Thomas Flatman

George Saintsbury (ed.), Minor Poets of the Caroline Period, Vol. 3: John Cleveland, Thomas Stanley, Henry King, Thomas Flatman, Nathaniel Whiting

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An Appeal to Cats in the business of Love.A SONG.

  • 1Ye Cats that at midnight spit love at each other,
  • 2Who best feel the pangs of a passionate lover,
  • 3I appeal to your scratches and your tattered fur,
  • 4If the business of Love be no more than to purr.
  • 5Old Lady Grimalkin with her gooseberry eyes,
  • 6Knew something when a kitten, for why she was wise;
  • 7You find by experience, the love-fit's soon o'er,
  • 8Puss! Puss! lasts not long, but turns to Cat-whore!
  • 9        Men ride many miles,
  • 10        Cats tread many tiles,
  • 11      Both hazard their necks in the fray;
  • 12        Only Cats, when they fall
  • 13        From a house or a wall,
  • 14      Keep their feet, mount their tails, and away!

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Editor’s Note
An appeal to Cats.] Added in 1686. It is a pity we do not possess the tune to which Mr. Humfries, or somebody else, most probably set this lively fantasy. It is quite in the style of Dr. Blow, Humfries's friend and colleague.
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