Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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pg 37The Dreame.

  • 1DEare love, for nothing leſſe then thee
  • 2    Would I have broke this happy dreame,
  • 3          It was a theame
  • 4For reaſon, much too ſtrong for phantaſie,
  • 5Therefore thou wakd'ſt me wiſely; yet
  • Critical Apparatus6My Dreame thou brok'ſt not, but continued'ſt it,
  • Critical Apparatus7Thou art ſo truth, that thoughts of thee ſuffice,
  • 8To make dreames truths; and fables hiſtories;
  • 9Enter theſe armes, for ſince thou thoughtſt it beſt,
  • Critical Apparatus10Not to dreame all my dreame, let's act the reſt.
  • 11As lightning, or a Tapers light,
  • 12Thine eyes, and not thy noiſe wak'd mee;
  • 13         Yet I thought thee
  • Critical Apparatus14(For thou lovest truth) an Angell, at firſt ſight,
  • 15But when I ſaw thou ſawest my heart,
  • Critical Apparatus16And knew'ſt my thoughts, beyond an Angels art,
  • Critical Apparatus17When thou knew'ſt what I dreamt, when thou knew'ſt when
  • 18Exceſſe of joy would wake me, and cam'ſt then,
  • Critical Apparatus19I muſt confeſſe, it could not chuſe but bee
  • Critical Apparatus20Prophane, to thinke thee any thing but thee.
  • 21Comming and ſtaying ſhow'd thee, thee,
  • 22But riſing makes me doubt, that now,
  • 23         Thou art not thou.
  • Critical Apparatus24That love is weake, where feare's as ſtrong as hee;
  • pg 3825'Tis not all ſpirit, pure, and brave,
  • Critical Apparatus26If mixture it of Feare, Shame, Honor, have.
  • 27Perchance as torches which muſt ready bee,
  • 28Men light and put out, ſo thou deal'ſt with mee,
  • Critical Apparatus29Thou cam'ſt to kindle, goeſt to come; Then I
  • 30Will dreame that hope againe, but elſe would die.

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Critical Apparatus
The Dreame. 163369: do. orsimilarly, A18, A25, B, C, Cy, D, H49, L74, Lec, N, O'F, P, RP31, S, S96, TCC, TCD
Critical Apparatus
6 brok'ſt … continued'ſt ] breakeſt … continueſt 1669, A25, C, P, S
Critical Apparatus
7 ſo truth, 1633, A18, D, H49, L74, Lec, N, TC: ſo true, 163569, A25, B, C, Cy, O'F, P, S. See note
Critical Apparatus
10 act]doe A25, B, Cy, D, H49, L74, Lec, O'F, P, S, S96
Critical Apparatus
14 an Angell,] but an Angell, A18, D, H49, L74, Lec, N, TC
Critical Apparatus
16 thoughts,] om. comma Grolier and Chambers. See note
Critical Apparatus
17 then thou knew'ſt when 1669
Critical Apparatus
19 muſt] doe A18, A25, B, Cy, D, H49, Lec, N, O'F, P, TC
Critical Apparatus
20 Prophane,] Profaneſs A18, D, H49, L74, Lec, N, S96, TC
Critical Apparatus
24 feare's as ſtrong 163354, A18, D, H49, L74, Lec, TCC: feares are strong 1669, B,Cy,O'F, P, S, S96: feare is ſtrong N, TCD
Critical Apparatus
26 have. 1669: have; 163354
Critical Apparatus
29 cam'ſt] com'ſt 1669
Then I] Thus I A18, D, H49, L74, Lec, N, TC (RP31 agrees with this group throughout)
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