Amelia Alderson Opie

Shelley King and John B. Pierce (eds), The Collected Poems of Amelia Alderson Opie

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Editor’s Note266 CHANGE OF HEART

  • 1Blest change of heart! and dost thou weep
  • 2 No more for griefs that need control,
  • 3But weep to think that bars still keep
  • 4 From Zion's King thy struggling soul?
  • 5Mourn'st thou no more when slander's tongue
  • 6 Its poison sheds to kill thy fame;
  • 7Yet deeply mourn'st to think what wrong
  • 8 Thy sins have done the Christian's name?
  • 9Blest change of heart! dost thou no more
  • 10 Desire the festal glittering dome,
  • 11But prize alone at evening's hour
  • 12 The tender tasks that glad thy home?
  • pg 33313Dost thou prefer to Art's best strains
  • 14 The sounds we hear when evening's nigh,
  • 15And joyous birds on vernal plains
  • 16 Weave their wild web of melody?
  • 17Then, blest art thou!—and blest be He
  • 18 Whose grace alone this change hath given!—
  • 19But, lest again ensnared thou be,
  • 20 O! bend in daily prayer to heaven!

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Editor’s Note
266. Copy text: Spirit, 45
Editor’s Note
266. Print version: Spirit (1829), 45.
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