Vinton A. Dearing and Alan Roper (eds), The Works of John Dryden, Vol. 14: Plays; The Kind Keeper; The Spanish Fryar; The Duke of Guise; and The Vindication of the Duke of Guise

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pg 567Introduction

choice of the copy text

The copy text is normally the first printing, on the theory that its accidentals are likely to be closest to the author's practice; but a manuscript or a subsequent printing may be chosen where there is reasonable evidence either that it represents more accurately the original manuscript as finally revised by the author or that the author revised the accidentals.

reproduction of the copy text

The copy text is normally reprinted literatim, but there are certain classes of exceptions. In the first place, apparently authoritative variants found in other texts are introduced as they occur, except that their purely accidental features are made to conform to the style of the copy text. These substitutions, but not their minor adjustments in accidentals, are recorded in footnotes as they occur. In the second place, the editors have introduced nonauthoritative emendations, whether found in earlier texts or not, where the sense seems to demand them. These emendations are also listed in the footnotes. In the third place, accidentals, speech headings, stage directions, scene headings, and so forth, are introduced or altered where it seems helpful to the reader. All such changes also are recorded in footnotes as they occur. In the fourth place, turned b, q, d, p, n, and u are accepted as q, b, p, d, u, and n, respectively, and if they result in spelling errors are corrected in the text and listed in the footnotes. The textual footnotes show the agreements among the texts only with respect to the precise variation of the present edition from the copy text; for example, in The Duke of Guise at IV, iv, 178, the footnote "Phœnix]D; Phœnix Q1–3, F" has reference to the change from italics to romans; D actually hyphenates this word with the next, "Phœnix-Race."

Certain purely mechanical details have been normalized without special mention. Long "s" has been changed to round "s," "VV" to "W"; swash italics have been represented by plain italics; head titles and any accompanying rules, act and scene headings, and display initials and any accompanying capitalization, have been made uniform with the style of the present edition; when a speech begins in the middle of a verse line, it has been appropriately indented; the position of speech headings and stage directions and their line division have been freely altered (braces in the speech tags have been omitted; those in the stage directions have been replaced by brackets); wrong font, and turned letters other than q, b, p, d, u, and n have been adjusted; medial apostrophes that failed to print have been restored; italicized plurals in -'s have been distinguished (by italic final "s") from possessives (roman final "s"); quotations have been marked with inverted commas at the beginning and end only and always; spacing between pg 568words and before and after punctuation has been normalized when no change in meaning results; the common contractions have been counted as single words, but otherwise words abbreviated by elision have been separated from those before and after if the apostrophe is present; if the elided syllable is written out as well as marked by an apostrophe, the words have been run together ("speak'it").

textual notes

The textual notes list the relevant manuscripts and printings, assign them sigla, and give references to the bibliographies where they are more fully described. Normally only the seventeenth-century manuscripts and the printed editions through Congreve's (1717)1 are cited, since there is normally no likelihood that authoritative readings will be found in any later manuscripts or editions. The textual notes also outline the descent of the text through its various manuscripts and printings, indicate which are the authorized texts, and explain how the copy text was selected in each instance. A list of copies collated follows. If the differences between variant copies are sufficient to warrant a tabular view of them, it will follow the list of copies collated.

The sigla indicate the format of printed books (F = folio, Q = quarto, O = octavo, etc.) and the order of printing, if this is determinable, within the format group (F may have been printed after Q1 and before Q2). If order of printing is in doubt, the numbers are arbitrary, and they are normally arbitrary for the manuscripts (represented by M).

Finally the variants in the texts collated are given. The list is not exhaustive, but it records what seemed material, viz.:

All variants of the present edition from the copy text except in the mechanical details listed above.

All other substantive variants and variants in accidentals markedly affecting the sense. The insertion or removal of a period before a dash has sometimes been accepted as affecting the sense; other punctuational variants before dashes have been ignored. Failure of letters to print, in texts other than the copy text, has been noted only when the remaining letters form a different word or words, or when a word has disappeared entirely.

All errors of any kind repeated from one edition to another, except the use of -'s instead of -s for a plural.

Spelling variants where the new reading makes a new word (e.g., then and than being in Dryden's day alternate spellings of the conjunction, a change from than to then would be recorded, since the spelling then is now confined to the adverb, but a change from then to than would be ignored as a simple modernization).

In passages of verse, variants in elision of syllables normally pro-pg 569nounced (except that purely mechanical details, as had'st, hadst, are ignored). Thus heaven, heav'n is recorded, but not denied, deny'd.

Relining, except when passages printed as prose are reprinted as prose.

When texts generally agree in a fairly lengthy variation, but one or two differ from the rest in a detail that would be cumbrous to represent in the usual way, the subvariations are indicated in parentheses in the list of sigla. For example:

Blois.] Bloise. Q1–3, F, D (~, Q3).

This means that Q3 agrees with Q1–2, F, and D in all respects except that it has a comma instead of a period.

When variants in punctuation alone are recorded, the wavy dash is used in place of the identifying word before (and sometimes after) the variant punctuation. A caret indicates absence of punctuation.

As in the previous volumes, no reference is made to modern editions where the editor is satisfied that reasonable care on his part would have resulted in the same emendations, even if he collated these editions before beginning to emend.

The seventeenth-century printings were compared with the help of a computer and a Hinman collator.

The Kind Keeper

The first edition of The Kind Keeper; or, Mr. Limberham (Q1; Macd 85a) is dated 1680 (advertised in the Term Catalogue in November 1679), the second edition (Q2; Macd 85b) 1690. A third edition, dated 1701 (Macd 85c) is not noted in the apparatus. The play was also reprinted in Dryden's Comedies, Tragedies, and Operas (1701), II, 105–148 (F; Macd 107ai–ii [two issues, the differences not affecting this play]), and in Congreve's edition of Dryden's Dramatick Works (1717), IV, 273–366 (D; Macd 109ai–ii [two issues, the differences not affecting this play]). Q2, F, and D were all set from copies of Q1, Q2 line for line and page for page, F from a copy that lacked the prologue leaf. The text of D through III, i, 17 (i.e., sigs. M5–N12v) exists in two settings, page for page and usually line for line the same, distinguished by Hhighness on the title page of the first setting of sig. M, and Kepeer in the headline of p. 303in the second setting of sig. N. The order of the settings is determinable from their relative closeness to Q1 in substantives and accidentals.

In the dedication (p. 6 above) Dryden says he revised the text for the first edition but did not read proof, and he promises to make more revisions in the second edition. He did not, in fact, revise Q2, but, as it happens, we have some evidence of his revisions for Q1. Edmund Malone, in his annotated copy of Biographia Dramatica (Bodleian Library, Malone 156), II, 178, quotes from a manuscript of the play (now lost) which had been corrected by Dryden. Malone's notes are not perfectly clear, but it would appear that Woodall was named Stains in the manuscript, and Mrs. Tricksy, Damaris; and that "A punk of two descents" (I, i, 276 [p. 17 above]) was written above pg 570"Very punk of very punk," which was crossed out. In addition, the manuscript evidently included the passage below, headed "Act IV" by Malone; its more exact location is problematic:

Stains. Twill be time to marry at threescore when I have enough but for one woman: to engage before, would be the direct way to sin. I cannot confine my appetite to Manna yet.

Ger. And then you will be past tasting it.

Stains. I warrant thee. Our family is good winter fruit: true bon Chretien. My father's an example of it. Marry me now, and I shall beget an offspring of young rouges [sic] to supplant my pleasure as I do his.

We are indebted to David Foxon for an exact transcript of Malone.

Dryden not having revised Q2, the copy text for the present edition is a Clark copy of Q1 (*PR3417.N1, cop. 1), emended as shown in the footnotes. The following copies of the various editions have also been examined: Q1: Clark (*PR3417.N1, cop. 2), Folger (D2206h, v. 3), Harvard (EC65.D8474. 680k), Huntington (D2297.122828); Q2: Clark (*PR3417.N1.1690, cop. 1; *PR3417.1679, v. 2, no. 7; *PR341o.C93); F: Clark (*fPR3412.17o1 [2 cop.]; *fPR3412.1701a); D: Clark (*PR3412.1717, cop. 1 [second setting of sig. M]; PR3412.1717, cop. 2 [second setting of sig. N]; PR3412.1717a [second setting of sigs. M, N]); Folger (PR3416.A1.1717b, v. 4 cage [second setting of sigs. M, N]); Maximillian E. Novak (personal copy).

Dedication: 3:2 Play] Q2, D; PLAY Q1, F.     3:9 scape] Q1–2, D; 'scape F.     3:27 you,] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     3:28 Patriarchs] Patriarchs Q1–2, D; Patriarch's F.     4:4 Acquaintance; if] ~. If Q1–2, F, D.     4:22 spoil'd] Q1, F, D; spoil Q2.     4:24–25 Philosophy … Mathematicks … History] D; PhilosophyMathematicksHistory Q1–2, F.     4:27 Modern] D; Modern Q1–2, F.     4:31 Panegyrique] D; Panegyrique Q1–2, F.     5:1 which] Q2, F, D; whick Q1.     5:2 Nation.] Q1–2, F, D (first setting); ~, D (second setting).     5:4 Noble-man] F; Noble man Q1–2; Nobleman D.     5:8 White-Hall] WHITE HALL Q1, F; Whitehall Q2, D.     5:17 Satyre] Satyre Q1–2; Satyr F; Satyr D.     5:20 Satyres] Satyres Q1–2; Satyrs F; Satyrs D.     5:21 Epigrams] D; Epigrams Q1–2, F.     5:21 express'd] Q2, F, D; exprese'd Q1.     5:23 mention'd,] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     5:24 Accusers:] ~. Q1–2, F, D.     6:1 alter'd] Q2; ~, Q1, F, D.     6:4 Theatre] D; Theatre Q1–2, F.     6:9 Bigot] D; Bigot Q1–2, F.     6:11 Comedy] D; Comedy Q1–2, F.     6:13 Satyre] Satyre Q1–2; Satyr F; Satyr D.

Personae Dramatis: Personæ Dramatis] Q1–2, F (~~. Q2, F); Dramatis Personæ. D.     (D does not number the characters, but divides them into "MEN." and "WOMEN.")     good-natur'd] F, D; good natur'd Q1–2. Woodall,] F; ~‸ Q1–2, D.     counsel.] Q2, F, D; ~‸ Q1.     Mrs. Saintly] Q2, F, D; ~‸ ~ Q1.     SCENE,] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2.

Prologue: Entire prologue omitted from F.     5 here;] D; ~, Q1; ~‸ Q2.     6 Satyre] Q1–2; Satyr D.     11 began] D; ~, Q1–2.     16 Fair.] D; ~, Q1–2.     17 Tricks] Tricks Q1–2, D.     24 Criticks] Criticks Q1–2, D.     24 be] Q2, D; he Q1.     28 Locust] Locust Q1–2, D.

