Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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Loves exchange.

  • 1LOve, any devill elſe but you,
  • 2   Would for a given Soule give ſomething too.
  • 3At Court your fellowes every day,
  • Critical Apparatus4Give th'art of Riming, Huntſmanſhip, or Play,
  • 5For them which were their owne before;
  • 6Onely I have nothing which gave more,
  • 7But am, alas, by being lowly, lower.
  • 8I aske no diſpenſation now
  • Critical Apparatus9To falſifie a teare, or ſigh, or vow,
  • 10I do not ſue from thee to draw
  • 11A non obstante on natures law,
  • 12Theſe are prerogatives, they inhere
  • 13In thee and thine; none ſhould forſweare
  • 14Except that hee Loves minion were.
  • pg 3515Give mee thy weakneſſe, make mee blinde,
  • 16Both wayes, as thou and thine, in eies and minde;
  • 17Love, let me never know that this
  • Critical Apparatus18Is love, or, that love childiſh is;
  • 19Let me not know that others know
  • Critical Apparatus20That ſhe knowes my paines, leaſt that ſo
  • Critical Apparatus21A tender ſhame make me mine owne new woe.
  • 22If thou give nothing, yet thou'art juſt,
  • 23Becauſe I would not thy firſt motions truſt;
  • 24Small townes which ſtand ſtiffe, till great ſhot
  • 25Enforce them, by warres law condition not.
  • 26Such in loves warfare is my caſe,
  • 27I may not article for grace,
  • Critical Apparatus28Having put Love at laſt to ſhew this face.
  • 29This face, by which he could command
  • 30And change the Idolatrie of any land,
  • 31This face, which whereſoe'r it comes,
  • 32Can call vow'd men from cloiſters, dead from tombes,
  • 33And melt both Poles at once, and ſtore
  • 34Deſerts with cities, and make more
  • 35Mynes in the earth, then Quarries were before.
  • Critical Apparatus36For this, Love is enrag'd with mee,
  • Critical Apparatus37Yet kills not. If I muſt example bee
  • 38To future Rebells; If th'unborne
  • 39Muſt learne, by my being cut up, and torne:
  • 40Kill, and diſſect me, Love; for this
  • 41Torture againſt thine owne end is,
  • 42Rack't carcaſſes make ill Anatomies.

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Critical Apparatus
Loves exchange. 163369, A18, N, TCC, TCD: no title, B, D, H40, H49, JC, Lec, O'F, P
Critical Apparatus
4 or] and most MSS. Play D: play 163369
Critical Apparatus
9 or ſigh, or vow, 163354 : a ſigh, a vow, 1669
Critical Apparatus
18 is; Ed: is. 163369
Critical Apparatus
20 paines] paine A18, B, D, H40, H49, JC, Lec, O'F, P, TC
Critical Apparatus
21 1669 omits new
Critical Apparatus
28 Love D: love 163369 this] his 1669
Critical Apparatus
36 For this, Ed: For, this 163369 Love D : love 163369
Critical Apparatus
37 not. If Ed: not; if 163339: not: if 165069
Conſined Love. 163569: no title, 1633, A18, B, D, H49, JC, L74, Lec, N,O'F, TCC, TCD: To the worthieſt of all my lovers. Cy: To the of all my loves my virtuous miſtriſs. P
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