John Harrington Smith, Dougald MacMillan, and Vinton A. Dearing (eds), The Works of John Dryden, Vol. 8: Plays; The Wild Gallant; The Rival Ladies; The Indian Queen

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Editor’s NoteCritical ApparatusSCENE III.

Editor’s NoteThe Scene changes, and Trice is discovered playing at Tables by himself, with Spectacles on, a Bottle, and Parmezan by him; they return and see him, undiscovered by him.
Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus1

Trice. Cinque and Cater: my Cinque I play here Sir, my Critical Apparatus2Cater here Sir: Now for you Sir.

3—————But first I'll drink to you Sir.

Critical Apparatus4—————Upon my faith I'll do you reason Sir.

5—————Mine was thus full Sir.

pg 22Critical Apparatus6—————Pray mind your play Sir.

Editor’s Note7—————Size Ace I have thrown: I'll play em at length Sir.

Editor’s Note8—————Will you Sir? then you have made a blot Sir; I'll try Editor’s Note9if I can enter: I have hit you Sir.

Critical Apparatus10—————I think you can cog a Dye Sir.

11—————I cog a Dye Sir? I play as fair as you, or any man.

Critical Apparatus12—————You lye Sir.

13—————How, lye Sir? I'll teach you what 'tis to give a Gentle-Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus14man the lye Sir.—————

Throws down the Tables. They all laugh and discover themselves.

Isab. Is this your serious business?

Critical Apparatus16

Trice. O you rogue are you there? you are welcome huswife, Critical Apparatus17and so are you Constance. Fa tol de re tol de re la.

Critical ApparatusClaps their backs.

Isab. Prithee be not so rude Trice.

Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus19

Trice. Huswife Constance, I'll have you into my Larder, and 20shew you my provision: I have Cocles, dainty fat Cocles that 21came in the night; if they had seen the day I would not have 22given a fart for u'm. I would the King had u'm.


Const. He has as good I warrant you.

Critical Apparatus24

Trice. Nay, thats a lye, I could sit and cry for him someTimes; 25he does not know what 'tis to eat a good meal in a whole year: Editor’s Note26his Cooks are Asses: I have a delicate dish of Ruffs to dinner 27Sirrah.


Const. To dinner!

Critical Apparatus29

Trice. To dinner! why by supper they had been past their Critical Apparatus30prime. I'll tell thee the story of u'm: I have a friend—————

Critical ApparatusEnter Servant.
pg 23 Critical Apparatus31

Serv. Sir, Dinner's upon the Table.

Critical Apparatus32

Trice. Well, well; I have a friend as I told you—————

Critical Apparatus33

Serv. Dinner stayes Sir; 'tis Dinner that stayes.—————Sure he Critical Apparatus34will hear now.


Trice. I have a friend as I told you—————


Isab. I believe he's your friend, you are so loath to part with 37him—————


Trice. Away; away;—————I'll tell you the story between the 39courses. Go you to the Cook immediately, sirrah; and bring me 40word what we have to supper, before we go to dinner; I Love 41to have the satisfaction of the day before me.

Exeunt omnes.

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Critical Apparatus
SCENE III. The] The Q1–4, F, D.
Editor’s Note
I, iii (A moment later) Draw groove 1 to the groove 2 scene, now Justice Trice's private game room.
Editor’s Note
s.d. Trice … playing at Tables . At backgammon. For a detailed description see Charles Cotton, The Compleat Gamester, reprinted in Games and Gamesters of the Restoration, ed. C. H. Hartmann (1930), ch. xxvii.
Critical Apparatus
1 Trice.] Q2–4, F, D; ⁓: Q1.
Editor’s Note
1 Cinque and Cater. Five and four on the dice.
Critical Apparatus
2–4 Sir. / —————But[italics] … Sir. / —————Upon ] Sir: but … [romans] … Sir; upon Q1–4, F, D (But F, D).
Critical Apparatus
4–6 Sir. / —————Mine … [italics] … Sir. / —————Pray ] Sir: mine … [romans] … Sir: pray Q1–4, F, D ( Mine … Pray F, D).
Critical Apparatus
6–8 Sir. / —————Size[italics]Sir. / —————Will ] Sir: —————Size … [romans] … Sir: —————will Q1–4, F, D (Will F; Sir. /—————Will D).
Editor’s Note
7 Size Ace. Sice-ace, six and one on the dice. Cf. Dryden's Persius (1693), Third Satire, ll. 92–94:
  • But then my Study was to Cog the Dice;
  • And dext'rously to throw the lucky Sice:
  • To shun Ames-Ace, that swept my Stakes away.
Editor’s Note
8–9 blot. Exposed a man on a point where it can be hit by the opponent's man.
I'll try if I can enter. To place a man again on the board after it has been taken up (OED). hit. to take up a man.
Editor’s Note
9 cog a Dye. To cheat by palming one die while shaking the dice.
Critical Apparatus
10 I … [to] … Sir ] romans Q1–4, F, D.
Critical Apparatus
12–13 You lye Sir. /—————How, lye Sir?] You lye Sir, / how lye Sir; Q1–4, F, D (Sir: how! F; Sir. / —————How! Lie, Sir? D).
Critical Apparatus
14 Throws] Q2–4, F, D; throws Q1.
Editor’s Note
14 s.d. the Tables. The board. From OED citations the plural (as in the phrase "turn the tables") would seem to have been more common than the singular form.
Critical Apparatus
16 Trice.] Q2–4, F, D; ⁓: Q1.
Critical Apparatus
17 Constance. Fa] ⁓. fa Q1; ⁓, fa Q2–4, F; ⁓,Fa D.
Critical Apparatus
17+ s.d. Claps] Q2–4, F, D; claps Q1.
Critical Apparatus
19 Trice.] Q4, F, D; ⁓: Q1–3.
Editor’s Note
19 Cocles. Cockles; edible molluscs.
Critical Apparatus
24 Trice.] Q4, F, D; ⁓: Q1–3.
Editor’s Note
26 Ruffs. European sandpiper. Ruffs are mentioned in Shadwell's The Miser, III, as Summers notes (I, 422).
Critical Apparatus
29 Trice.] Q2–4, F, D; ⁓: Q1.
Critical Apparatus
30 friend—————] F, D; ⁓.————— Q1–4.
Critical Apparatus
30+ s.d. Servant.] Q2–4, F; Serv. Q1; Servant. D.
Critical Apparatus
31 Serv. Sir] D; Sir Q1–4, F.
Critical Apparatus
32 Trice.] Q2–4, F, D; ⁓: Q1.
Critical Apparatus
32 you—————] Q4, F, D; .————— Q1–3.
Critical Apparatus
33 stayes.—————Sure] stayes: sure Q1–4, F, D.
Critical Apparatus
34 now. (Aside.] now. Q1–4, F, D.
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