pg 571 I, i

Caption: F adds A COMEDY.      ACT] Q2, F, D; ~. Q1.     s.d. An] Q1–2, F; SECNE, An D.     s.d. Woodall,] Q1–2, F; Woodall and D.     10 Meeting-house] Q2, F, D; Meeting house Q1.     25–26 Art of Seeming Holiness] Art of Seeming Holiness Q1–2, F, D.     26 Heav'n] Q1, F, D; ~, Q2.     34 Master, or Master Aldo] Master, or Master Aldo Q1–2, F, D.     39 Into … run!] romans in Q1–2, F, D.     40 year] Q1–2; Years F, D.     41 Academy] Academy Q1–2, F, D.     43 Town:] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2.     45–46 Drinking] Drinking Q1–2, F, D.     48 Bishop] Bishop Q1–2, F, D.     51 your good] Q1–2, F; your D.     69 not] some copies of Q1 read no.     73 I am] Q1–2, F; I'm D.     76–77 without; [Noise.] F, D; [Noise.] without; Q1–2.     99 'em.] Q1–2, F; ~, D.     105 e're] Q1–2, F; e'er D.     126 Aside] ~. Q1–2, F, D.      131 and] Q1–2, D; and a F.     137 Aside] ~. Q1–2, F, D.     137 besides her self] besides her self Q1–2, F, D.     141 Oh,] Q1–2, F, D (first setting); ~! D (second setting).     161 (Aside) I] I Q1–2, F, D.     162 Tune.———] ~. Q1–2, F, D.     166 Aside] ~. Q1–2, F, D.      166–167 I remember] Q1, F, D; remember Q2.     177 Aside] ~. Q1–2, F, D.     177 fellow!] Q1–2, F; ~, D.     178 humble] D; bumble Q1–2, F.     179 him!——— … us;] ~! … ~; ———Q1–2, F, D (~‸———D).     181 (Aside) All's … not.———] All's … not. Q1–2, F, D (not.——— D).     188 thee!] Q1, F, D; ~? Q2.     191 you?] D; ~‸ or ~. Q1 (type damaged); ~! Q2; F.     196 Man?] Q1–2, F; ~! D.     199 does so] D; does Q1–2, F.     210 French-man] French-man Q1–2, F; Frenchman D.     217 shou'd] Q1–2. F; I should D.     219 Factotum] D; Fac totum Q1–2, F.     230 unhappy] Q2, F, D; nnhappy Q1.     248 Lyon] Lyon Q1–2, F, D.     249 Jack-call] Jack-Call Q1, F, D; Jack Call Q2.     274 and] and Q1–2, F, D.     263 she's] Q1, F, D; she is Q2.     287 sold] Q1–2, F, D (second setting); sola D (first setting).     291 Wife.] Q1. F, D; ~: Q2.     301 Above] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     307 kind Keeper] Q1–2, D; Kind Keeper F.     314 upon] Q1–2, F; up on D.     318 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     321 Monsieur] Monsieur Q1–2, F, D.     325 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     328 Cradle.———] ~‸——— Q1–2, F, D.     316 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     338 Alone] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     347 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     349 me.———] ~. Q1–2, F, D.     350 you're] Q1, F, D; you are Q2.     358 Dye] Dye Q1–2, F, D.     360 Eunuch … Seraglio] Eunuch … Seraglio Q1–2, F, D.     361 Dye's] Dye's Q1–2, F, D.     364 Balcone] Balcone Q1–2, F, D.     364 lift] Q1, F, D; lift up Q2.     366 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     368 Nymph] Nymph Q1–2, F, D.     371 Monsieurs] Monsieurs Q1–2, F; Monsieur's D.     377 Sultana's] Sultana's Q1–2, F, D.     378 Sultana] Sultana Q1–2, F, D.     387 Historian!] Q1, F, D; ~? Q2.     398 [Noise.] (~‸) Q1–2; [~‸] F; [~.] D (indented in front of "Trick." in next line in all texts).     399 Heav'ns!] Q1, F, D; ~, Q2.     402–403 moment:] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2.     412 English-man.] Q1–2, D; ~, F.     416 back] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     416 Dear!] Q1, F, D; ~? Q2.     418–419 Pug, … says;] Q1–2, F; ~; … ~, D.     423 sleep!] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2.     432 Lampoon] D; Lampoon Q1–2, F.     437 Wood.] Q1–2, D; ~‸ F.      437 Taking the Box] D (Box.); taking the Box Q1–2, F.     449 Seignior] Q1–2, D; Seignior pg 572F.     453 Wood.] Q2, D; Wood. Q1, F.     453 Seignioro] Q1, F, D; Seigniora Q2.     458 Seignior] Q1–2, D; Seignior F.     458 these:] Q1–2, F; ~ D (first setting); ~, D (second setting).     459 Seignior?] F; Seignior? Q1–2, D (~! D [second setting]).     460, 463 Wood.] D; Wood. Q1–2, F.     463 up] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     463 poco, troppo co] Q1–2, F; ~, ~ poco D.     467 assez.] Q1–2, D; ~‸ F.     468 Wood.] D; Wood. Q1–2, F.     469 her] ~. Q1–2, F, D.     471 him] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     473 Wood.] D; Wood. Q1–2, F.     475 Guineys] Q1–2, D; Guinea's F.     477 Fop!] Q1–2, F; ~: D.     486 Then … for] Then … for Q1–2, F, D.     488 Wood.] D; Wood. Q1–2, F.     488 Jo] Q1i, F, D; Je Q2.     492 Seignior] Seignior Q1–2, F, D.     496+ s.d. Limberham,] Q1–2, F; Limberham and D.     497 Limberhamo] Q1, F, D; Limberbamo Q2.     498 The] the Q1–2, F, D.     501–502 Campaign] Q1–2, D; Champaign F.

II, i

ACT] Q2, F, D; ~. Q1.     s.d. Woodall,] Q1–2, F; Woodall and D.     1 Wood.] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     4 Mounsieur] F; Mounsieur Q1–2, D.     6–7 Maremaids] D; Maremaids Q1–2, F.     8 Dooms-day] F, D; Dooms-day Q1–2.     22 Crimp] D; Crimp Q1–2, F.     32 hear] Q1, F, D; here Q2.     35 damnably] Q1, F, D; damnable Q2.     36 warn] Q1–2, F, D (first setting); warm D (second setting).     41, 47, 56 Aside] Q1–2; F, D.     66 Rogue.———Believe] ~, believe Q1–2, F, D (~; D).     70 Aside] Q2; ~. Q1, F, D.     76 The Maids Tragedy] the Maids Tragedy Q1–2, F, D.     77 s.d. Wood.] Q1–2, F; Woodall and D.      78 this] Q2, F, D; Q1.     104 Gentlewoman] Q1–2, F; Gentlewomen D.      108 Dog and Bitch-Yard] F; Dog and Bitch yard Q1–2; Dog and Bitch-yard D.     118 Baudy-house!] Q1–2, F; ~. D.     123 Limberham?] ~! Q1–2, F, D.     125 Crying] crying. Q1, F; crying‸ Q2; Crying. D.     133 Pope] Pope Q1–2, F, D.     158 Son.] Q1–2, F; ~: D.     167 Pug!] Pug! Q1–2, F, D (~. D [second setting]).     168 Limberham?] Q2, F, D; ~. Q1.     171 you.] Q1–2, F; ~, D.      173 Christian?] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     175 in] the n did not print in some copies of Q1.     177 me?] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     183 question!] Q1–2, F, D (first setting); ~. D (second setting).     185 Trick.] Q2, F, D; ~‸ Q1.     185 matter] Q1, F, D; mater Q2.     185 place.] Q1–2, F; ~, D.     187 sha' not] Q1–2, F; sha'nt D.     187 Limberham?] Q1–2, D; ~! F.     191 hundred.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     193 so, it] Q1–2, F, D (second setting); ~. ~ D (first setting).     195 Kissing him] D; kissing him. Q1–2, F.     199–200 Supper. … aside]~‸ … ~. Q1–2, F, D.     200 Woodall … you.———] Q1–2, F; Woodhall … ~———D.     204 Aldo,] F; ~. Q1–2; Aldo and D.     204 Limb.] F, D; ~.] Q1–2.     206 me!] Q1; ~. Q2, F, D.     213 Sinecure.] Sine cure. Q1–2, F, D (cure‸ F, D).     216 Sir?] Q1, D; ~; Q2; ~, F.     237 Then, for her wit———] Q2 omits.     237 wit———] D; ~.——— Q1, F.     243–245 as a … Gates] romans and italics reversed in Q1–2, F, D.     246 e're] Q1–2, F; e'er D.      249 hands] Q1–2, F; Hand D.     254 strongest.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     257 Arms.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D. 267 not be] pg 573Q1–2, D; be not F.     275 you make] Q1–2, F; make you D.     282 Heav'n] Q1–2, F; Heav'ns D.     284 Then] Then Q1–2, F, D.     290 Heav'n] Q1–2, F, D (first setting); Heaven's D (second setting).     305–306 feel.——— … here.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— … ~——— D.     308 Pug,] Q1, F, D; ~! Q2.     309 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.      311 what the Devil's] what's the Devil Q1–2, F, D.     313 Trick.] period did not print in some copies of Q1.     313 Aloud] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     316–317 it. (Aside) The] it: the Q1–2; it. The F, D.     319 it] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     323 Son.] Q1–2, D; ~, F.     325 too.] period failed to print in some copies of Q2.     327 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     327+ s.d. and Gervase] Q2, F, D; and Gervase Q1.     329 her:] Q1–2, F; ~. D.      351 Latin] D; Latin Q1–2, F.     355 Chest] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     361 this.] Q1, D; ~, Q2, F.     366 has] Q1–2, D; hath F.     363 Businesses within] Q1–2, F, D (first setting); Business within D (second setting).     381 compos'd.] Q1–2, F; ~, D.     382 Trick.] Q1–2, F; ~‸ D.      382 Aside] Q1–2; F, D.     383+ s.d. Ex.] Q1–2, F; Exit D (first setting); Exe. D (second setting).     394 Shrieking] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     407 sake:] Q1–2, F; ~. D.     408 Thief] Thief, stop Thief, stop Thief] Q1–2, F; Stop Thief, stop Thief D.     416 Aside, entring] Entring Q1–2, F, D (~. F, D).     413 Limb. (Entring)] Enter Limb. Q1–2, F, D.     414 down] Q1–2; F, D.     414 Stop Thief, stop Thief, stop Thief] Q1–2, F; Stop Thief, stop Thief D.     416 Rising] Q1–2; F, D.     425 Balcone] Balcone Q1–2, F, D.     428 open'd it] Q1–2, F; open'd D.     429 comfort!———] Q1–2, F, D (first setting); ~——— D (second setting).     429 Seignioro] Q1—2, D; Seignior a F.     429 here?] ~! Q1–2, F, D.     433 Franca.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     444–445 like.——— (Aside to him) You'll … quarrel.] like: (you'll … quarrel.) Q1–2, F, D.

