A. W. N. Pugin

The Collected Letters of A. W. N. Pugin, Vol. 4: 1849–1850

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To JANE PUGINBoulogne, Friday, 24 August 1849

Text: MS V & A L.236-1965/7   Address: Mrs. Pugin / St Augustins / Ramsgate / Angleterre1   Postmark: 24 AOUT 49 in Boulogne-s-mer; AU 25 1849 in Dover; AU 251849 in Ramsgate

✠ Bologne Friday evening

My Dearest Jane

I have arrived safe at Bologne & leave by train to night.2 I cant tell you how it grieves me to leave you—I wish you could always be with me & never away for a moment—but you know it is necessary for me sometimes to get sketches or I should not be able to get on by my dearest love pray do not fret & worry yourself or you will be ill. when I see you Cry it goes to my heart—you are my only comfort my everything—& I think of you constantly—I shall never be able to go a Long journey abroad without you are with me. I could not bear it—pray write a few lines every day. it is such a comfort to me—be very careful. do not fatigue yourself—& let Mr. Powell sleep in the house. do not let Edward sleep in London on any acount for the cholera seems worse than ever—I shall work as hard as possible so as to return to my dearest own as quick as I can. I had a lovely passage across. fine Breeze—but I went from Ramsgate to Dover in a wretched boat that ought to be Broke up. we were nearly 3 hours going & a fair wind & tide—be sure Mr Grieve has tea when he comes. love to the chidren.

  • ever my dearest own love                
  • your devoted & affecte husband
  • ✠AWelby Pugin                       

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Editor’s Note
1 Pugin writes 'Paye' in the top right corner of the address panel.
Editor’s Note
2 Pugin notes 'Ramsgate to Dover and Boulogne' in his diary at 24 August 1849.
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