Amelia Alderson Opie

Shelley King and John B. Pierce (eds), The Collected Poems of Amelia Alderson Opie

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pg 406Editor’s Note 323TO A DEPARTED FRIEND

  • 1Long months of wandering past, I came
  • 2To seek thy home, and it look'd the same
  • 3As when I bade these scenes farewell,
  • Editor’s Note4On fair Cornubia's shores to dwell;
  • 5The hill was there, and there the vale,
  • 6And thy favorite flowers perfum'd the gale;
  • 7But a cloud came o'er my conscious brow
  • 8As I reach'd the gate—for, where wert thou?
  • 9I gaz'd around, but I vainly sought,
  • 10That eye once beaming with mind and thought,
  • 11That smile which welcome sweetly spoke,
  • 12Ere yet the mild words of greeting broke.
  • 13And I wish'd in vain that voice to hear,
  • 14Whose rich deep tones could delight my ear!
  • 15That tongue of kindness was silent now,
  • 16And I turn'd to weep—for, where wert thou?
  • 17Alas! in the dark abode of death!
  • 18And laid the stone of the vault beneath!
  • 19For thee had the solemn death-bell toll'd!
  • 20O'er thee had been strew'd that startling mould,
  • 21Which tells that the lov'd and shrouded clay,
  • 22For ever from sight is sinking away!
  • 23And mourning friends through the glist'ning tear,
  • 24Had look'd their last on thy honor'd bier!
  • 25But regret for thee were weak as vain—
  • 26I left thee stretch'd on a bed of pain,
  • 27And wan and worn was thy perishing frame,
  • 28But thy faith in Christ all pangs o'ercame!
  • 29And he, who led to the healing source,
  • 30With the martyr's cup gave the martyr's force;
  • 31Then hence the gloom of my tearful brow,
  • 32And the murmuring accents 'oh! where art thou?'
  • 33To heaven I look with thankful heart,
  • 34And with joy exclaim, ''t is there thou art!'

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Editor’s Note
323. Copy text: LD1 91. Collated: LD2
Editor’s Note
323. Print version: LD12 91–2.
Editor’s Note
4. Cornubia: Latin for Cornwall. Opie travelled to Cornwall in 1833 to visit the scenes of her husband's youth and to visit with his relatives. While there she composed a number of her Lays for the Dead.
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