III, i

ACT] Q2, F, D; ~. Q1.     10 to both] Q1—2, F; both D.     34 Swan] F; Swan Q1—2, D.     37 Simagres] Simagres Q1—2, F, D.     59 you Privateer] Q1—2, D; your Privateer F.     60 Argiers] F; Argier's Q1—2, D.     61 Streights Mouth] Streights Mouth Q1–2, F, D.     68 Aside] Q1; ~. Q2, F, D.     88 too!] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     89 Gallant ———] ~, Q1, D; ~. Q2, F.     93 Art;] D; ~, Q1–2, F.     97 Prophecy] Q1–2, D; Prophesie F.     101 Brain.] Q2, F, D; ~‸ Q1.     103 Away … Study,] … ~‸ Q1–2, F, D.     104 Madrigals] Madrigals Q1–2, F, D.     106 yours:] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2.     111 Larum] D; Larm Q1–2, F.     116 immediately.] Q1, F, D; ~: Q2.     121 Nymph] Nymph Q1–2, F, D.     154 Man———] ~, Q1; ~. Q2, F, D.     162 watch,] Q1–2, D; ~‸ F.     162 Judith.] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     162 Exit] F, D; ~. Q1–2.     169 Horns!] Q1, F, D; ~? Q2.     179 Plebeian] Plebeian Q1–2, F, D.     181 as the] Q1, F, D; as Q2.     184 'nown] D; 'none Q1–2, F.     187 nauseate] F, D; nauseat Q1–2.     196 Pallas] F, D; Pallas Q1–2.     197 a-cross] Q1, F, D; a cross Q2.     201 go. [Aside.] go. Q1–2, F, D.     202 Hark,] Q1–2, D; ~‸ F.     203 Aside] ~. Q1–2, F, D.     205 [Woodall sneezes.] F; (~~.) Q1–2, D.     207 Holding him]pg 574holding him. Q1–2, F, D.     208 'nown] D;'none Q1–2, F.     209 (Aside) What] What Q1–2, F, D.     213, 214 Within] within. Q1–2, F, D.     215 Aside] aside. Q1; Aside. Q2, F, D.     216 Who-e're] Q1, F, D; Who e're Q2.     217 bares] Q1–2, D; bears F.      220 Aside] aside. Q1–2; Aside. F, D.     229 I?] ~! Q1–2, F, D.     232 Kneeling] kneeling. Q1–2, F, D.     232 outragious] F, D; out-ragious Q1–2.     233–234 Whispers] Q1–2, F, D.      236 (Whispers) Let] Let Q1–2, F, D.      238 Mistress.] Q2, F; ~‸ Q1, D.     238 [Laughs.] F; (~.) Q1–2, D.     243 what,] D; Q1–2, F.     247 Friends] Q1–2, F; Friend's D.     251 Mrs.] Q2, F, D; Q1.     251 Aside] aside. Q1–2, D; Aside. F.     255 'em?] Q1–2, F, D.     262 (Aside) He … him. ] He … him. Q1–2, F, D.     267 Judith?] Q1–2, D; F.     268 is a] Q1–2, D; is F.     282 her a] Q1, F, D; her the Q2.      282 Key] Q1–2; F, D. 284 Almanack] Almanack Q1–2, F, D.     288 Mounsieur] Mounsieur Q1–2, F, D.     293 Opera] Opera Q1–2, F, D.     294 rose] rise Q1–2, F, D.     302 Messieurs] Messeurs Q1–2; Messieurs F, D.     305 Wood.] Wood. Q1–2, F, D.     306 Cadence] Cadence Q1–2, F, D.     318 Phillis] Q1–2, F; Phyllis D.     319 Phillis?] Q1–2, F; ~! D.     322 [Sings.] F; (~.) Q1–2; [~.] D (and similarly through l. 328).      327 Cloris] Q1–2, F; Chloris D.     328 him] ~. Q1–2, F, D.     331 My Phillis——— [Sings.] (Sings). My Phillis——— Q1–2; [Sings.] My Phillis.——— F, D.     337 than] Q1, F, D; then Q2.     343 your] Q1–2, D; you F.     352 Aside] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2.     352 Woodall] Woodall Q1–2, F, D (~. F).     356–357 insupportable] Q2, F, D; insupporttable Q1.     362 Much] Much Q1–2, F, D.     362 word.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     363 Brain, to] F, D; Brain to Q1–2.     364 him.———] Q1–2; ~——— F, D.     370 Madrigal] Madrigal Q1–2, F, D.     371+ s.d. each with a Note.] with a Note for each. Q1–2, F, D.     372 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     375 of your] Q1–2, D; your F.     376 orange] Orange Q1–2, F, D.     377–378 scent.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     384 one] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     387 'em.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     388 Billet] F; Billet Q1–2, D.      388 doux! [Aside.] doux! Q1–2, F, D.     389 Brain.] Q1–2, F; D.     390 Note. [Aside.] Note. Q1–2, F, D.     395 (Reads) For Mr. Woodall.] For Mr. Woodall. Q1–2, F, D.     399 ruin'd! [Aside.] ruin'd! Q1–2, F, D.     400 (Aside) Oh, my misfortune!———] Oh, my misfortune! Q1–2, F, D.     402 (Aside) It] It Q1–2, F, D.     402 certain.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     405 confess? [Aside.] confess? Q1–2, F, D.     410 off! [Aside.] off! Q1–2, F, D.     411–412 Lim. (Aside) … Pug's.———] Lim. … Pug's——— (Aside) Q1–2, F, D (Aside. F, D).     412 again.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     416 Aido?] Q1–2, F; ~. D.     417, 424 it?] ~! Q1–2, F, D.     432 Woodall] F, D; Woodall Q1–2.     435 from] Q1, F, D; form Q2.     440 times.] Q1, F, D; ~, Q2.     442–443 himself] Q1–2, F, D.     443–444 Away … slip] F (Away,); in romans in Q1–2, D (Away, Q1, D).     444–446 (Aside) The … Tricksy.———] (The … Tricksy.) Q1–2, F, D (Tricksy‸ Q2).     446–447 (To Aldo aside) Father] Father Q1–2, F, D.     450 Chamber-full] Q1–2, D; Chamber full F.     451 Afternoon] Q1, F, D; after noon Q2.     452+ s.d. Limber.] Q1–2, F; Limb, and D.     455 (Aside) Meaning] Meaning     Q1–2, F, D.     455 me.— ——] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.

pg 575III, ii

S.d. Mrs.] Q1–2, F; Enter Mrs. D.     1 Mrs.] F; Mrs. Q1–2, D.     1 taken,] Q1–2, D; ~‸ F.     5 coming.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     5 me!] Q1, F, D; ~? Q2.     8 lie] Q1–2, F; lye D.     13 let us] Q1–2, D; let's F.     14 then.] Q1, F, D; ~, Q2.     16 Comedians] Comedians Q1–2, F, D.     21–22 (Kisses … Bed.)] [~ … ~. Q1–2, F; [~ … ~.] D.     30 him.] F; ~‸ Q1–2, D.     33 you.———] Q1–2; ~. F; ~——— D.     37 Within] ~. Q1–2, F, D.      43 lies] Q1–2, F; lyes D.     50 Beldam] Beldam Q1–2, F, D.      58 Satan] F, D; Satan Q1–2.     76 farther] Q1–2, D; further F.     79 quops] Q1, F, D; quobs Q2.     81 Seraglio] Seraglio Q1–2, F, D.     90 man] Q1, F, D; nan Q2.     95 scape] Q1–2, D; 'scape F.     95 by accusing] Q1–2, F; accusing D.     102 Trick.] Q1–2; Trick. and F, D.     109 said.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     109 Aside] ~. Q1–2, F, D.     111 Meditation.———] ~ Q1–2, F, D.

IV, i

ACT] Q2, F, D; ~. Q1.     s.d. Aldo,] Q1–2, F; Aldo and D.     1 outlying] hyphen failed to print in some copies of Q1.     2 e're] Q1–2, F; e'er D.     3 provided?] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     5 Manto's] D; Manto's Q1–2, F.     10 Stock?] ~! Q1–2, F, D.     40 o' this] Q1–2, D; at this F.     42 Manto] D; Manto Q1–2, F.     45 Singing] D; Singing Q1–2, F.     49 Sundays] D; Sundays Q1–2, F.     52 Daughter] F, D; ~, Q1–2.     60 a going] Q1, D; going Q2, F.     64 Justacorps] Justacorps Q1–2, F, D.     67 who] Q1–2, D; that F.     72 Termagant!] Q1, F, D; ~; Q2.     74 Term.] Q1–2, D; ~, F.      76 Cullies] Cullies Q1–2, F, D.     82 Zoundsing] Zoundzing Q1, F, D; Zounding Q2.     89 quops] Q1, F, D; quobs Q2.     92 Father———] Q1, F, D; ~.——— Q2.     95 Geoffery] D; Geoffrey Q1–2; Geoffry F.     101 Geoffery] Geoffrey Q1–2, F, D.     103 here?] ~! Q1–2, F, D.     107 Cully] Cully Q1–2, F, D.     110 known] Q2, F, D; know Q1.     114 it do] do Q1–2, F, D.     115 Cully] Cully Q1–2, F, D.     121–122 Boxes … Pit] F; Boxes … Pit Q1–2, D.     123 Vizor-Mask] Vizor-Mask Q1–2, F, D.      127 Nightingales] Nightingales Q1–2, F, D.     131 Genius] Genius Q1–2, F, D.     139 Persepolis] F; Persepolis Q1–2, D.     143 Suburbians] Suburbians Q1–2, F, D.     149 Gascoins] Gascoins Q1–2, F, D.     153 will, I] comma printed as period in some copies of Q1.     163 Exit] D; ~. Q1–2, F.      165 Sirrah?] ~! Q1–2, F, D.     170 Memento] Memento Q1–2, F, D.     183 the] the Q1–2, F, D.     193 night.] Q1–2, D; ~‸ F.     196 Or] Or Q1–2, F, D.     197 Uds Niggers] Uds Niggers Q1–2, F, D.     206 Clary] Clary Q1–2, F, D.     207 what, an] Q1–2, F; ~‸~ D.     210 Verily] Verily Q1–2, F, D.     216 Ombre] Ombre Q1–2, F, D.     219 Aside] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     223 be. [Aside.] be. Q1–2, F, D.     228+ s.d. [Aside.] omitted by Q12, F, D.     232 methinks,] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     236 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     256 upon] Q1–2, F; upon a D.      275 Honour] Honour Q1–2, F, D.     282 at] Q1–2; at a F, D.     286 Belswagger] Belswagger Q1–2, F, D.     291 cheap.] Q2; ~? Q1, F, D.     295 Visit.] Q2, F, D; ~‸ Q1.      311 Brainsick!] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2.     317 Within] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2.     323 Tan-pg 576taliz'd! [Goes in.] Q1–2, D (Tantaliz'd?); tantaliz'd? F.     348+ s.d. to the] Q1–2, F; to D.      351 Spoil all] Spoil all Q1–2, F, D.     353 aside] Q1, D; ~. Q2, F.     361 lie] Q1, F; lye Q2, D.     364 off. [Aside.] off. Q1–2, F, D.     365 Sultan] Sultan Q1–2, F, D.     366 Mogol] Mogol Q1–2, F, D.     378 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     379 in] Q1, F, D; of Q2.     380, 390 'nown] n'one Q1–2, F; n'own D.     393 Vol] Vol Q1–2, F, D.     402 Termagant] Termagant Q1–2, F, D.     403+ s.d. Exeunt] Q2, F, D; ~. Q1.     404 mischief!] Q1, F, D; ~? Q2.     406 up] iu in some copies of Q1.     408 speak] D; ~, Q1–2, F.     418–419 nothing] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2.     423 man's] Q1–2, D; man is F.     425 they can] Q1, F, D; can they Q2.     430 so.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     433 e're] Q1–2, F; e'er D.     437 Creature?] Q2; ~! Q1, F, D.     441 (Aside) Love] Love Q1–2, F, D.     443 place.———] Q1–2; ~——— F, D.     443 him] Q2; Q1, F, D.     456 unkindness] Q2, F, D; nnkindness Q1.     456+ s.d. [They] Q2, F, D; ‸~ Q1.

IV, ii

10 Tout] Q1, F, D; Tour Q2.     14 Sleep no more; Tricksy has murder'd Sleep] Sleep no more; Tricksy has murder'd Sleep Q1–2, F, D.     21 taken a] Q1–2, F; taken D.     21 preservation.———] Q1; ~——— Q2, F, D.     34 jealous?] ~. Q1–2, F, D.     49, 52 Aside] Q1–2; F, D.     55 Trick.] Q2, F, D; ~‸ Q1.     55 Neck] Q1–2; F, D.     58 again] Q1–2; F, D.     61 Aside] Q2, F, D (~. F, D); Aside Q1.     86 worth] Q1–2, D; worthy F.     87–88 little.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     88 (Aside) This] This Q1–2, F, D.     90 careless.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     99 it] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     106 alive?] ~! Q1–2, F, D.     113, 138 a-bed] Q1–2, D; a Bed F.

V, i

ACT] Q2, F, D; ~. Q1.      s.d. Woodall,] Q1–2, F; Woodall and D.     14 Gown———] D; ~.——— Q1–2, F.     23 Mistress] Q1–2, F; Mrs. D.     29–30 Speak … done?] romans in Q1–2, F, D (speak bis Q1–2, F).     31 Long ago, long ago] romans in Q1–2, F, D.     41 Husband] Q2, F, D; Husbaud Q1.     55 (Goes] Q2; )~ Q1; [~ F, D.     65 in] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     69 Noise] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     90 unconscionably] Q1, F, D; unconscionable Q2.     92 Garantee] Gallantee Q1; Garantee Q2, F, D.     100 Aside] Q1–2, D; ~ F.      127 Ambergrise] Ambergrise Q1–2, F, D.     133–134 (Aside) Poor … him!———] Poor … him! Q1–2, F, D.     140 Gladiator] Gladiator Q1–2, F, D.     141 Lim.] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     141 tone] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     141 Of a Roman Gladiator] Of a Roman Gladiator Q1–2, F, D.     147 Sabre] Sabre Q1–2, F, D.     157 favour.———] Q1, F, D; ~——— Q2.     166 Brain.] F, D; Wood. Q1–2.     174 e're] Q1–2, F; e'er D.     180 Entring] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     190 famous.] Q1, F; ~‸ Q2; ~. D.     201–202 you, … for't?] ~? … ~. Q1–2, F; ~? – ~? D.     210 in a] Q1–2, F; in D.      211 Doe] Doe Q1–2, F, D.     211 e're] Q1–2; e'er F, D.     218 e're] Q1–2, F; e'er D.     223 Trick.] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     230–231 contemptible. Were] Q1, F, D; ~, Where Q2. pg 577235–236 unconcern'd] Q2; ~. Q1; ~, F, D.     239 confident.] Q1–2, F; ~, D.     245 been here] Q1, F, D; been Q2.     250 Aside] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     251 her] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     253 Aside] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     261 of the] Q1, F, D; the Q2.     264 some-body] Q1, F, D; some Body Q2.     267 Cavalier] Cavalier Q1–2, F, D.     268 him] Q1, F, D; me Q2.     270–271 ———Now … well. [Aside.] (Now … well.) Q1–2, F, D.     275 of … him] Q1–2, D; of a … F.     278 Aside] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     281 dear,] Q1–2, D; ~‸ F.     329 to] to Q1–2, F, D.     329 he] Q1–2, F; he he D.     331 hainously] ~; Q1–2, F, D.     333 Aside] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     354 Aside] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     365 i'faith?] ~! Q1–2, F, D.     372 to] F; to Q1–2, D.     377 Flagelet] Flagelet Q1–2, F, D.     380 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     400 Box] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     405 pound] Q1–2, D; pounds F.     418 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     429 Lim. Trick.] Q2, F; Lim. Trick. Q1; Limb, and Trick. D.     440+ s.d. Giles,] Q1–2, F; ~. D.     441 Gentlemen.] Q1–2, F; ~, D.     446 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     456 (Aside) Before] Before Q1–2, F, D.     460 Aside] Q1–2, D; ~. F.     465 (Aside) Oh] Oh Q1–2, F, D.     468 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     468 Squib's] Q1, F, D; Squibs Q2.     470 (Aside) I] I Q1–2, F, D.     471 credit.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     472 know.] Q1–2, F; know you, D.     474 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     481 Catechise] Q1–2, F; Catechism D.     503 Hold,] Q2, F, D; ~‸ Q1.     507 Aldo] Q1, F; ~. Q2, D.     507 to him] F, D; to Him Q1; to him Q2.     509 Pylades] Pilades Q1–2, F, D.     518 that:] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     521 M.] Q1, F; Mr. Q2; Mrs. D.     538 shalt] Q1–2, F; shall D.     550 Reason] F, D; Reason Q1–2.     550 e're] Q1–2, F; e'er D.     553 least] the l failed to print in some copies of Q1.     554 Bra.] Q1–2, F; Brain D.     554 to] F, D; to Q1–2.     561 Landlord] D; Landlord Q1–2, F.     568 House,] Q1–2, D; House, a F.     571 Woodall.———] Q1–2, F; ~——— D.     572 The] Q1–2, F; This D.     589 Gentleman.] Q1, F, D; ~: Q2.     601 Bridegroom] Bridegroom Q1–2, F, D.     606 Aside] Q1–2; ~. F, D.     607 Bel … Dragon] Bell … Dragon Q1–2, F, D.


