Frances [Fanny] Burney

Peter Sabor (ed.), The Court Journals and Letters of Frances Burney, Vol. 1: 1786

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Sunday July 30th.

This Morning I received a Letter which being short & pithy, I will copy

My Dear Miss Burney,—or Mrs. Burney, as I am told you must now be called,242 let your old Friend Baretti243 give you joy of what has given him as great & as quick a one as ever he felt in all his days. God bless you,—& bless somebody I dare not name,244 Amen. And suppose I add, bless me too, will that do me any harm?—

I am quite obliged to him for this cordial good humour, & shall certainly write him my thanks.

I went again to the Chapel with Madame La Fite,—& the rest of the Day went on in the usual mode.

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Editor’s Note
242 Unmarried, untitled women in the queen's service were customarily given the honorific 'Mrs'. FB appears as 'Mrs Frances Burney' in the annual volumes of the Court Register for the period.
Editor’s Note
243 Giuseppe Baretti (1719–89), miscellaneous writer and friend of both Dr Johnson and CB, had first met FB in 1772. The letter that FB quotes here is not known to be extant.
Editor’s Note
244 Presumably George III.
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