John Donne

Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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To Mr R. W.

  • Critical Apparatus1ZEalouſly my Muſdoth ſalute all thee,
  • 2  Enquiring of that miſtique trinitee
  • 3Whereof thou,'and all to whom heavens do infuſe
  • 4Like fyer, are made; thy body, mind, and Muſe.
  • 5Doſt thou recover ſicknes, or prevent?
  • 6Or is thy Mind travail'd with diſcontent?
  • 7Or art thou parted from the world and mee,
  • 8In a good skorn of the worlds vanitee?
  • 9Or is thy devout Muſe retyr'd to ſing
  • 10Vpon her tender Elegiaque ſtiring?
  • 11Our Minds part not, joyne then thy Muſe with myne,
  • 12For myne is barren thus devorc'd from thyne.

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Critical Apparatus
To MrR. W. A23, W: first printed in Gosse's Life and Letters of John Donne, &c.,1899
Critical Apparatus
1 thee,] thee W
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