1 e're] Q1–2, F; e'er D.     5 Well] Q1–2, F; We'll D.     6 But] Q1–2, D; Bet F.     12 Dear-bought] Q1–2, D; dear bought F.     13 Woodalls] Q1–2, F; Woodall's D.     16 good.] Q1–2, D; ~, F.     17 Fathers] Q1–2, F; Father's D.     19 Lord] Q1, D; ~, Q2; ~! F.

The Spanish Fryar

The first edition of The Spanish Fryar or, The Double Discovery was published in 1681 (Q1, Macd 86a). Two settings of the title page are known, the rarer and possibly the first having the subtitle in romans instead of black letter. The second edition is dated 1686 (Q2, Macd 86b), the third, 1690 (Q3, Macd 86c), and a fourth, 1695 (Q4, Macd 86d). An edition of 1704, calling itself the second (Macd 86e), is not noticed in the apparatus. The play was pg 578also reprinted in Dryden's Comedies, Tragedies, and Operas (1701), II, 257–308 (F; Macd 107ai–ii [two issues, the differences not affecting this play]), and in Congreve's edition of Dryden's Dramatick Works (1717), V, 123–221 (D; Macd 109ai–ii [two issues, the differences not affecting this play]). The song in Act V, with a musical setting, appears on fol. 20v; of a folio music manuscript that belonged to Charles Campelman (dated in his hand "June ye 9 1681," with the notation below in another hand, "God giue him grace 1682"); the song is in Campelman's hand (M; British Library Add. MS 19,759). The song was also published in the second edition of Female Poems … by Ephelia (1682), pp. 116–118 (O1; Macd p. 123 n. 4), where it is titled "The Farewel to Ingratitude" and has an extra stanza (the second) as follows:

  • O Love, thou art a Treasure,
  •    Would Constancy remain;
  • But for one hour of pleasure
  •    We find an age of pain.
  • How eager is the Lover,
  • Poor Women may discover,
  •    The Vows of Men are vain.
  • Poor Women, &c.

Presumably this stanza is not by Dryden.

The song was also printed in Wit and Drollery (1682), pp. 305–306 (O2; Wing W3133), where it is titled "The Farewell," and in John Shirley's The Compleat Courtier (1683), pp. 139–140 (Ds; Wing S3503), where it is titled "Song." It appeared also, with seven additional stanzas, in a broadside, Olimpya's Unfortunate Love. Or Gallius his Treacherous Cruelty, about 1693–1695 (B; Wing O289). The additional stanzas, presumably not by Dryden, may be found in The Roxburghe Ballads, VI (1889), 22.

In British Library Add. MS 35,043, fols. 26v–27r, is "A New Song Sung in the Spanish Fryer Set by Mr Henry Purcell." Purcell's autograph, in the Guildhall Library, London, Gresham College MS, fols. 67v–68v, has the title "On Mrs Bracegirdle Singing (I Burn &c) in ye play of Don Quixote." It was printed in Deliciae Musicae (1695), pp. 27–28, in Orpheus Britannicus (1698), pp. 4–8, and in two broadsides of about 1696, one engraved by T. Cross (Wing D2318B), one engraved for I. [i.e., John] Walsh (Wing D2319). A setting by Godfrey Finger appeared in Thesaurus Musicus (1695), p. 5. The text in Orpheus Britannicus is as follows:

  • Whilst I with grief did on you look,
  •    When Love had turn'd your Brain,
  • From you, I the contagion took,
  •    And for you bore [MSS: bear] the pain:
  • Marcella, then your Lover prize,
  •    And be not too severe;
  • Use well the conquest of your Eyes,
  •    For Pride has cost you dear.
  • Ambrosio treates your Flames with scorn,
  •    And racks your tender mind,
  • pg 579Withdraw your Smiles, and Frowns return,
  •    And pay him in his kind.

The Clark Library has A Song in the Spanish Frier set by Mṛ John Eccles—Sung by TEXTUAL NOTES Hodgson and exactly engrav'd by Tho: Cross, a broadside dating from the 1690s, with the following text (repetitions deleted):

  • Sylvia how cou'd you e're mistrust
  •    a Passion so sincerely true
  • Why wou'd you be to me unjust
  •    for fear I shou'd be so to you
  • Such fears will teach us to despise
  •    your pow'r which else wou'd fatal prove.
  • oh! trust to the brightness of her Eyes
  •    and yeild to the soft God of Love.

These words are presumably not by Dryden either.

Q2, F, and D were all set from copies of Q1, Q3 was set from a copy of Q2, Q4 from a copy of Q3. Three passages were omitted from Q2, one reflecting on the Catholic religion (Prologue, ll. 12–13 [p. 105 above]), one denouncing a council that no honest man will serve and "A Government that… lives on Tricks" (IV, ii, 15–19 [p. 167 above]) and one denouncing "those who dote on Arbitrary Power" (IV, ii, 311–319 [pp. 176–177 above]). Presumably the licenser, whose office had just been revived, demanded the omissions, or the publisher made them to obviate possible objections by the licenser. Dryden as a new Catholic might have been willing to rescind his attack on his religion, but he would presumably have done more than excise the third passage, since the excision upsets the grammar of the following lines. The three passages were restored in Q3 and five more were added, two concerning Friar Dominic (after "Pimp" and after "once" in II, iii, 4 [p. 132 above]), one reflecting on churchmen (after "silence" in III, ii, 29 [p. 142 above]), one concerning the weakness of the loyal party in the play (after III, iii, 23 [p. 149 above]), and one suggesting that "Courtiers are to be accounted good" unless they are "the last and worst of men" (after IV, ii, 21 [p. 167 above]). The restored passages and the five additions presumably derive from Dryden's holograph before he had completed his revisions for Q1. The author of The Hind and the Panther is unlikely to have restored a passage indicating that "Rome's Religion" was completely different from "St. Peter's days" (Prologue, ll. 12–13). The first two additions anticipate Elvira's last speech in the play (p. 199 above), which like the first addition includes the words "The Church is an indulgent Mother," and the sentence in which the second addition occurs reads more smoothly with the insertion than without. The addition concerning churchmen gives Lorenzo a very long speech, quite off the subject that ought to be most on his mind. He apologizes for it almost at once, an apology that is less motivated in Q1, since his speech there consists only of a necessary reply to a remark by Elvira. The addition concerning the weakness of the loyal party is illogical, because at this point in the play there is no loyal party or any known prince around whom such a party could rally. The palliation of courtiers' faults does not fit in the mouth of one of the loyal party when the party begins to form. Dryden never did straighten out his history of the loyal party, whose leader is Raymond. When pg 580Raymond first appears, he says he had expected to find the rightful king on the throne when he returned to his country after many years, yet later in the same scene (in the second passage omitted from Q2), he indicates that the usurping government is scorned abroad, and still later he shows Torrismond a document the king gave him during a rebellion, directing him to raise the king's only surviving son in secret, to revenge his father at a later time.

Less compelling evidence that Dryden did not revise Q2 or Q3 is the fact that both follow Q1 in printing passages of prose as verse.

Since Q1 appears to reflect Dryden's last revision of the play, the Clark copy of Q1 (*PR3418.H1) has been chosen as the copy text for the present edition, emended as shown in the footnotes, and with the use of romans and italics reversed in the dedication. Because the restored and added passages in Q3 appear to trace back to a state of the play antedating Q1, readers will wish to consider whether the other readings first printed in Q3 have or had authority.

  • Two states of inner H of Q2 have been identified:
  • Uncorrected: Clark (cop. 2)
  • Corrected: Clark (cop. 1), Harvard

Sig. H1v

  • IV, ii, 10 within] with
  •          14 Throne.]
  •          41 Rights] Rites

Sig. H2

  • IV, ii, 51 discontent] discontents

The following copies of the various editions have also been examined: Q1: Texas (Aj.D848.681s [subtitle in romans]; Aj.D848.681sa; Wj.D848.681sa), Huntington (D2388), Harvard (EC65.D8474.681sa); Q2: Clark (*PR3418. H1.1686 [2 cop.]), Harvard (*EC65.D8474.681sb); Q3: Clark (*PR34i8.H1. 1690 [2 cop.], *PR3412.1679, v. 2); Q4: Clark (*PR3418.H1.1695 [2 cop.], *PR341o.C99, v. 2); F: Clark (*fPR3412.17o1 [2 cop.], *PR3412.1701a); D: Clark (*PR3412.1717, v. 5 [2 cop.], PR3412.1717a, v. 5); O: Huntington (57926).

Dedication: 99:5 Idea's that] Idea's that Q1–4, F, D.     100:17 suppos'd] D; ~, Q1–4, F.     100:23 English, and] D; English, and Q1–4, F.     100:28 perhaps] Q1–3, F, D; ~, Q4.     100:30 own] Q1–3, D; ~, Q4, F.     100:30 cry] Q2–4, D; ~, Q1, F.     100:33 knew] Q1–4, D; know F.     100:34 writ] Q1–4, F; wrote D.     101:2 Dalilahs] Q1–4, F; Dalilah's D.     101:11 written] Q1, Q4, F, D; writen Q2–3.     101:12 Colosso,] Q1–4, D; ~. F.     101:18 to] Q1, F, D; of Q2–4.     101:23 Winter's] Q1–2, F, D; Winters Q3–4.     101:26 bald-pate] Q1, Q4, F; bald pate Q2–3, D.     102:34 take.] Q1–2, F, D; ~: Q3–4.     102:37 these] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; those Q2.     103:4 will] Q1, F, D; wit Q2; Wit will Q3–4.     103:8 my own] Q1–4, F; my D.     103:13 mirth.] Q1–2, F, D; ~; Q3–4.     103:16 'em] Q1, F, D; them Q2–4.     103:32 so I do] Q1, Q4, F, D; so I doe Q2, Q3.     103:36 deceive] Q1–4, F; deceives D.

Prologue: 4 Kings] D; ~, Q1–4., F.     4 Treats.] ~‸ Q1–4, F, D.     12–13 omitted from Q2.     19 tyr'd] Q1–4, F; try'd D.     36 Strait] pg 581Q1–2, F, D; Streghit Q3; Streight Q4.     39 out-of-fashion wit:] D; out of fashion wit' Q1; out of fassion wit, Q2, F (fashion F); out of fashion, wit Q3–4.     44 Trade.] Q1–2, F, D; ~, Q3–4.     45 advance,] ~? Q1–4, F, D.     46 France?] Q1–4, F, D.     47 Rats-bane] D; Rats-bane Q1–4, F.     48 Plot] D; Plot Q1–4, F.

