Martial [Marcus Valerius Martialis]

Gideon Nisbet (ed.), Oxford World's Classics: Martial: Epigrams

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  • Ille ego sum Scorpus, clamosi gloria Circi,
  •    plausus, Roma, tui deliciaeque breues,
  • inuida quem Lachesis raptum trieteride nona,
  •    dum numerat palmas, credidit esse senem.



I am the famous Scorpus, idol of the cheering Circus. You applauded me, Rome, and made me your favourite—for a little while. Jealous Lachesis* snatched me away when I was not yet thirty. She counted my trophies and thought I must be old.

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Editor’s Note
10.53 Jealous Lachesis: one of the three Fates in Greek mythology. Clotho spins the thread of our lives; Lachesis measures it out; Atropos cuts it.
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