softer frailties must
  • 4            be lost in blended dust
  • 5That Charnell house that keepes us both shall signe
  • 6no neat distinction twixt thy bones and mine.
  • pg 15672. And when to Hell our two leane soules
  • 8Where that just judge shall give to each his doome
  • 9Think'st thou thy pride forme colour there can fee
  • 10Him not to censure thee
  • 11Know wretched soule a judge thou there shalt finde
  • 12Who not respects the body but the minde.
  • 133. And for my plea in acorne cups Ile show
  • 14Those two last teares which from mine eyes did flow
  • 15And all my sighs through silke-worme bags shall sound
  • 16            Thou gav'st me deadly wound.
  • 17Can Justice then when these have sworne thy guilt
  • 18Ah! not revenge the blood that thou hast spilt.


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