Dramatis Personæ: D arranges the characters under "MEN." and "WOMEN." and puts periods instead of commas after all characters, except that it leaves the comma after "Arragon"; it puts commas instead of periods after "Mr. Betterton" and "Gillow."     11 Spanish] D; Spanish Q1–4, F.

I, i

1 Pedro.] Q4, F, D (Ped. D); ~, Q1–3 (and similarly whenever names appear in full in speech tags, or in "To Pedro," etc., at the beginning of a line, except as noted below).     11 O,] Q1–4, F; ~! D.     12 late!] Q1–4, F; ~: D.     13 prayers:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     19 Heav'n:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     20 Th'] Q1–2, F, D; The Q3–4.     32 Edge:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     40 After this line D has "Ped. That's young Lorenzo's Duty." as the last line on p. 136 (sig. F8v); it should be the first line on p. 140 (sig. F1ov); see I, i, 140 below.     41+ s.d. Enter] F; [~ (s.d. right-justified) Q1–4, D (and similarly through II, i, except that D agrees with F hereafter and Q3–4 agree with F and D starting with I, i, 292+ s.d.; long entrance directions have braces instead of brackets. Occasional exceptions to the rule are noted as they occur).     43 To] F, D; To Q1–4.     46 from the] Q1–4, D; from this F.     51 Heav'n] Q1–4, F; Heaven D.     57 mid-breach] Q1–2, F, D; mid-branch Q3–4.     58 Souldier's] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; Souldiers Q2.     62 Crowds,] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~. Q3.     84 Tow'r] Q1–2, F, D; Tower Q3–4.     101 Aside.] D; aside‸ Q1–2; aside‸ Q3; aside. Q4, F.     107+ s.d. Queen] Queen Q1–4, F, D.     109 Matrons] Q2–4; Matron's Q1, F, D.     110 Virgins] Q1–4; Virgin's F, D.     112 ye] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; yet Q2.     114 implore;] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3–4.     116 to] F; to Q1–4, D (and similarly throughout).     120 are we] F, D; Are we Q1–4.     130 it will] Q1–4, D; if it will F.     140 See note to l. 40 above.     143 (Aside.)] ‸~.‸ Q1–2; [~.‸ Q3–4, F, D.     143 Whisper] F; whisper Q1–4, D.     145 dissembling.] Q1–4, F; ~‸ D.     146, 152 To] F; To Q1–4, D.     154 I've] Q1, F, D; I have Q2–4.     154 s.d. Whisper] Q1–2, F, D; Whispers Q3–4.     156 giv'n] Q1–2, F, D; given Q3–4.     157 saiest] Q1–4; say'st F, D.     159 To] F; To Q1–4, D.     162 Lorenzo?] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     164 s.d. To] D; to Q1–4; to F.     177 s.d. other:] Q1–2, D; ~; Q3–4; ~. F.     181 Aside.] F, D; Aside‸ Q1–2; Aside‸ Q3–4.     186 Torrismond!] Q1–2, F, D; ~? Q3–4.     198 think] Q1–3, F, D; thing Q4.     204 Aside] Q4, D; aside Q1–3, F.     207 To … Land] F; romans and italics reversed in Q1–4, D.     211 World:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     213 you:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     217 heads.] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~, Q3.     220 borrow'd] Q2–4, F, D; borow'd Q1.     224 light:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     245 his] Q1, F, D; their Q2–4.     258 'twas] Q1, F, D; 'twere Q2–4.     262 results] Q1–4, F; Result D.     264 dead:] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2–4.     267 Rival] Q1–4, D; ~, F.     268 be] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; he Q2.     270 view'd?] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; ~; Q2.     272+ s.d. Exit Torrismond.] Q1–4, F; Exit. 582     274 s.d. Exit Bertran.] Q1–4, F; Exit. D.     280 of] Q1–4, F; of his D.     281 till] Q1–4, F; 'till D.     290 haste] Q1–4, D; hast F.     291 interest there,] Q1, F, D; interest, Q2–4.     292 Printed as two lines (/ But) in Q1–4, F, D.     292+ s.d. Exit Alphonso.] Q1–4, F; Exit. D.     292+ s.d. Enter Lorenzo.] indented like a speech in Q1–2.     294 Game.] period failed to print in Q4.     295 their] Q1–4, D; the F.     298 fooling?] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; ~: Q2.     300 Ocean.] Q1–2, F, D; ~, Q3–4.     301 s.d. Exit Pedro.] Q1–4, F; Exit. D.     301+ s.d. Lorenzo] D; [~ Q1–4, F.     306+ s.d. Enter Elvira veil'd] indented like a speech in Q1–2.     307–323 Elvira. … Lorenzo.] F temporarily joins Q1–3 in having comma after speech tags where names are given in full.     314 (Aside.)] Aside——— Q1–4, F; [Aside. D.     333 me:] Q1–4, D; ~. F.     334 Honour:] some copies of Q1 have period preceding colon.     336 Colonel,] D; ~? Q1–4, F.     337 Wars:] Q1–4, F; ~? D.     356 till] Q1–4, F; 'till D.     358 there are] Q1–4, D; there F.     375 To him.] [———to him. (on line above) Q1–4, F, D.     376 Exit Elvira, Duenna.] Exit Elvira. Q1–4, F; Exit. D.     377 unconscionable] Q2–4, F, D; unconcionable Q1.     378+ s.d. Enter Gomez.] F, D; (Enter Gomez.) (not on separate line) Q1–4.     381 To] F; To Q1–4, D.     391 if the times] Q3–4; the times Q1, F, D; the times if Q2.     402 Whereabouts] Q1–4, D; Whereabout F.     403 ———My] my Q1–4, F; ———my D.     405 Bawdy-house.] Q1, F, D; ~? Q2–4.     410 know.] Q1–4, F; ~; D.     418 To him. Go] Go (on line above) Q1–4, F, D.     440 Do, do,] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; Doe, doe, Q3.     442 Gomez;] Q1, F, D; ~? Q2–4.     442 but, ———] D; ~,‸ Q1–4, F.     443 dear] Q1, F, D; ~, Q2–4.     447 Alcaide,] F, D; ~‸ Q1–4.     452 me] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; we Q2.     453 Magistrate's] Q1, F, D; Magistrates Q2–4.     470 s.d. Exit Lorenzo.] Q1–3, F, D; omitted from Q4.     473 Jezebel] Jezabel Q1–4, F, D.     475 Incontinency:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     477 Heretick:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     478 by drachms … Nay,] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; Drachms … Nay, Nay, Q2.

II, i

II. SCENE I.] D; II. Q1–4, F.     s.d. Queen's] Queen's Q1–4, F, D.     s.d. SCENE, The] Q1–3, F, D; ~. ~ Q4.     s.d. Alphonso, Pedro.] F; Alphonso, Pedro. Q1–4, D.     12 And] Q1–4, F; But D.     14 'em:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     25 Sancho,] Q1–3, D; ~; Q4; ~. F.     34 greeting] Q1–4, F; greetings D.     34 be?] ~! Q1–4, F, D.     37 Retreat:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     39 again?] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     40 man?] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     42 her:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     51 Hunters:] Q1–2, F; ~; Q3–4; ~. D.     58 love!] Q1, F, D; ~; Q2–4.     60 Is] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; Is it Q2.     61–62 Not indented in Q1–4, F, D.

II, ii

SCENE II. / The] The Q1–4, F, D.     s.d. Queen] Queen Q1–4, F, D.     1 Qu.] Q4; Qu. Q1–3, F, D.     3 Sovereign Pow'r] Q1–4, F; Sov'reign Power D.     9+ s.d. Enter] here and hereafter entrances are centered in all texts, except as noted.     9+ s.d. Queen] Queen Q1–4, F, D.     11 Frontiers;] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     23 speak.] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~, Q3.     28 pg 583pardon.] Q1–4, F; ~; D.     34 Favour.] Q1, F; ~: Q2–4; D.     42 going?] Q1, F, D; ~; Q2–4.     43 Beauties] Q1, F; Beauteous Q2–4; Beauty's D.     45 Hellebore] Hellebore Q1–4, F, D.     54 points?] ~! Q1–4, F, D.     55 an] Q1–4, D; a F.     57 Woman's?] D; ~! Q1–4, F.     57 forward,] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     58 the] The (as if l. 57 were verse) Q1–4, F, D.     61 As in F; Q1–4 as if prose, with the last three speech tags in parentheses; D as two lines, with the second and third speech tags in parentheses.     64 feel?] ~! Q1–4, F, D.     77 retire.] ~‸ Q1–4, F, D.     77 Heavens] F; Heaven's Q1; Heav'ns Q2–4, D.     78 Aside] Q2–4, F, D; aside Q1.     79 To] To Q1–4, F, D.     80 Command.] Q1–2, F, D; ~, Q3–4.     85 Judge's] Q1, F, D; Judges Q2–4.     93 still?] ~! Q1–4, F, D.     93 it.] Q1–4, F; ~; D.     94 every] Q1–3, F, D; very Q4.     101 Wound!] Q1–2, F, D; ~, Q3–4.     104 Clay?] ~! Q1–4, F, D.     107 misplac'd] Q1–3, F, D; ~. Q4.     114 Aside] Q2–4, F, D; aside Q1.     125 pity'd?] ~! Q1–4, F, D.     126 Joy;] Q1–4; ~? F; ~: D.     129 bless'd.] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; ~? Q2.     130 What] Q1–3, F, D; ~, Q4.     130 Alms?] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2–4.     136 Fore-fathers] Q2–4; Fore-father's Q1, F, D.     139 Twenty'th] Q1–4, F; twentieth D.     140 thee!] ~? Q1–4, F, D.     145 forbid you] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~~. Q3.     147+ s.d. Exit Queen.] Q1–4, F; Exit. D.     153–154 Not indented in Q1–4, F, D.     154+ s.d. Exit Torrismond.] Q1–4, F; Exit. D.

II, iii

SCENE III. / SCENE] SCENE Q1–4, F, D.     4 Pimp?] Q1–2, F, D; Pimp? The Church, they say, is an indulgent Mother. Q3–4.     4 once:] Q1–2, F, D; once how indulgent she will be to a carnal Son of hers. Q3–4.     12 s.d. Exit Servant.] Q1–4, F; Exit. D.     22 Sorrow.] Q1–4, D; ~‸ F.     23+ s.d. On line below in Q1–2, D.     26 s.d. Drinks.] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; Q3.     27 It … it.] a line of verse in Q1–4, F, D.     28–29 unmannerly.] Q1, Q4, F, D; ~, Q2–3.     30–31 not.———(Aside.)] not:———Q1–4, F, D.     40 scap'd] Q1–4; 'scap'd F; escap'd D.     41 his Order] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; the Order Q2.     59 Scape] Q1–4, D; 'scape F.     60 till] Q1–4, F; 'till D.     65 Female,-mortal,-married-woman-Saint] Q1–2; Female-mortal-married-woman Saint Q3–4; Female, Mortal, married-woman-Saint F, D.     73 jealous?] Q1, F, D; ~; Q2–4.     81 do] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; doe Q3.     82 Churche's] Q1, F, D; Churches Q2–4.     82 Quarrel] Q2–4, F, D; Quarrrel Q1.     98 lives] Q1–2, F, D; she lives Q3–4.     101 (Aside.) Fifty] Fifty Q1–4, F, D.

II, iv

SCENE IV. / SCENE] SCENE Q1–4, F, D.     s.d. Gomez, Elvira.] F; Gomez, Elvira. Q1–4; Enter Gomez, and Elvira. D.     8 Elvira] ~, Q1–3; ~. Q4; Elv. F, D.     25 noon of] Q1–4, F; Noon D.     28 said?] Q1–3, F, D; ~! Q4.     44 him.] Q1–4, D; ~‸ F.     49 till] Q1–4, F; 'till D.     60 well.———] ~:‸ Q1–4, F, D.     60 at] Q1–4, F; at a D.     73 he's] Q1–3, F, D; he is Q4.     77–78 abominable.———Pray] abominable:———pray Q1–4, F, D (Pray D).     80 Souldier,] Q1–2, F; ~‸ pg 584Q3–4.     83 Aside] Q2–4, F; aside Q1, D.     84 must I] Q1–4, F; I must D.     86 Aside] Q2–4, F; aside Q1, D.     96 notwithstanding,] Q1–4, D; ~‸ F.     117 furthermore] Q1–3, F, D; farthermore Q4.     121 why,] Q1–4, D; ~‸ F.     127 Whispering still!] F; (Whispering still.) Q1–4, D.     128 I'm] Q1–2, F, D; I am Q3–4.     128 resolv'd.] F; ~: Q1–4, D.     128 Steales] D; steales Q1–4, F.     130 on't.——— / To Gom. What] on't.——— what Q1–4, F, D (on't; Q4; What D).     131 make] Q1–4, F; makes D.     131 off] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; of Q2.     135 then.] Q1–4, D; F.     138 fail] Q2; fails Q1, Q3–4, F, D.     145 till] Q1–4, F; 'till D.     51 Elvira] ~, Q1–3; ~. Q4; Elv. F, D.     151 rising.] Q3–4, F, D; ~, Q1–2.     160 Benediction:] Q1–4; ~. F, D.     161 ———(aside) that] ———that Q1–4, F, D.     163+ s.d. Fryar] D; Fryar Q1–4, F.     166–167 In italics in Q14, F, D.     167+ s.d. Exit Elvira.] Exit Elvira. Q1–4, F; Exit. D.

