Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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Song.Probably by the Earl of Pembroke.

  • Critical Apparatus1SOules joy, now I am gone,
  • 2          And you alone,
  • 3          (Which cannot be,
  • 4Since I must leave my ſelfe with thee,
  • 5      And carry thee with me)
  • 6      Yet when unto our eyes
  • 7          Abſence denyes
  • 8          Each others ſight,
  • 9And makes to us a conſtant night,
  • 10      When others change to light;
  • 11          O give no way to griefe.
  • 12          But let beliefe
  • 13            Of mutuall love,
  • 14          This wonder to the vulgar prove
  • 15            Our Bodyes, not wee move.
  • pg 43016Let not thy wit beweepe
  • Critical Apparatus17          Wounds but ſenſe-deepe,
  • Critical Apparatus18          For when we miſſe
  • Critical Apparatus19By diſtance our lipp-joying bliſſe,
  • 20      Even then our ſoules ſhall kiſſe,
  • 21      Fooles have no meanes to meet,
  • 22          But by their feet.
  • 23          Why ſhould our clay,
  • 24Over our ſpirits ſo much ſway,
  • 25      To tie us to that way?
  • 26          O give no way to griefe, &c.

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Critical Apparatus
Song. 1635–69, O'F : also in the Poems &c. (1660) of the Earle of Pembroke, and Sr Benjamin Ruddier, and the Lansdowne MS. 777, where it is signed E. of Pembroke.
Critical Apparatus
1 now] when 1660, L77
Critical Apparatus
17 Wounds L77 : Words 1635–69, O'F
ſense-deepe,] no hyphen, 1635–69
Critical Apparatus
18 when] while L77
Critical Apparatus
19 lipp-joyning L77 (not lives joining as Chambers reports): hopes joyning 1635–69, O'F
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