H. Bunker Wright and Monroe K. Spears (eds), The Literary Works of Matthew Prior, Vol. 2 (Second Edition)

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Invitation into the Country.In Imitation of the 34th Epig. of Catullus.

  • 1Go—for I'm impatient grown,
  • 2Bid him leave the noisie Town,
  • 3Charge him he no longer stay,
  • 4But with haste devour the way.
  • 5Tho' a thousand times he's staid
  • 6By that fond, bewitching Maid:
  • 7Tho' she summon all her Charms,
  • 8Kiss him, press him in her Arms.
  • 9Let him not the Syren mind,
  • 10Tears are Water, Sighs are Wind.
  • 11Tell him how kind Nature here,
  • 12Dresses up the Youthful Year,
  • 13Strowing on the thoughtless Hours,
  • 14Opening Buds, and new-born Flow'rs;
  • 15Tell him underneath this Shade,
  • 16Innocence and Mirth are laid;
  • pg 77517Not without forbidden Claret,
  • 18Books or Musick, if he'll hear it.
  • 19See the Lawrel, and the Vine,
  • 20Round about that Arbour twine,
  • 21So we Wit, and Pleasure joyn;
  • 22So Horace, and Anacreon meet
  • 23The Jolly God, within that Seat.
  • 24Thus from Noise and Care set free,
  • 25The snares of Beauty we defie.
  • Critical Apparatus26Let him then no longer stay,
  • 27But with haste devour the way.

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26 then edd.: them 1693
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