III, i

III. SCENE I.] D; III. Q1–4, F.     s.d. Fryars] Q1–2, F; Fryar's Q3–4, D.     3 Faith] Q1–4, F; 'faith D.     32 enter. [Exeunt.] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; enter. Q2.

III, ii

SCENE II. / Enter] Enter Q1–4, F, D.     2 Banquet:] Q1–4; ~! F; ~‸ D.     7 it] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; me Q2.     26 sworn:] Q1–4, F; ~. ~‸ D.     29 silence.] Q1–2, F, D; silence: 'Tis but giving a man his price, and Principles of Church are bought off as easily as they are in State; no man will be a Rogue for nothing, but Compensation must be made, so much Gold for so much honesty; and then a Church-man will break the Rules of Chess; for the black Bishop will skip into the white, and the white into the black, without considering whether the remove be lawfull. Q3–4.     38 kind of] Q1–3, F, D; kind of a Q4.     40 on] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; of Q2.     45 of] Q1–4, D; of a F.     50 Clown:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     51 Dessert] Q1–3, D; Desert Q4, F.     64 eyes:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     69 undertook;] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     89 Gomez … door.] Q4, F, D; ~. … ~, Q1–3.     90 go:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     91 Hi-day!] Q1–2; Hey-day! Q3–4, D; Hi day; F.     92 Belly:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     96 Receipt:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     100 Aside.] Q4, D; aside, Q1; aside‸ Q2; aside. Q3; Aside‸ F.     105 A Novice] A Novice Q1–4, F, D.     111 Preacher;] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     113 World.] F, D; ~: Q1–4.     115–116 Refuge.] D; ~‸ Q1–4, F.     119 for] Q1–2, F, D; of Q3–4.     122 you;] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     126 I was] the I failed to print in Q1.     132 a Friend then] Q1–2, F, D; then a Friend Q3–4.     135 Free-quarter] Q1; Free quarter Q2, D; Freequarter Q3; Free- / quarter Q4, F.     145 Defendant:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     153 Ay, ay] D; Ai, ai Q1–4, F.     158 the] Q1–4, F; thy D.     166 tongues;] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     167 Bed:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     176 seeing] Seeing Q1–4, F, D.     176 Eyes!] Q1, F, D; ~? Q2–4.     182–183 Here … Confession] in romans in Q1–4, F, D.     182 Confession:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     188 suspicions:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     188 meant] Q1, F, D; mean Q2–4.     190 sides:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     192 together:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     195 Aside.] Q1, Q4, F, D; ~‸ Q2–3.     195 i'faith] Q3–4, D; I faith Q1–2, F.     207 Villain] Q4, F, pg 585D; Vilain Q1–3.     216 Honour;] Q1–4, F; ~ D.     218 these] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; the Q2.     218 Robes:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     223 gone so] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; gone Q2.     224 me;] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     235 Issachar:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     235 burthens:] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3–4.     239 too;] Q1–2, F; ~: Q3; ~. Q4, D.     240 of a] Q1–2, F, D; a Q3–4.     248 planting.] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; ~, Q2.

III, iii

SCENE III. / SCENE] SCENE Q1–4, F, D.     s.d. Queen, Teresa] Q4; Queen, Teresa Q1–3; Queen, Teresa F; Queen and Teresa D.     7 Queen.] Q3, F; ~, Q1–2; Qu. Q4, D.     10 Leonora] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; Leonara Q3.     16 rose] D; rise Q1–4, F.     21 Romans and italics reversed in Q1–4, F, D.     23 Souldiers] Q2–4; Souldier Q1, F, D.     After l. 23 Q3–4 add:

  • The old King's Party will despair to find
  • A Prince whose Courage can support the Throne.

28 ill?] ~! Q1–4, F, D.     35 long] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; longing Q2.     40 heads,] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3–4.     41 Till … shore.] Q1–4, F; 'Till … D.     42 scape] Q1–4, D; 'scape F.     48 off. [Exit Teresa.] off. Q1–4, F, D.     55–57 Be … tread] romans and italics reversed in Q1–4, F, D.     56 walk'st] Q1–2, F, D; walkest Q3–4.     58 Bus'ness] Q1–2, F, D; Business Q3–4.     59 Bus'ness] Q1–2, F, D; business Q3–4.     59 Madam] F, D; Madam Q1–4.     66 dare bellow] Q1–4, F; dares bellow D.     66 dare bleat] Q3–4; dares bleat Q1–2, F, D.     84 Mistress:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     92 baffled] Q4, D; bafled Q1–3, F.     96 stay.] ~; Q1–4, F; ~: D.     97 Aside.] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     98 whom] Q1–2, F, D; who Q3–4.     99 Have I] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; Have Q2.     104 turns] Q1–4, F; Turn's D.     107 breast:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     108 People's] Q1–4, F; Peoples D.     111 Usurpers:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     118 Back:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     120 rein'd] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; reign'd Q3.     120 'em hard] Q3–4; them hard Q1–2, F, D.     125 Quire.] Q1–3, F, D; ~: Q4.     135 severe:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     136 ever:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     139 love?] Q1, F, D; ~; Q2–4.     143 People's] Q1, F; Peoples Q2–4, D.     144 her.] Q1–2, F, D; ~‸ Q3–4.     156 fairly] Q1–4, F; finely D.     161 cheat] Q1–2, F, D; cheats Q3–4.     165 Hate,] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3–4.     172 been?] Q1–4, F; ~, D.     175 Showers] Q1, F, D; Showres Q2–4.     184 the] Q1–2, F; th' Q3–4, D.     196 Sorrow.] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~, Q3.     198 too?] Q1–3, F, D; ~! Q4.     207 Heaven.] Q1–3, F, D; ~‸ Q4.     213 Soul,] Q1–4, D; ~. F.     221 Sin,] Q1–4, D; ~. F.     224 dyes.] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~, Q3.     238 for Murther;] Q1–4, F; ~? D.     239 Crimes;] Q3, F, D; ~‸ Q1; ~, Q2; ~: Q4.     246+ s.d. Teresa.] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~‸ Q3.     249+ s.d. Exit Teresa.] Q1–4, F; Exit. D.     259 must] Q1–2, F, D; 'tmust Q3–4.     259–260 forgotten. … forgotten;] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; ~; … ~. Q2.     282 mine.] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~, Q3.     283 Joys.] Q1–3, F, D; Q4.     285 hast] Q1, Q3–4, D; has Q2, F.     286 thought, but Leonora,] Q1–2, F; ~‸ ~ ~‸ Q3–4; ~, ~ ~‸ D.     287 aboding] Q1–4, F; a boding D.     287 Soul,] ~? Q1–4, F, D.     288 fatal?] ~; Q1–4, F, D.     289 but have] Q1–2, F, D; have but Q3–4.     291 see] Q1–4, F; sees D.     292–294 Not indented in Q1–4, F, D (Q1–4 omit brace).     294+ s.d. Exeunt ambo.] Q1–4, F; Exeunt. D.

pg 586IV, i

IV. SCENE I.] D; IV. Q1–4, F.     4 ne'er] Q1–2, F, D; near Q3–4.     8 pound] Q1–4, D; Pounds F.     12 (spits.)] ‸~.‸ Q1–4; [~.‸ F; [~.] D.     13 (spits again.)] ‸~~.‸ Q1–4 [~~.‸ F, D.     33+ s.d. Fryar] Fryar Q1–4, F, D.     39 Sir; … Colonel;] Q1–2, F, D; ~! … ~! Q3–4.     40 now?] ~! Q1, Q3–4, F, D; ~: Q2.     46 door?] ~, Q1–4, F, D.     47 you,] ~,) Q1–4, F, D.     48 Souldiers.)] ~?‸ Q1–3, F, D; ~:‸ Q4.     61 you wou'd] Q1–4, F; you'd D.     70 How,] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     77 convenient to disturb] some copies of Q4 have convenie [space] turb.     109 Gom.] Q2–4, F, E); Dom. Q1.     116 s.d. Exit Gomez.] Q1–4, F (follows next s.d. in Q3–4); Exit. D.     116+ s.d. [Lorenzo] ‸~ (s.d. centered) Q1–4, F, D.     117 you your] Q1–2, F, D; your Q3–4.     121 Souldier.] Q4, D (Sold. D); ~, Q1–3, F.     122 haste] Q1–4, D; hast F.     122 Lady.] ~: Q1–2, F, D; ~; Q3–4.     123 What … Father?] D; what … ~, Q1–4, F (What F).130 this] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; the Q2.     151 or] Q1–2, F, D; or by Q3–4.     165 Lie] Q1–3, F, D; Lye Q4.     167 believ'd:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     167+ s.d. struggling] Q3–4, D; strugling Q1–2, F.     169–170 assassinated;] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     173 Souldier.] Q4, D; ~, Q1–3, F.     175 Plot?] ~! Q1–4, F, D.     179 Souldier.] Q4, D; ~, Q1–3, F.     182 s.d. exeunt] exeunt Q1–4, F, D.     183 have we] Q1–4, F; we have D.     187 till] Q1–4, F; 'till D.     187 past!] Q1–4, D; ~. F.     188 Arms?] Q1, F, D; ~! Q2–4.     205 Winter;] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     205 Life] Q1–2, F, D; Life and Q3–4.     207–208 Ladies] Q2–4, F, D; Ladys Q1.     212 prithee] Q2–4, F, D; prithe Q1.     216 see?] ~! Q1–4, F, D.     218 spoil'd!] ~? Q1–4, F, D.     225 Wings. And what] ~: and, What Q1–4, F; ~; and, what D.     236 Friends:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     241 return:] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     254 I am] Q1, F, D; I'm Q2–4.     258 Militia] D; Militia Q1–4, F.     272 Head] Q1–4; ~. F, D.     279 into] Q1–2, F, D; in Q3–4.     282+ s.d. Exit Gomez.] Q1–4, F; Exit. D.

IV, ii

SCENE II. / SCENE,] SCENE, Q1–4, F; SCENE II. D.     s.d. Pedro] Q1–4, F; and Pedro D.     6 Brother;] Q1, F, D; ~? Q2–4.     10 with] uncorrected copies of Q2 have within.     12 this?] ~! Q1–4, F, D.     14 Throne,] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2 (uncorrected copies); ~? Q2 (corrected copies); ~; Q3–4.     15–19 Omitted from Q2.     20 coarse] Q1, F, D; course Q2–4.     21 Too] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; Two Q2.     21 Court.] Q1–2, F, D; ~: Q3–4, which add:

  • Yet I have seen even there an honest man,
  • That is, as honest as a Court can bear;
  • For Courtiers are to be accounted good
  • When they are not the last and worst of men.

