Margaret Crum (ed.), The Poems of Henry King

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An Exequy To his Matchlesse never to be forgotten Freind

  • 1Accept, thou Shrine of my Dead Saint!
  • 2Instead of Dirges this Complaint;
  • 3And, for sweet flowres to crowne thy Hearse,
  • 4Receive a strew of weeping verse
  • 5From thy griev'd Friend; whome Thou might'st see
  • 6Quite melted into Teares for Thee.
  • 7  Deare Losse! since thy untimely fate
  • 8My task hath beene to meditate
  • 9On Thee, on Thee: Thou art the Book,
  • 10The Library whereon I look
  • pg 69 11Though almost blind. For Thee (Lov'd Clay!)
  • 12I Languish out, not Live the Day,
  • 13Using no other Exercise
  • 14But what I practise with mine Eyes.
  • 15By which wett glasses I find out
  • 16How lazily Time creepes about
  • 17To one that mournes: This, only This
  • 18My Exercise and bus'nes is:
  • 19So I compute the weary howres
  • 20With Sighes dissolved into Showres.
  • 21  Nor wonder if my time goe thus
  • 22Backward and most præposterous;
  • 23Thou hast Benighted mee. Thy Sett
  • Critical Apparatus24This Eve of blacknes did begett,
  • 25Who wast my Day, (though overcast
  • 26Before thou hadst thy Noon-tide past)
  • 27And I remember must in teares,
  • 28Thou scarce hadst seene so many Yeeres
  • 29As Day tells Howres. By thy cleere Sunne
  • Editor’s Note30My Love and Fortune first did run;
  • 31But Thou wilt never more appeare
  • 32Folded within my Hemispheare:
  • 33Since both thy Light and Motion
  • Editor’s Note34Like a fledd Starr is fall'n and gone;
  • 35And 'twixt mee and my Soule's deare wish
  • Critical Apparatus36The Earth now interposed is,
  • 37Which such a straunge Ecclipse doth make
  • 38As ne're was read in Almanake.
  • 39  I could allow Thee for a time
  • 40To darken mee and my sad Clime,
  • Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus41Were it a Month, a Yeere, or Ten,
  • 42I would thy Exile live till then;
  • Critical Apparatus43And all that space my mirth adjourne,
  • 44So Thou wouldst promise to returne,
  • 45And putting off thy ashy Shrowd
  • 46At length disperse this Sorrowe's Cloud.
  • pg 7047  But woe is mee! the longest date
  • 48Too narrowe is to calculate
  • 49These empty hopes. Never shall I
  • 50Be so much blest, as to descry
  • Critical Apparatus51A glympse of Thee, till that Day come
  • 52Which shall the Earth to cinders doome,
  • Critical Apparatus53And a fierce Feaver must calcine
  • 54The Body of this World, like Thine,
  • 55(My Little World!) That fitt of Fire
  • 56Once off, our Bodyes shall aspire
  • 57To our Soules' blisse: Then wee shall rise,
  • 58And view our selves with cleerer eyes
  • 59In that calme Region, where no Night
  • 60Can hide us from each other's sight.
  • 61  Meane time, thou hast Hir Earth: Much good
  • 62May my harme doe thee. Since it stood
  • 63With Heaven's will I might not call
  • 64Hir longer Mine; I give thee all
  • Editor’s Note65My short liv'd right and Interest
  • Critical Apparatus66In Hir, whome living I lov'd best:
  • Critical Apparatus67With a most free and bounteous grief,
  • Critical Apparatus68I give thee what I could not keep.
  • 69Be kind to Hir: and prethee look
  • Critical Apparatus70Thou write into thy Doomsday book
  • 71Each parcell of this Rarity,
  • 72Which in thy Caskett shrin'd doth ly:
  • 73See that thou make thy reck'ning streight,
  • 74And yeeld Hir back againe by weight;
  • 75For thou must Auditt on thy trust
  • 76Each Grane and Atome of this Dust:
  • 77As thou wilt answere Him, that leant,
  • 78Not gave thee, my deare Monument.
  • 79  So close the ground, and 'bout hir shade
  • 80Black Curtaines draw, My Bride is lay'd.
  • 81  Sleep on (my Love!) in thy cold bed
  • 82Never to be disquieted.
  • pg 71 83My last Good-night! Thou wilt not wake
  • 84Till I Thy Fate shall overtake:
  • 85Till age, or grief, or sicknes must
  • 86Marry my Body to that Dust
  • 87It so much loves; and fill the roome
  • 88My heart keepes empty in Thy Tomb.
  • 89Stay for mee there: I will not faile
  • Critical Apparatus90To meet Thee in that hollow Vale.
  • 91And think not much of my delay;
  • 92I am already on the way,
  • 93And follow Thee with all the speed
  • Critical Apparatus94Desire can make, or Sorrowes breed.
  • 95Each Minute is a short Degree
  • 96And e'ry Howre a stepp towards Thee.
  • 97At Night when I betake to rest,
  • 98Next Morne I rise neerer my West
  • 99Of Life, almost by eight Howres' sayle,
  • 100Then when Sleep breath'd his drowsy gale.
  • 101  Thus from the Sunne my Bottome steares,
  • Editor’s Note102And my Daye's Compasse downward beares.
  • 103Nor labour I to stemme the Tide,
  • 104Through which to Thee I swiftly glide.
  • 105  'Tis true; with shame and grief I yeild
  • Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus106Thou, like the Vann, first took'st the Field,
  • 107And gotten hast the Victory
  • 108In thus adventuring to Dy
  • 109Before Mee; whose more yeeres might crave
  • 110A just præcedence in the Grave.
  • 111But hark! My Pulse, like a soft Drum
  • 112Beates my Approach, Tells Thee I come;
  • 113And, slowe howe're my Marches bee,
  • 114I shall at last sitt downe by Thee.
  • Editor’s Note115  The thought of this bids mee goe on,
  • 116And wait my dissolution
  • 117With Hope and Comfort. Deare! (forgive
  • 118The Crime) I am content to live
  • 119pg 72Divided, with but half a Heart,
  • 120Till wee shall Meet and Never part.

