Christopher Burlinson and Andrew Zurcher (eds), Edmund Spenser: Selected Letters and Other Papers

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This book could not pass without some saluting of the colleagues, friends, and family who have made that passage possible. Patricia Boulhosa, Amelia Zurcher, Jon Stainsby, and Jane Grogan have, over the years, discharged the parts of tall readers, cheering us as much by their enthusiasm as by their helpful criticisms. Participants at the British and Irish Spenser Seminar courteously tolerated and discussed our work from year to year, for which we owe our respects particularly to Colin Burrow, Richard McCabe, Deana Rankin, Pat Coughlan, and Tom Herron. Dan Wakelin and Richard Beadle supplied manuscript advice, and to Elizabeth Fowler, Joe Loewenstein, David Miller, and Patrick Cheney we are duly grateful for thoughtful shepherding. The Master and Fellows of Emmanuel College, the Master and Fellows of Jesus College, and the President and Fellows of Queens' College, Cambridge, have created the conditions for the labours of all hours, and our colleagues there have our gratitude for their sufferance and support. The staff at the Cambridge University Library, the British Library, the Lambeth Palace Library, the Bodleian Library, and especially the National Archives at Kew have been unfailingly generous to us in all our work on this project. At Oxford University Press we have been conscientiously cajoled and comforted by Jacqueline Baker and Andrew McNeillie, and both Claire Thompson and Mary Worthington have by their expert offices outstripped our means to thank them for them. Una Murphy, an expert in seventeenth-century steganography, produced an excellent first draft of the cipher sheet. We have thanked one another already.

To Patricia Boulhosa and Fionnuala Murphy, upon whose doubled patience this book has proved grossly incumbent in every way, we commit vi

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