Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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A Valediction: of the booke.

  • 1I'Ll tell thee now (deare Love) what thou ſhalt doe
  • 2    To anger deſtiny, as ſhe doth us,
  • 3  How I shall ſtay, though she Eſloygne me thus
  • 4And how poſterity ſhall know it too;
  • pg 305     How thine may out-endure
  • 6     Sybills glory, and obſcure
  • 7     Her who from Pindar could allure,
  • 8  And her, through whoſe helpe Lucan is not lame,
  • 9And her, whoſe booke (they ſay) Homer did finde, and name.
  • 10Study our manuſcripts, thoſe Myriades
  • 11   Of letters, which have paſt twixt thee and mee,
  • 12   Thence write our Annals, and in them will bee
  • 13To all whom loves ſubliming fire invades,
  • 14     Rule and example found;
  • 15     There, the faith of any ground
  • 16     No ſchiſmatique will dare to wound,
  • 17  That ſees, how Love this grace to us affords,
  • Critical Apparatus18To make, to keep, to uſe, to be theſe his Records.
  • 19This Booke, as long-liv'd as the elements,
  • Critical Apparatus20  Or as the worlds forme, this all-graved tome
  • Critical Apparatus21 In cypher writ, or new made Idiome,
  • Critical Apparatus22Wee for loves clergie only'are inſtruments:
  • 23    When this booke is made thus,
  • 24    Should againe the ravenous
  • Critical Apparatus25    Vandals and Goths inundate us,
  • Critical Apparatus26   Learning were ſafe; in this our Univerſe
  • 27Schooles might learne Sciences, Spheares Muſick, Angels Verſe.
  • 28Here Loves Divines, (ſince all Divinity
  • 29  Is love or wonder) may finde all they ſeeke,
  • Critical Apparatus30  Whether abstract ſpirituall love they like,
  • 31Their Soules exhal'd with what they do not ſee,
  • pg 31Critical Apparatus32     Or, loth ſo to amuze
  • Critical Apparatus33     Faiths infirmitie, they chuſe
  • 34     Something which they may ſee and uſe;
  • 35  For, though minde be the heaven, where love doth ſit,
  • 36Beauty a convenient type may be to figure it.
  • 37Here more then in their bookes may Lawyers finde,
  • Critical Apparatus38  Both by what titles Miſtreſſes are ours,
  • Critical Apparatus39  And how prerogative theſe ſtates devours,
  • Critical Apparatus40Transferr'd from Love himſelfe, to womankinde,
  • 41    Who though from heart, and eyes,
  • 42    They exact great ſubſidies,
  • Critical Apparatus43    Forſake him who on them relies,
  • Critical Apparatus44  And for the cauſe, honour, or conſcience give,
  • 45Chimeraes, vaine as they, or their prerogative.
  • Critical Apparatus46Here Stateſmen, (or of them, they which can reade,)
  • Critical Apparatus47  May of their occupation finde the grounds:
  • 48  Love and their art alike it deadly wounds,
  • Critical Apparatus49If to conſider what 'tis, one proceed,
  • 50      In both they doe excell
  • 51      Who the preſent governe well,
  • 52      Whoſe weakneſſe none doth, or dares tell;
  • Critical Apparatus53  In this thy booke, ſuch will their nothing ſee,
  • 54As in the Bible ſome can finde out Alchimy.
  • Critical Apparatus55Thus vent thy thoughts; abroad I'll ſtudie thee,
  • Critical Apparatus56  As he removes farre off, that great heights takes;
  • 57  How great love is, preſence beſt tryall makes,
  • 58But abſence tryes how long this love will bee;
  • pg 3259    To take a latitude
  • 60    Sun, or ſtarres, are fitlieſt view'd
  • 61    At their brighteſt, but to conclude
  • 62  Of longitudes, what other way have wee,
  • Critical Apparatus63But to marke when, and where the darke eclipſes bee?

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Critical Apparatus
A Valediction: of &c. Ed: A Valediction of the Booke A18, N, TCC, TCD: Valediction of the booke. D, H49, Lec: Valediction 3: Of the Booke O'F: The Booke Cy,P: Valediction to his booke. 1633–69, S: A Valediction of a booke left in a windowe. JC
Critical Apparatus
18 Records, 163369: records, Grolier
Critical Apparatus
20 tome 163335: to me 163954: Tomb. 1669, A18, Cy, Lec, N, S
Critical Apparatus
21 Idiome, Ed: Idiome; 163369
Critical Apparatus
22 inſtruments: Ed: inſtruments, 163369. See note
Critical Apparatus
25 and Goths inundate us, A18, B, Cy, D, H40, H49, Lec, N, TC: and the Goths invade us, 163354, S: and Goths invade us, 1669, H40, JC (or), O'F, P
Critical Apparatus
26 were ſafe; 1633: rest omit semicolon. Univerſe 163339: Univerſe, 165069
Critical Apparatus
30 abſtract] abſtracted 1669
Critical Apparatus
32 Or, … amuze Ed: Or … amuze, 163369
Critical Apparatus
33 inſirmitie,] inſirmities, 1669, D, H49, Lec
Critical Apparatus
38 titles] titles, 1633
Critical Apparatus
39 theſe ſtates] thoſe rites A18, N, TC
Critical Apparatus
40 womankinde, Ed: womankinde. 163354: womankinde: 1669
Critical Apparatus
43 relies, Ed: relies 1633 : relies; 163569
Critical Apparatus
44 give,] give; 163569
Critical Apparatus
46 Stateſmen] Tradeſmen Cy, P
Critical Apparatus
47 grounds: Ed: grounds, 163369
Critical Apparatus
49 'tis, one] 'tis on, 1669
Critical Apparatus
53 their nothing 163554, A18, B, Cy, D, H40, H49, JC (nothings), Lec, N, O'F, S, TC (but the MSS. waver between their and there): there ſomething 1633, 1669, P
Critical Apparatus
55 vent 1633, 1669: went 163554
thoughts; abroad] thoughts abroad: 1669
Critical Apparatus
56 great heights] ſhadows O'F
Critical Apparatus
63 1669 omits darke
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