Felicity Henderson and William Poole (eds), Francis Lodwick: On Language, Theology, and Utopia

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Textual Apparatus

Since Lodwick's print and manuscript works reproduced here exist in only one form (i.e. single manuscript exemplars and single states of the printed works) the listing of textual variants in the apparatus contains only records of contemporary changes to the copy-text and our own editorial emendations. These have been presented in the style used by Harold Love in The Works of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999). In the following examples,

God must] ~ ~ be uncorr nothing:] ed.; nothing‸ MS

the swung dash (~) indicates the presence of the same word or words in the uncorrected version of the manuscript (uncorr); 'nothing:' is an editorial emendation (ed.), and the base-line caret (‸) signals omitted punctuation in the manuscript text (MS). In the following example

freed by] uncorr, corr-2; freed from the same by corr-1

the manuscript text has been corrected twice, changing the initial 'freed by' (uncorr) to 'freed from the same by' (corr-1), and then returning this to its first reading of 'freed by' (corr-2).pg 66

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