Edward Courtney (ed.), The Fragmentary Latin Poets

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Editor’s Note10 = 8 edd.

Sen. Contr. 7. 1. 27: illos optimos uersus Varronis:

  • pg 2431               desierant latrare canes urbesque silebant;
  • 2               omnia noctis erant placida composta quiete.

Sen. Ep. 56. 6: 'omnia noctis erant tacita (placida Muretus 1585) composta quiete'. falsum est; nulla placida est quies nisi quam ratio composuit.

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Editor’s Note
Ap. Rh. 3. 749–50:
  • 1               οὐδὲ κυνῶν ὑλακὴ ἔτʼ ἀνὰ πτόλιν, οὐ θρόος‎ ἦεν
  • 2               ἠχήεις, σιγὴ δὲ μελαινομένην ἔχεν‎ ὄρϕνην‎.
The second line of Varro was in Vergil's mind at Aen. 1. 249 nunc placida compostus pace quiescit.
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