H. Bunker Wright and Monroe K. Spears (eds), The Literary Works of Matthew Prior, Vol. 2 (Second Edition)

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pg 8001710

Consolation to Mira Mourning. A Poem. Discovering a certain Governor's Intreigue with a Lady at his Court.Printed and Sold by the Booksellers of London and Westminster.1710.

  • Why thus disguis'd? Ah ! Why's thy lovely Face
  • * * *
  • My Love to Cherish, ever, and Admire.

F. C. Brown, in Elkanah Settle: His Life and Works (Chicago, 1910), p. 131, quotes T. J. Wise as saying that this poem has been ascribed to both Prior and Settle, but is now pretty generally accepted as Settle's. Brown (p. 37) thinks that it is probably Settle's.

The poem is extremely unlike P; if it was ever really ascribed to him, the ascription was completely absurd.

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