Elizabeth Goldring, Faith Eales, Elizabeth Clarke, Jayne Elizabeth Archer, Gabriel Heaton, and Sarah Knight (eds), John Nichols's The Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth I: A New Edition of the Early Modern Sources, Vol. 1: 1533–1571

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Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch, C/4/2/2. This manuscript volume of annals was written in 1654 by Nathaniel Bacon (bap. 1593, d. 1660), Recorder and Town Clerk of Ipswich. It has been published as The Annalls of Ipswiche, ed. William H. Richardson, with the extracts quoted being on pp. 259–60.

Extracts rom the Annuals of Ipswich by Nathaniel Bacon

3 Elizabeth the 10 day of Iune.31

All the inhabitants of the Towne shall be assessed to the Costs and Chargdes for the intertainment of the Queen at her next Comming to the Towne And thepg 184 assessors are named and suche as shall not pay their assessment shall be disfranchised

3 Elizabeth Tewesday32 17 Iuly.

There shall be two vessells or Botes decently furnished to attend uppon the Queens Maiestie soe farr as the liberty doe extend

3 Elizabeth Friday before Michaelmas33 Whereas Robert Barked34 hathe heretofore refused to pay 8li assessed towards the intertainment of the Queen and allsoe his Scott and Lott35 formerly assessed and therby became disfranchised: its now ordered that the said Robert shall before Allsaints day next pay to the Treasurers the summe of 8li and allsoe a fine of 6li for the redemption of his freedome whereunto the said Robert dothe submitt and thereuppen he is readmitted and sworne.

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Editor’s Note
31 Tuesday, 10 June 1561.
Editor’s Note
32 'Tewesday' should read Thursday. 33 26 Sept. 1561.
Editor’s Note
34 Robert Barker (d. 1571) was a wealthy merchant, alderman, and twice Bailiff of Ipswich.
Editor’s Note
35 Scot and lot: tax levied by municipal authorities to defray local expenses.
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