Sir John Banks, baronet

E. S. de Beer (ed.), The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke: The Correspondence of John Locke: In Eight Volumes, Vol. 1: Introduction; Letters Nos. 1–461

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384. Sir John Banks to Locke, 3 June 1678 (381, 387)

B.L., MS. Locke c. 3, ff. 100–1.


I am oblidged unto you for yours of the 28 May and the freedome of your advise, wherin I perceave my son desires rather to goe southward then come home by way of Holland etc. And to answer his request which I suppose to be with your concurrence, I have consulted with my wiffe and other freinds, and doe desire that my son, havinge the benefitt of your good conduct and companya pg 574may spend 2 months upon the Loire and makinge as much of the little tower of Francea as you see best. I doe leave the manner and method of your proceedinge wholy to yourselvs, The weather is hott: and I know your good prudence, will consider, the doinge what you doe intend with most conveniency, and I pray God preserve you both: I thinke that 4 or 5 days in any place may be sufficient but I doe leave the whole matter to yourselvs. I pray write to us by all opertunities, which you may I hoope doe altho. we cannot soe certaine write to you:

For your supply of mony I pray take creditt from mrs Herrings to all places as customary and as you shall need more moneyb shee shall have direction to supply you. and valew her selfe on Sir Na. Herne. My wiffe presents you her services—And I doe thinke it may doe well to passe thro. flanders and Holland in your returne home, of which pray give your opinion. Sir, I remaine

  • Your oblidged freind and servant
  • John Banks

Lincolns in feilds 3 June 78

Address: To Mr John Lock presentc

Endorsed by Locke: Sir J: Banks 3 June. 78

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a MS. compa.
Critical Apparatus
c The address was written by an amanuensis.
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