Frances [Fanny] Burney

Peter Sabor (ed.), The Court Journals and Letters of Frances Burney, Vol. 1: 1786

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pg 52Friday, July 28.

We returned to Windsor at Noon.

Glad was I to return. I had not been comfortable at Kew!—so near to Twickenham—226 so urged to see Miss Cambridge,—so unwilling to refuse,—so impossible to comply!—so sorry, my clearest Susan, to reflect upon <the consideration I had bestowed so long upon a near part, to her, of that family>!—

The Kew life, you will perceive, is very different to the Windsor, having227 no early prayers, the Queen rises later, & as there is no form or ceremony here of any sort, her Dress is plain, & the Hour for the second Toilette228 extremely uncertain.

The Royal family are here always in so very retired a way, that they live as the simplest Country Gentlefolks. The King has not even an Equery with him, nor the Queen any lady to attend her when she goes her airings.

Miss Planta belongs here, to our Table; so does any body that comes, as there is no other kept.

There is no excuse for parting after dinner, & therefore I live unremittingly with Mrs. Schwellenberg after the Morning.

It is a still greater difficulty to see company here than at Windsor, for as my apartments are up stairs, there is a greater danger of encountering some of the Royal family: & I find all the Household are more delicate in inviting or admitting any friends here than else-where, on account of the very easy & unreserved way in which the family live, running about from one end of the House to the other, without precaution or care.

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Editor’s Note
226 Charlotte Cambridge lived with her father Richard Owen Cambridge at Twickenham, less than 4 miles away from the White House.
Editor’s Note
227 'As there are' is inserted above 'having'.
Editor’s Note
228 At Windsor, the queen regularly changed from her morning dress into her formal wear at 12:45 p.m.; see above, 18 n. 86.
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