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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 2: 1777–80

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Editor’s Note245To Samuel Bentham29 April 1778 (Aet 30)

Lind is in the country and will not be in town this week—If he has any acquaintance at all with Sr. J. Lindsay2 it must be a very faint one: nor has he any way of coming at him but through Lord Mansfield, which is none at all. Therefore think no more of that project, which on other accounts is a chimerical one—Why won't the Formidable do?3 What should make you in a hurry? I shall endeavour to get your letter away from Lind before he sees it—Your things are sent to night.

As you are not going to leave Chatham in a hurry, there is no need of my being in any violent hurry to go there. I shall certainly pg 97not be with you before Saturday: probably not till Monday. By staying till that time I shall be able to dispatch all my letters; and have my business done, and my mind at ease Wilson is looking over me and saying 'poor mind'—which has determined me to scratch out the last part of the last sentence—there—there's enough of it.

I shall bring the first draught of my letter to Foster4 for your worship to see—I shall get a speedy conveyance for my packet without difficulty—I—that is Wilson will for me—This Wilson is an useful kind of an animal upon occasion—he is looking over as grave as a goose—

April 29th 1778


Dr. Mulford called on me yesterday; but was driven away by Q.S.P. who kept the field.

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Editor’s Note
245. 1 B.M. II: 180. Autograph.
Addressed: 'Mr. Bentham / at the King's Dock Yard / near Rochester.' Postmark: '29 AP'.
Editor’s Note
2 Sir John Lindsay (1737–88) a distinguished naval officer, one time commander in chief in the East Indies, was a nephew of Lord Mansfield. In 1778 he was captain of the Prince George in Admiral Keppel's fleet.
Editor’s Note
3 The Formidable (90 guns) was the flagship of Vice-Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser, second in command, under Admiral Keppel, of the fleet in the action off Ushant (27 July 1778). Her captain was John Bazely, who is mentioned later in the correspondence. It seems that Samuel was anxious to be on board a ship in action, and hoped that he might be taken on the Formidable.
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