Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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To my Lord of Pembroke.

  • 1FYe, Fye you ſonnes of Pallas what madd rage
  • 2  Makes you contend that Love's, or God, or page?
  • Critical Apparatus3Hee that admires, his weaknes doth confeſs;
  • 4For as Love greater growes; ſoe hee growes leſs.
  • Critical Apparatus5Hee that diſdaines, what honor wynns thereby,
  • Critical Apparatus6That he feeles not, or triumphes on a fly?
  • 7If love with queaſie paine thy ſtomack move,
  • 8Soe will a ſlutt whome none dare touch; or love.
  • 9If it with ſacred ſtraines doe thee inſpire
  • 10Of Poetrie; ſoe wee maye want admire.
  • 11If it thee valiant make, his ryvall hate
  • 12Can out doe that and make men deſperate.
  • 13Yealdinge to us, all woemen conquer us,
  • 14By gentlenes we are betrayed thus.
  • 15We will not ſtrive with Love that's a ſhee beaſte;
  • 16But playinge wee are bounde, and yeald in Jeſt;
  • 17As in a Cobwebb toyle, a ſlye hath beene
  • 18Undone; ſo have I ſome fainte lover ſeene.
  • Critical Apparatus19Love cannot take away our ſtrength, but tame,
  • 20And wee leſs feele the thinge then feare the name;
  • pg 43621Love is a temperate bath; hee that feeles more
  • 22Heate or could there, was hott, or could before.
  • 23But as Suñ beames which would but noriſhe, burne,
  • 24Drawne into hollow Chriſtall, ſoe we turne
  • 25To fire her bewties Luſtre willingly,
  • 26By gatheringe it in our falſe treacherous eye.
  • Critical Apparatus27Love is nor you, nor you; but I a balme,
  • 28Sword to the ſtiff, unto the wounded balme.
  • 29Prayes noe thinge adds, if it be infinite,
  • 30If it be nothing, who can leſſen it?

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Critical Apparatus
To my Lord of Pembroke. A25, Chambers
Critical Apparatus
3 confeſs; Ed: confeſs A25
Critical Apparatus
5 diſdaines, Ed: diſdaines A25
Critical Apparatus
6 fly? Ed: fly; A25
Critical Apparatus
19 tame, Ed: tame A25
Critical Apparatus
27 I a balme, A25 : Aye a calm, Chambers conjectures
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