Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Modern Critical Edition

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5.1Sc. 21

Editor’s NoteEnter Buckingham with halberds, led [by a Sheriff and guards] to execution

buckingham Will not King Richard let me speak with him?


sheriff No, my good lord, therefore be patient.


buckingham Hastings and Edward's children, Grey and Rivers,

4Holy King Henry, and thy fair son Edward,

pg 627Editor’s Note5Vaughan, and all that have miscarrièd

6By underhand, corrupted, foul injustice:

Editor’s Note7If that your moody, discontented souls

8Do through the clouds behold this present hour,

Editor’s Note9Even for revenge mock my destructïon.

Editor’s Note10This is All Souls' Day, fellow, is it not?

sheriff It is.

Editor’s Note11

buckingham Why then, All Souls' Day is my body's doomsday.

Editor’s Note12This is the day which, in King Edward's time,

13I wished might fall on me when I was found

Editor’s Note14False to his children and his wife's allies.

15This is the day wherein I wished to fall

Editor’s Note16By the false faith of him whom most I trusted.

Editor’s Note17This, this All Souls' Day, to my fearful soul

Editor’s Note18Is the determined respite of my wrongs.

19That high All-seer which I dallied with

20Hath turned my feignèd prayer on my head,

Editor’s Note21And given in earnest what I begged in jest.

22Thus doth he force the swords of wicked men

23To turn their own points in their masters' bosoms.

24Thus Margaret's curse falls heavy on my neck.

25'When he', quoth she, 'shall split thy heart with sorrow,

26Remember Margaret was a prophetess.'

27Come lead me, officers, to the block of shame.

Editor’s Note28Wrong hath but wrong, and blame the due of blame.

Exit Buckingham with officers

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Editor’s Note
5.1.0 guards The guards may bear halberds.
Editor’s Note
5.1.5 miscarrièd perished
Editor’s Note
5.1.7 moody angry, rancorous
Editor’s Note
5.1.7 discontented i.e. unable to rest in peace
Editor’s Note
5.1.9 Even solely, purely
Editor’s Note
5.1.10 All Souls' Day 2 November, the day on which the Roman Catholic Church intercedes for all Christian souls, and on which spirits were supposed to walk
Editor’s Note
5.1.11 doomsday day of final judgement (death being the sentence)
Editor’s Note
5.1.12 in King Edward's time See 2.1.32–40.
Editor’s Note
5.1.14 allies kinsmen
Editor’s Note
5.1.16 him whom most I trusted i.e. Richard
Editor’s Note
5.1.17 fearful terrified
Editor’s Note
5.1.18 determined … wrongs preordained end of my wrongdoing
Editor’s Note
5.1.21 in earnest in all seriousness; to secure the bargain
Editor’s Note
5.1.28 blame culpability
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