John Donne, Sir Henry Goodyer [Goodere]

Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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H: W: in Hiber: belligeranti.

  • 1WEnt you to conquer? and have ſo much loſt
  • Critical Apparatus2Yourſelf, that what in you was beſt and moſt,
  • 3Reſpective friendſhip, ſhould ſo quickly dye?
  • Critical Apparatus4In publique gaine my ſhare'is not ſuch that I
  • 5Would loſe your love for Ireland: better cheap
  • 6I pardon death (who though he do not reap
  • 7Yet gleanes hee many of our frends away)
  • 8Then that your waking mind ſhould bee a prey
  • Critical Apparatus9To lethargies. Lett ſhott, and boggs, and skeines
  • Critical Apparatus10With bodies deale, as fate bids and reſtreynes;
  • Critical Apparatus11Ere ſickneſſes attack, yong death is beſt,
  • 12Who payes before his death doth ſcape arreſt.
  • pg 189Critical Apparatus13Lett not your ſoule (at firſt with graces fill'd,
  • Critical Apparatus14And ſince, and thorough crooked lymbecks, ſtill'd
  • 15In many ſchools and courts, which quicken it,)
  • 16It ſelf unto the Iriſh negligence ſubmit.
  • 17I aske not labored letters which ſhould weare
  • 18Long papers out: nor letters which ſhould feare
  • Critical Apparatus19Diſhoneſt carriage: or a ſeers art:
  • 20Nor ſuch as from the brayne come, but the hart.

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Critical Apparatus
H: W: &c. Burley MS.(JD inmargin) i.e. Henrico Wottoni in Hibernia belligeranti
Critical Apparatus
2 that] yt Bur, and similarly ye (the), yr (your), wch (which), wth (with) throughout
Critical Apparatus
2–3 moſt, Reſpective friendſhip,] no commas, Bur
Critical Apparatus
4 ſhare'is] ſhare is Bur
Critical Apparatus
9 lethargies.] letargies. Bur
Critical Apparatus
10 reſtreynes;] reſtreynes Bur
Critical Apparatus
11 attack,] attack Bur
beſt,] beſt Bur
Critical Apparatus
13 (at firſt] Bur closes bracket after firſt and again after 15 quicken it,
Critical Apparatus
14 since,] since Bur
Critical Apparatus
19 art:] art Bur
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