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Critical Apparatus
24 blacknes] darkness misc. MSS.
Editor’s Note
30 Life P, in error for Love.
Editor’s Note
34 is: if M, probably in error from a long ∫in the original.
Critical Apparatus
36 The] An MSS., TM, misc. MSS.
Critical Apparatus
41–42 omitted RP26, C, A27
Editor’s Note
41 Were it a Month: a omitted by Manne, added by King, H.
Critical Apparatus
43 And all that space] Would willingly RP26, C, A27
Critical Apparatus
51–57 omitted Eg., which readsA glimpse of thee, till we shall rise
Critical Apparatus
53 must] shall TM, misc. MSS., Çbefore correction
Editor’s Note
65–70 Manuscript variants and omissions in these lines, and the assonance grief/keepin lines 67–68, seem to indicate an imperfect revision.
Critical Apparatus
66 Whereof I lately was possest; N
Critical Apparatus
67–68 transposed N; Most freely though thou see me weep, I gave thee what I could not keep Eg., T
Critical Apparatus
65–68 omitted CCC, Don.
Critical Apparatus
70 omitted, space left, Eg.
Critical Apparatus
90 hollow]hallow 1657.
Critical Apparatus
94 Desire]Desires P.
Editor’s Note
102 Compass: in spite of the imagery, the meaning extentor limit (O.E.D. 8) is here primarily intended.
Critical Apparatus
106 Vann] Vaunt TM, misc. MSS.(vaunt corrected to vanne Eg.).
Editor’s Note
106 Vann, Vaunt: the last example of the obsolescent vauntrecorded in the O.E.D. is from Donne's Devotions, 1624.
Editor’s Note
115 this: which, probably in error, P.
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