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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 2: 1777–80

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Editor’s Note369Jeremy Bentham to the Earl of Shelburne27 July 1780 (Aet 32)

Mr. Bentham presents his compliments to Ld. Shelburne, and hopes it will not be imputed to any want of respect or gratitude that he declines waiting on his Lordship for the present, being about to leave for London for the summer in the course of a few days, and in the mean time confined by very particular engagements. Mr. Bentham will be in town again in the beginning of November, and will then endeavour to avail himself of the honour of his Lordship's invitation.

Lincoln's Inn July 27th 1780.

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Editor’s Note
369. 1 Lansdowne MSS. Autograph. No docket or address.
B.M. III: 68 is an autograph copy of this letter, docketed by Bentham: '1780 July 27 / I.B. Linc. Inn to E. of Shelburne Berkeley Square / Copy.' The copy is exact except for the omission of 'in' before 'the beginning'.
Bentham also copied his letter, together with letter 368 from Shelburne, towards the end of letter 370 to Samuel. He gives there some account of his reasons for declining Shelburne's invitation (for Samuel's reaction see the end of letter 374). It may be remarked, however, that the refusal of such opportunities is a recurrent pattern in Bentham's career.
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