Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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The Apparition.

  • 1WHen by thy ſcorne, O murdreſſe, I am dead,
  • Critical Apparatus2        And that thou thinkſt thee free
  • Critical Apparatus3From all ſolicitation from mee,
  • 4Then ſhall my ghoſt come to thy bed,
  • Critical Apparatus5And thee, fain'd veſtall, in worſe armes ſhall ſee;
  • pg 486Then thy ſicke taper will begin to winke,
  • Critical Apparatus7And he, whoſe thou art then, being tyr'd before,
  • 8Will, if thou ſtirre, or pinch to wake him, thinke
  • 9        Thou call'ſt for more,
  • Critical Apparatus10And in falſe ſleepe will from thee ſhrinke,
  • 11And then poore Aſpen wretch, neglected thou
  • 12Bath'd in a cold quicksilver ſweat wilt lye
  • Critical Apparatus13        A veryer ghoſt then I;
  • 14What I will ſay, I will not tell thee now,
  • 15Leſt that preſerve thee'; and ſince my love is ſpent,
  • 16I'had rather thou ſhouldſt painfully repent,
  • Critical Apparatus17Then by my threatnings reſt ſtill innocent.

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Critical Apparatus
The Apparition. 1633–69: do. or An Apparition. A18, A25, B, Cy, D, H40, H49, Lec, N, O'F, P, S, S96, TCC, TCD
Critical Apparatus
2 that thou thinkſt] thou ſhalt think 1669
Critical Apparatus
3 ſolicitation] ſolicitations JC, O'F
Critical Apparatus
5 thee, … veſtall, Ed: thee … veſtall 1633–39 : thee … Veſtall 1650–69
Critical Apparatus
7 then] 1669 omits
Critical Apparatus
10 in falſe ſleepe will from 1633, Cy, D, H49, Lec, S: in falſe ſleepe from 1635–54: in a falſe ſleepe even from 1669: in a falſe ſleepe from A25, P: in a falſe ſleepe will from A18, N, TC
Critical Apparatus
13 I;] I, 1633, some copies
Critical Apparatus
17 reſt ſtill] keep thee A25, Cy, JC,O'F, P
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