4 me?] D; ~. Q1–4, F.     32 gain] Q1–4, F; joyn D.     35 t'other] F, D; tother Q1–4.     39 Queen] F, D; ~, Q1–3; Qu. Q4.     39 Bertran.] F, D; ~: Q1–4.     41 Rites] uncorrected copies of Q2 have Rights.     49 sainted.] Q1–4, F; ~, D.     50 Death.] Q2–4, F, D; ~, Q1.     51 discon-pg 587tents] Q2 (corrected copies), Q3–4, F, D; discontent Q1, Q2 (uncorrected copies).     61 tell,] Q2–4, D; ~; Q1, F.     62 lies] Q1–4, F; lyes D.     63 Aside.] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~‸ Q3.     78 me.] Q1–4, F; ~, D.     85 care.] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; ~, Q2.     85 What] Q1–4, F; ~, D.     110 General] Q1–2, F, D; Gen'ral Q3–4.     125 s.d. Exit Bertran] Q1–4, F; Exit D.     126 Qu. to Ray. who kisses her hand.] Queen to Raymond, who kisses her hand. / Qu. Q1–4, F, D.      131 Lord,] Q1–4, F; ~D.     132 Torrismond;] Q1–2, F; Q3–4; D.     133 hear] Q1–4, F; D.     142 'till] Q1, D; till Q2–4, F.     147 once.] ~: Q1–4, F, D.     165 o'th'] D; of th' Q1–4, F.     168 Liberty] Liberty Q1–4, F, D.      172 Walls?] D; ~. Q1–4, F.     175 though] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; thou Q3.     176 Alphonso,] indented as if speech tag in Q2–4 (Alph. Q4).     177 Raymond.] Q2–3; Raymon, Q1; Raym. Q4, F, D.      177 to … and] to … and Q1–4, F, D.      177 Pedro.] F, D; ~, Q1–4.     180 Prince?] Q3–4, D; ~. Q1–2, F.     181–182 One line in Q1–2, F, D; Q3–4 divide after want.     181 to] to Q1–4, F, D.     182 What] F; what Q1–4, D.     184, 186 O] Q3–4, F; ô Q1–2; Oh D.     186+ s.d. Exeunt Alphonso, Pedro.] Q1–4, F; Exeunt. D.     193 you?] Q1, F, D; Q2; ~: Q3–4.     201 whom] Q1–2, F, D; who Q3–4.     203 force;] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     203 O] Q3–4, F, D; ô Q1–2.     227 Country's] Q3–4, F, D; Countrie's Q1; Countrey's Q2.     249 Raymond] ~, Q1–3; Raym. Q4, F, D.     249 solus.] F, D; ~, Q1–4.     271 first.] D; ~, Q1–4, F.     272 Crisis] D; Crisis Q1–4, F.     281 blest?] Q1–3, F, D; ~! Q4.     293 Usurper?] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3–4.     299 cou'd?] Q1–2, F, D; ~, Q3–4.     308 Fever] Q2–4, F, D; Fevor Q1.     308 remov'd] ~; Q1–2, F; ~, Q3–4, D.     311–319 Omitted from Q2.     319 Free-born brethren] Q3–4, F, D; Free-born-brethren Q1.     321 To] Q1–2, F, D; T' Q3–4.     321 Crimes] Q1–4, D; Crime F.     323 Country's] Q1, Q4, F, D; Countries Q2–3.     326 abandon'd] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; abandon Q3.     330 art] Q1–4, D; are F.     330 become,] D; ~? Q1–4, F.     332 Man?] D; ~; Q1–2, F; ~, Q3–4.     338 Country's] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; Countries Q2.     341 Reason?] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~! Q3.     347 your] Q1–2, F, D; their Q3–4.      358 sign'd,] Q1–2, F; ~. Q3–4, D.     360 you.] Q1–4, D; ~‸ F.     361 reads.] reads. Q1–4, F, D (~‸ Q3).     392 Queen's? O she's] Q3–4, F, D (She's Q3–4); ~; ô She's Q1–2.     394 scape] Q1–4; 'scape F, D.     396 reserv'd] Q2–4, F, D; referv'd Q1.     396 me?] Q1–4, F, D.      397 O] Q3–4, F, D; ô Q1–2.     399 House's] Q1, Q3, F, D; Houses Q2, Q4.     402 Wolves] Q2–4, D (Woolves Q2); Wolfs Q1, F.     404 opposes!] Q1, F, D; ~? Q2–4.     409 even] Q1–2, F, D; e'en Q3–4.     411 Woes,] Q1–2, F, D; ~? Q3–4.     416 more:] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3–4.     417 Aside.] Q4, F, D; ~, Q1–3.     420 Queen] F, D; Queen Q1–4.     424 Am] Q1–2, F; And Q3–4, D.     426–429 Not indented in Q14, F, D.     429+ s.d. Exit Torrismond.] Q1–4, F; Exit. D.

V, i

V. SCENE I.] D; V. Q1–4, F.     5 Mine?] Q1–4, F; ~! D.     8 why] Q1–4, F; D.     17 Fain] Q1–4, F; Feign D.     19 me.] Q1–4, F; D.     26 Oh] Q1–4, D; O F.     28 not] Q1–2, F, D; no Q3–4.     28 pg 588yours.] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~, Q3.     35 Love] Love Q1–4, F, D.     63+ A SONG.] Q1–4, F, D; The Farewel to Ingratitude. O1; The Farewell O2; Song Ds; no title B, M.     66 injur'd] Q1–4, O1–2, Ds, B, F, D; any M.     67 again.] Q1–4, O1, F, D; ~, O2; ~: Ds; B; ~‸ M.      70 'tis] Q1–4, B, F, D; Joy's O1–2, Ds; joyes M.     70 too] Q1–2, Q4, O1–2, Ds, B, F, D, M; to Q3.     71 Love] Q1–4, O2, Ds, B, F, D; Love's O1; loues M.     71 Pain.] Q1–4. O1–2, B, F, D, M; Ds (followed by But Joy's, &c. in O1–2; followed by But Joy's too short, &c. in Ds; followed by but joys too short a blessing and loues too long a paine———in M).     73 your] Q2–4,O1–2, Ds, B, F, D, M; our Q1 (most copies examined appear to have been corrected in ink by the printer to "your").     73 Pain,] Q1–2, O2, F; ~. Q3–4; O1, Ds, B, D; ~‸ M.      74 when we love] Q1–4, O1, Ds, B, M, F, D (wee M); when O2.      75 To rail at you in vain.] Q1–4, O1, Ds, B, F, D, M (vain: Ds, B; vain‸ M); You ne'er return again, O2.     76 Line omitted from O1.     76 we] Q1–4, O2, Ds, B, F, D; wee M. 76 descry'd] Q1–4, O1–2, Ds, B, F, D; destroy'd M.     77 beside] Q1–4, O2, Ds, B, F, D; besides O1, M.     78 has] Q1–4, O2, Ds, B, F, D, M; hath O1.     79 again.] Q1–4, O1–2, B, F, D; Ds; ~‸ M (followed by But she, &c. in O1; followed by But she that, &c. in O2, Ds; followed by But she that once &c in M).     80 Passion] Q1–4, O2, Ds, B, F, D, M; Passions O1.     81 obtain] preceded by a similar word crossed out in M.     82 is] Q1–4, O2, Ds, B, F, D, M; was O1.     83 disdain.] Q1–4, O1–2, F, D; Ds, B; ~‸ M.     84 ours] Q1–04, Ds, B, F, D, M; hours O1–2.     84 we measure] Q1, Q3–4, O1, B, F, D; me measure Q2; was easier O2, Ds; wee measure M.     85 Till] Q1–4, O1–2, Ds, B, F, M; 'Till D.     86 Dying] Q1–4, O1–2, Ds, B, F, D; dyeing M.     87 Living] Q1–4, O1–2, Ds, F, D, M; loving B.     87 Pain.] Q1–4, O1–2, B, F, D; ~: Ds; ~‸ M (followed by But Dying, &c. in O1–2, Ds; followed by But dyeing is a pleasure &.c in M).      89 discontented] Q2–4, F, D; discontend Q1.     93 cannot.] Q1–3, F, D; ~‸ Q4.     95 sigh.] D; ~? Q1–4, F.      99 Queen] Q1–3; Qu. Q4, F, D.     99 kneeline.] Q3–4, F, D; ~‸ O1–2.     106 Queen] ~, Q1–3; Qu. Q4, F, D.     106 rising.] Q4, F, D; ~‸ Q1–3.     113 Heaven's] Q1–2, F, D; Heav'ns Q2–4.     116 groveling] Q1–2, F, D; grovling Q3; grov'ling Q4.     131 Destinies;———] ~; Q1–4, F, D.     133 me,] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3–4.     139 Birth.] Q1–4, F; ~ D.     142 so.] Q3–4; Q1–2, F, D.     144 Opium] D; Opium Q1–4, F.     147 it] Q1–2, F, D; 'twill Q3–4.     147 costs] D; cost Q1–4, F.     147 you:] Q1–4, F; ~D.     148 Go] Q1–4, F; ~, D.     150 Fever] Q2–4, F; Fevor Q1; Feaver D.     151 s.d. [Exit] Q3–4, F, D; ‸~ Q1–2.     152 up,] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3–4.     156 To] to (155 and 156 as one line) Q1–4, F, D.     159–160 Down … Queen] in romans in Q1–4, F, D.     167 speedily.] D; Q1–4, F.     168 Lorenzo?] Q1–4, D; F.     174 Fly in Nature's Face?] in romans in Q1–4, F, D (Face; F).     175 how] Q1–4, F; ~, D.     177 me] Q1–2, F, D; my Q3–4.     178 Boys] Q1–4, F; Boy's D.     178–179 I.———'Tis Policy / For] I.——— / 'Tis Policy for Q1–4, F, D.     181–184 As in D; printed as verse in Q14, F (/ To be … / My best … may / Secure).     181 To Tor.] (To Tor.) (not indented) Q1–4, F; To Torr.] D.     190–197 As in D; printed as verse in Q14, F (/ I see … / This … / To cast … / Methought … / Intimating … / With … / pg 589Father, as … / Way … / I'll).     191 strangely.] ~, Q1–4, F, D.     191 a Use] Q1–2, F, D; an Use Q3–4.      196 Bloud.] D; ~: Q1–4, F.     197 s.d. [Exit.] Q3–4, D; [~.] Q1–2; omitted from F.     204–205 Not indented in Q1–4, F, D.     205 s.d. Exit Tor.] Q1–4, F; Exit. D.

V, ii

SCENE II. / SCENE] SCENE Q1–4, F, D.     9 Tyrant's] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; Tyrants Q3.     10 his. … his.] Q3–4, F, D; ~, … Q1–2.     13 terms, … Rebel,] ~! … ~? Q1–2, F, D; ~!… ~, Q3–4.     16 dy] Q1–2; die Q3–4; dye F, D.     16 Vertue?] ~. Q1–4, F, D.     21 What] Q1–4, F; ~, D.      26 self,] Q1–4, F; ~. D.      35 the] Q1–2, F, D; th' Q3–4.     35 Subjects] Q1–4, D; Subject's F.     36 And] and (35 and 36 as one line) Q1–4, F, D.     42 Till] Q1–4, F; 'Till D.     44 To the People.] (~ ~ ~.) (not indented) Q1–4, F, D.     58–60 As in D; printed as verse in Q1–4, F (/ There's … / Dexterity).     58 come;] ~, Q1–4, F, D.     59 no] Q1–4, F; not a D.     62+ s.d. As … fight, enter] [~… ~./ Enter Q1–4, F, D (fight, D).     65–70 As in D; printed as verse in Q1–4, F (/ The beaten … / I have been … / I have routed … / And now … / From … / The Streets … / In their).      78+ s.d. and Teresa:] Q1–4, F; Teresa, and D.      80 Basilisk] F, D; Basilisk Q1–4.      81 eyes.] D; ~, Q1–4, F.     82 further] Q1; farther Q2–4, F, D.     89–90 Crowd: for … conquer'd, / I] D; ~: / For …~,~ Q1–4, F.     91–93 As in D; printed as verse in Q1–4, F (/ Is … / I).     93 s.d. Leon.] Q1–4, F; and Leon. D.     94 do] Q1, Q4, F, D; doe Q2–3.     98 'tis past] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; tis 'past Q2.     102 yon'] Q1–4, D; yon F.      102 by Heaven] Q1–2, F, D; and Heaven Q3–4.     116 of] Q1–2, F, D; on Q3–4.     128 Rest,] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3–4.     140 What] Q1–4, F; ~, D.     148 Zeal.] Q1–3, F, D; ~, Q4.     148 Syren] D; Syren Q1–4, F.     150 Phrase:] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3–4.     155 sought] Q1–4, D; fought F.      159 Till] Q1–4, F; 'Till D.     166 Heaven] Q1–4, D; Heav'n F.     171 again:] Q1–4, D; ~? F.     175 divorc'd!] Q1–2, F, D; ~; Q3–4.     183 it?] Q1–3, F, D; ~! Q4.     192 Till] Q1–4, F; 'Till D.     207 unconquer'd,] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     209 its] Q1–3, F, D; his Q4.     215 almost] Almost Q1–4, F, D.     215 he] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; she Q3.     216 why,] Q1–4, F; ~‸ D.     219 future] Q1–3, F, D; futures Q4.     220+ s.d. Exit] Q1–3, F, D; ~. Q4.     223 hold. … vain:] Q1–4, F; ~: … ~. D.     231 s.d. Exit Ray.] Q1–4, F; Exit. D.     236 that's] Q1–2, F, D; thats, Q3; that is Q4.      239 Belswagger] D; Belswagger Q1–4, F.     240 Fire, Fire] Fire, Fire Q1–4, F, D.     244 Yes!] Q1, F, D; ~, Q2–4.     258 you are] Q1–3, F, D; your are Q4.     264 do!] Q1–4, F; ~; D.     271 what] D; What Q1–4, F.     272 say,] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~. Q3.     288 Crocodile] D; Crocodile Q1–4, F.     301 Mercy … Damme] Mercy … Damme Q1–4, F, D.     302 till] Q1–4, F; 'till D.     317 thorough] Q1, F, D; through Q2–4.     322 Justice] Justice Q1–4, F, D.     322 a pair] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; pair a Q2.      327+ s.d. up over] Q1–4, F; over D.     327+ s.d. Alphonso's] Q4, F, D; Alph. Q1–3.     328 No! … lye:] separate line in Q1–4, F, D.      337 I confess] Q1–3, F, D; Gom. I confess Q4.     339 person.] Q1, Q3–4, F, D; ~: Q2.     359–360 Judgment;] ~, Q1–4, F, D. pg 590363 not] Q1, F, D; no Q2–4.      368 turning] Turning Q1–4, F, D.     371 Daughter.] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~, Q3.     382 akin] Q1–2, F; a kin Q3–4; a-kin D.     383 beholding] Q1, F; beholden Q2–4, D.     386 Why,] Q1, F, D; Q2; ~‸ Q3–4.      391 Poverty] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~, Q3.     392 Alphon.] Q1; Alphonso, O2–3; Alph. O4, F, D.     410 O!] Q3–4, F; ô! Q1–2; oh! D.     415 still,] Q1–2, D; ~‸ Q3–4, F.     419 Odium] D; Odium Q1–4, F.     429–432 Not indented in Q14, F, D.


