Henry King

Margaret Crum (ed.), The Poems of Henry King

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  • 1Dry those faire, those Christall Eyes
  • 2Which like growing fountaines rise
  • 3To drowne their bankes. Greife's sullen Brooks
  • Critical Apparatus4Would better flow in furrow'd lookes.
  • 5    Thy lovely face was never meant
  • Critical Apparatus6    To be the Shoare of discontent.
  • pg 1487Then cleare those wat'rish Starrs againe
  • Critical Apparatus8Which else portend a lasting raine;
  • 9Least the cloudes which settle there
  • 10Prolong my Winter all the Yeare:
  • Critical Apparatus11     And the Example others make
  • 12     In love with Sorrow for thy sake.

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Critical Apparatus
4 in] from PR
Critical Apparatus
6 Shoare] Seat PR
Critical Apparatus
8 Which] That MSS.,PR
Critical Apparatus
11 the] thy PR.
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