Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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Witchcraft by a picture.

  • 1IFixe mine eye on thine, and there
  • 2  Pitty my picture burning in thine eye,
  • 3My picture drown'd in a tranſparent teare,
  • Critical Apparatus4  When I looke lower I eſpie;
  • 5    Hadſt thou the wicked skill
  • Critical Apparatus6By pictures made and mard, to kill,
  • 7How many wayes mightſt thou performe thy will?
  • pg 468But now I have drunke thy ſweet ſalt teares,
  • Critical Apparatus9  And though thou poure more I'll depart;
  • Critical Apparatus10My picture vaniſh'd, vanish feares,
  • Critical Apparatus11  That I can be endamag'd by that art;
  • 12    Though thou retaine of mee
  • 13One picture more, yet that will bee,
  • Critical Apparatus14Being in thine owne heart, from all malice free.

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Critical Apparatus
Witchcraft &c. 1633–69, A18, N, TCC, TCD: The Picture. or Picture. Cy,JC,O'F,P,S96: A Songe. B
Critical Apparatus
4 espie; Ed: eſpie, 1633–69
Critical Apparatus
6 to kill, Ed: to kill? 1633–39 : to kill; 1650–69
Critical Apparatus
9 And though] Although 1669 And though thou therefore poure more will depart; B, H40
Critical Apparatus
10 vaniſh'd, vaniſh feares, 1633, A18, B, Cy, H40, JC, N, P, S96, TC: vaniſhed, vaniſh all feares 1635–54, O'F: vaniſh, vaniſh fears, 1669
Critical Apparatus
11 that] thy JC, O'F,S96
Critical Apparatus
14 all] thy B, H40, S96
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