William Godwin

The Letters of William Godwin, Vol. 2: 1798–1805

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Editor’s Note347. To Prince Hoare, 10 March 1803

My dear sir

I scarcely know any man of so friendly a heart as yourself; & on that account your communication which I received this morning, together with its inclosure, gave me much pleasure.1 It gratified me too on another account. I mentioned the object I had in view, to General Tarleton, at the same time as to you, & he promised to speak to Lord Gwydir;2 I thought him too much a courtier however to do it with any zeal. What you have sent me convinces me of my mistake, & I beg his pardon.

What you mention of sir Charles Talbot strikes me as highly encouraging.3 He is in France; then he is out of the way of general importunity. Will it not be possible to discover who is his banker, & from him to learn sir Charles's address? If you will give me a clue for this enquiry, I will pursue it with industry. Time, in these cases, is every thing. To any one but you I would urge how essential benefit would accrue to me from the nomination I am anxious about; but the kindness of your feelings needs no prompter.

pg 275Mrs Godwin desire{s} her sincere compliments & acknowledgments.

  •                           I am, Dear sir,
  •                               your much obliged friend & servt
  •                                       W Godwin

Somers Town,

Mar. 10, 1803.

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Editor’s Note
Text: Pforz. MS G 0180. Published: SC, i. 310. Address: P. Hoare, Esq | 141 Buckingham Street | Strand |. Postmarks: (1) Two Py Post | Unpaid | Sommers Tn |; (2) 7 o'Clock | MR 10 | 180[3] |. Notation (page 4, in Prince Hoare's hand): W. Godwin |.
Editor’s Note
1 Prince Hoare's letter is not extant, but it evidently concerned Godwin's attempt to get Charles Clairmont admitted into Christ's Hospital (for commentary, see SC, i. 311–12).
Editor’s Note
2 Godwin had written to Sir Banastre Tarleton on 1 Mar., and had called on Tarleton and Hoare on 3 Mar. (GD). Peter Burrell, first Baron Gwydir (1754–1820), was MP for Haslemere (1776–80) and Boston (1782–96) before his ennoblement in 1796; he appears on a list of school governors in Wilson, History of Christ's Hospital, 299.
Editor’s Note
3 Sir Charles Talbot, second Baronet (1751–1812), was MP for Weobly (1800–2), Rye (1803–6), and Bletchingley (1812). His father, Sir Charles Henry Talbot, first Baronet (of Belfast) (d. 1798), is listed in Names of the Governors of Christ's Hospital, London, 1791 (1791), 4, so he probably inherited the governorship.
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