John Harrington Smith, Dougald MacMillan, and Vinton A. Dearing (eds), The Works of John Dryden, Vol. 8: Plays; The Wild Gallant; The Rival Ladies; The Indian Queen

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Editor’s NoteCritical ApparatusSCEN. II.

Zempoalla appears seated upon a Throne, frowning upon her Attendants; then comes down and speaks.

Zemp. No more, you that above your Princes dare proclaim

2With your rebellious breath a strangers name.

Critical Apparatus3

1 Mex. Dread Empress———

Zemp. Slaves, perhaps you grieve to see

4Your young Prince glorious, 'cause he sprang from me;

5Had he been one of base Amexia's brood,

6Your tongues, though silent now, had then been loud.

Enter Traxalla.

7Traxalla welcome, welcomer to me,

8Then what thou bring'st, a Crown and Victory.


Trax. All I have done is nothing, fluttering fame

10Now tells no news, but of the Strangers name,

11And his great deeds; 'tis he they cry by whom

12Not men, but War it self is overcome;

13Who bold with his success, dares think to have

14A Prince to wear his Chains, and be his slave.

Critical Apparatus15

Zemp. What Prince?———

Critical Apparatus16

Trax. The great Peruvian Ynca, that of late

17In three set Battles was so fortunate,

18Till this strange man had power to turn the tide,

19And carry conquest unto any side.


Zemp. Wou'd you permit a private man to have

21The great Peruvian Ynca for his slave!

22Shame to all Princes! was it not just now

pg 19823I made a sacred and a solemn vow

Critical Apparatus24To offer up (if blest with Victory)

Critical Apparatus25The Prisoners that were took? and they shall dye.


Trax. I soon had snatched from this proud strangers hand

27That too great object for his bold demand;

28Had not the Prince your Son, to whom I owe

29A kinde obedience, judg'd it shou'd be so.


Zemp. I'le hear no more; go quickly take my Guards,

31And from that man force those usurpt rewards;

32That Prince upon whose ruines I must rise

33Shall be the Gods, but more my sacrifice:

34They with my slaves in Triumph shall be tyed,

35While my devotion justifies my pride.

36Those Deities in whom I place my trust,

Critical Apparatus37Shall see when they are kinde, that I am just.

[Ex. Zemp. with Attendants.

Trax. How gladly I obey———

39There's something shoots through my enliven'd frame,

40Like a new soul, but yet without a name:

41Nor can I tell what the bold guest will prove,

42It must be Envy, or it must be love;

43Let it be either, 'tis the greatest bliss

44For man to grant himself, all he dares wish;

45For he that to himself, himself denies,

46Proves meanly wretched, to be counted wise.

[Ex. Traxal.

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Critical Apparatus
SCEN. II. Zempoalla] Zempoalla F1–2, D1–2, M1.
Editor’s Note
II, ii (A few minutes later) The Mexican camp, with added throne, revealed by drawing groove 1.
Critical Apparatus
3 1 Mex.] 1. Peru. F1–2, D1–2, M1 (1 D1–2, M1).
Critical Apparatus
15 Prince?———] ⁓‸——— F1–2, D1; ⁓?‸ D2, M1.
Critical Apparatus
16, 21 Peruvian] D1–2; Peruvian F1–2, M1.
Critical Apparatus
24 Victory)] F2, D1–2, M1; ⁓, F1.
Critical Apparatus
25 took?] D1–2; ⁓) F1, M1; ⁓, F2.
Critical Apparatus
37+ s.d. Zemp. with Attendants.] Zemp. F1–2, D1–2, M1.
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