Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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The Bloſsome.

  • 1LIttle think'ſt thou, poore flower,
  • 2  Whom I have watch'd ſixe or ſeaven dayes,
  • 3And ſeene thy birth, and ſeene what every houre
  • 4Gave to thy growth, thee to this height to raiſe,
  • 5And now doſt laugh and triumph on this bough,
  • 6           Little think'ſt thou
  • 7That it will freeze anon, and that I ſhall
  • 8To morrow finde thee falne, or not at all.
  • Critical Apparatus9  Little think'ſt thou poore heart
  • Critical Apparatus10  That labour'ſt yet to neſtle thee,
  • 11And think'ſt by hovering here to get a part
  • 12In a forbidden or forbidding tree,
  • 13And hop'ſt her ſtiffeneſſe by long ſiege to bow:
  • 14           Little think'ſt thou,
  • Critical Apparatus15That thou to morrow, ere that Sunne doth wake,
  • 16Muſt with this Sunne, and mee a journey take.
  • pg 6017  But thou which lov'ſt to bee
  • Critical Apparatus18  Subtile to plague thy ſelfe, wilt ſay,
  • 19Alas, if you muſt goe, what's that to mee?
  • 20Here lyes my buſineſſe, and here I will ſtay:
  • 21You goe to friends, whoſe love and meanes preſent
  • 22           Various content
  • Critical Apparatus23To your eyes, eares, and tongue, and every part.
  • Critical Apparatus24If then your body goe, what need you a heart?
  • 25  Well then, ſtay here; but know,
  • 26  When thou haſt ſtayd and done thy moſt;
  • 27A naked thinking heart, that makes no ſhow,
  • 28Is to a woman, but a kinde of Ghoſt;
  • 29How ſhall ſhee know my heart; or having none,
  • 30           Know thee for one?
  • 31Practiſe may make her know ſome other part,
  • 32But take my word, ſhee doth not know a Heart.
  • 33  Meet mee at London, then,
  • 34  Twenty dayes hence, and thou ſhalt ſee
  • 35Mee freſher, and more fat, by being with men,
  • 36Then if I had ſtaid ſtill with her and thee.
  • 37For Gods ſake, if you can, be you ſo too:
  • Critical Apparatus38           I would give you
  • 39There, to another friend, whom wee ſhall finde
  • 40As glad to have my body, as my minde.

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Critical Apparatus
The Bloſſome. 1633–69, A18, B, D, H49, JC, Lec, N, O'F, S, S96, TCC, TCD: notitle, A25
Critical Apparatus
9–13 poore heart … bow: ] in brackets 1650–69
Critical Apparatus
10 labour'ſt A18, N, TC: laboureſt, 1635–69: labours 1633
Critical Apparatus
15 that Sunne 1633: the Sunne 1635–69
Critical Apparatus
18 wilt] will 1669
Critical Apparatus
23 tongue A18, A25, B, D, H49, JC, Lec, N, O'F, S96, TC: om. S: taſt 1633–69
Critical Apparatus
24 need you a heart? A25, B, D, H49, Lec, N, O'F, S, S96, TC: need you have a heart? JC: need your heart? 1633–69
Critical Apparatus
38 I would A18, A25, B, D, H49, JC, N, O'F, S, S96, TC: I will 1633–69, Lec
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