EPILOGUE,] Q1–4, D; ~. F. Author's] Q1, D; Authours Q2, F; Author Q3–4.      1 I'am] Q1; I'm Q2–4, D; I am F.     5 want] Q1–2, Q4, F, D; ~. Q3.     12 Dives] Q3–4; Dives Q1–2, F, D.      13 strait] Q1–3, F, D; straight Q4.     20 Diseases;] Q1–4, F; ~. D.     25 most] Q1–4, F; first D.      26 France,] ~. Q1–4, F, D.     29 maintain:] ~. Q1–4, D; ~, F.

The Duke of Guise

The first edition of The Duke of Guise was published in 1683 (Q1; Macd 87a). The second edition is dated 1687 (Q2; Macd 87b), the third 1699 (Q3; Macd 87c–d [two issues, one with a cancel title page in two variants, one giving Wellington and Rombull and the other giving Wellington and Rumball (the correct spelling) as publishers instead of Tonson]). The play was also reprinted in Dryden's Comedies, Tragedies, and Operas (1701), II, 261–304 (2d ser.) (F; Macd 1o7ai–ii [two issues, the differences not affecting this play]), and in Congreve's edition of Dryden's Dramatick Works (1717), V, 223–309 (D; Macd 1o9ai–ii [two issues, the differences not affecting this play]). The prologue and epilogue had been separately published in 1682 (dated 1683), together with "Another Epilogue Intended to have been Spoken to the Play, before it was forbidden, last Summer. Written by Mr. Dryden" (Fp; Macd 101). The additional epilogue was not published with the play. The prologue, mistakenly titled "The Epilogue to the Play of the Duke of Guyse," occurs in British Library Add. MS 27, 408, fols. 17r–18r (M1), a folio sheet in a seventeenth-century scribal hand bound in a collection of manuscripts. After line 42, M1 has two lines not found in the printed texts, but which may well have been written by Dryden:

  • And let their Majesties the Shreeves, take care
  • To hang all Tories, and all Whiggs to spare.

Some of the other unique readings may well represent a prepublication state of the text.

In Q1 and D the song in Act V was printed at the end of the act. In Q1 it is on an unsigned gathering of its own and has the music. It was also printed with the music as a broadside, titled Love and Jealousie, 1683 (B; Wing D2301), and in Playford's Choice Ayres and Songs, The Fourth Book, 1683, pp. 80–81 (Fs; Wing P2460), where it has the title, "A Dialogue betwixt a Shepherd and Shepherdess." It also occurs in three music manuscripts in the British Library, Add. MS 19,759, fols. 44v–45r (M2); Add. MS 29,397, fols. pg 59125r–26v (M3); and Royal College of Music MS 1119, fols, 9v–10r (M4). M2 is a folio manuscript that belonged to Charles Campelman (dated in his hand "June ye 9. 1681," with the annotation below in another hand, "God give him grace 1682"); the song is in Campelman's hand. M3 is a small oblong manuscript, dated by a modern annotator 1682–1690 on internal evidence. M4 is a folio manuscript in a seventeenth-century hand.

Fp was probably the copy for the prologue and epilogue in Q1. Lee (presumably) made important proof corrections in both forms of signature E in Q1 (HI, i, 123–394). The alteration on E2v of

  • So once a day I may have leave to taste
  • These Hybla Lips. Nay, Madam, then you fear me


  • So once a day I may have leave———
  • Nay, Madam, then you fear me (11. 247–248)

ay not seem very likely to be authorial (it may seem more likely that the compositor could not read "to taste / These Hybla Lips" and had to wait for Lee to decipher the words), but the other variations in the form show that the change must be as just stated. In particular, the reading on Elr, "thou hast said,' not" (l. 142) must be a correction of "thou say'st, not," not merely because of the improvement to the meter but because the meaningless apostrophe after "said," is left over from "say'st," that is, the compositor or pressman mistook it for a space when correcting the type. We have accepted what seems to us to be the better state of the inner form as the corrected state, even though a word is missing from line 334, and all its other unique readings could be argued against. Our sense of what seems to be the better state is reinforced by our sense that the page number on E2r, which in that state lacks a digit, is more likely to have been disturbed than to have been corrected in the other state. Q2, F, and D were all set from copies of Q1, but only F was set from a copy with corrected outer E. Q3 was set from a copy of Q2.

A Clark copy of Q1 (*FR3417.J1, cop. 1) has been taken as the copy text of the present edition, emended as shown in the footnotes and with the use of romans and italics reversed in the dedication. The corrected readings on outer E were inserted from the Harvard copy (EC65.D8474.683d). We have adopted D's emendation of the punctuation in II, i, 93, because it improves the grammar, but without any conviction that the resulting sense is correct. After the epilogue we have inserted the additional epilogue from Fp, and we have moved the song into its place in Act V, as in Q2–3 and F.

The following copies of the various editions have also been examined: Q1: Clark (*PR3417.J1, cop. 2); Huntington (D.D2264.123006); Yale (Ij.D848. 683); Q2: Clark (*PR3417.J1.1687; *PR341o.C93, v. 3; *PR341o.C94, v. 3; *PR3412.1687; *PR354o.A19.1687; *PR3412.1687); Q3: Clark (*PR3417. J1.1699 [Tonson]; *PR341o.C95a [Wellington and Rombull]; *PR3417.J1. 1699a [Tonson]); Harvard (EC65.D8474.683dc [Tonson]; EC65.D8474.683dd [Wellington and Rumball]); F: Clark (*fPR3412.17o1, v. 2 [2 cop.]; *fPR3412.1701a, v. 2); D: Clark (*PR3412.1717, v. 5 [2 cop.]; PR3412.1717a, v. 5); Fp: Clark (*fPR3419.P821); Harvard (15431.24.IF); Folger (D2338); Huntington (135977); Texas (Wj. D848+683p2); Huntington (180171, 180153); Fs: British Library (K.7.i.19. (6.)).

pg 592Press Variants by Form


Sheet E (outer form)

   Uncorrected: Clark cop. 2, Yale

   Corrected: Clark cop. 1, Harvard, Huntington

Sig. Elr

   III, i, 128 flush'd]

        fleck'd 142 say'st,] hast said,'

        149 Compounded] Compacted

        154 meaning.] meaning. [Exit.

        156 that] thus

Sig. E2v

   III, i, 247 leave to taste] leave———

        248 These Hybla Lips. Nay] Nay

        258 flattering] flattery

Sig. E4v

   catchword That] Halt

Sheet E (inner form)

   Uncorrected: Clark (2 cop.), Huntington, Yale

   Corrected: Harvard

Sig. Elv

   III, i, 180 me thy] me this

        193 lap'd] laid

        107 Tears … Iron Heart] Iron Tears … Heart

Sig. E2r

   page number 27] 2

Sig. E3v

   III, i, 320 Heart;] ~,

        321 line missing] And raise the Mud of Passions up to cloud me,

        334 his Victim] Victim

Sig. E4r

   III, i, 338 relieve] redeem

        347 Common-wealths] Kings

        357 for] of

Dedication: 207:28 Voices?] Q1–3, D; ~: F.     208:1 where] Q1–3, F; when D.     208:3 be a] Q1–3, F; be of a D.     208:5 prevalent:] ~. Q1–3, F, D.     208 O Neptune] Q3, D; O Neptune Q1–2, F.     208:32 Endeavors] Q1–2, F, D; Endeavour Q3.     209:14 revenge,] Q1, Q3, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     209:16 Foot-padders] Q1–3, F; Foot-Pads D.

Prologue: PROLOGUE.] Q1–3, F, D; PROLOGUE, TO THE Duke of GUISE. Fp; The Epilogue to the Play of the Duke of Guyse. M1. Written by Mr. Dryden: Spoken by Mr. Smith] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; omitted M1.     2 our Cov'nant:] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; the Covenant, M1.     2 Guisards got] D, M1; Guisards got Fp; Guisards got Q1–3, F.     2 Whigg:] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; ~. M1.     3 Sheriffs did advance] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; Shreeves & Citts advance M1.     4 in] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; from [canceled] in [inserted over caret] M1.     4 France:] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; ~. M1.     7 our] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; the M1. pg 59310 we] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; wee M1.     10 a better] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; another M1.     11 Covenant] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; Covenant M1.     12 giv'n] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; given M1.     12 Treason:] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; ~. M1.      14 Chaws] Fp, Q1–3, F; Chews D, M1.     14 its] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; not [canceled] i'ts M1.     15 'Tis] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; I'ts M1.     15 learn'd their] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; got the M1.     17 your] Fp, Q3, D; Your Q1–2, F; their M1.      17 Drug's] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; Druggs M1.      18 your] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; the M1.     20 lies] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; lyes M1.     21 Heir:] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; ~. M1.     25 by your] Fp, Q1–2, F, D; by his Q3; for your M1.     26 much] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; well M1.     27 and very] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; but very M1.     28 still] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; yet M1.      29 lose] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; loose M1.     30 Votes] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; Notes M1.      31 Throats.] F, D, M1; Fp, Q1–3.     32 Monarch's] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; Monarchs M1.     33 Pow'r] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; Power M1.     33 leave] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; give M1. 35 you … a] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; the … a [canceled] the [inserted over caret] M1.     42 the Kingdom] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; a Kingdome M1.     42 after this line, M1 has the following:

  • And let their Majesties the Shreeves, take care
  • To hang all Tories, and all Whiggs to spare.

43 Traytors:] Fp, Q1–3, F, D; ~. M1.     45–47 These three lines indented in M1.     46 Do] Q1–3, F, D; Doe Fp, M1.

Dramatis Personae: The King] Q1–2, F; MEN. / The King Q3, D (D puts a period after each character).     Perin.] Q1–3, D; ~‸ F.     Monfort] F; Monfert Q1–3, D.     St. Eustace] Q1–3, D; Eustace F.     Barry.] Q1–3, D; ~‸ F.

Epilogue: EPILOGUE.] Q1–3, F, Fp; ~, D. the same Author:] Q1–3, F, Fp (~. Q3); Mr. DRYDEN. D.     2 Faith] Q1–3, F, Fp; 'faith D.     14 Tongue.] Q1–3, F, Fp; ~, D.     15 do] Q1–3, F, D; doe Fp.     23 this] Q1, Q3, F, D, Fp; the Q2.     24 Cooke!] Q1–3, F, Fp; D.     24 Faith] Q1–3, F, Fp; 'faith D.     27 such] Q1–2, F, D, Fp; so much Q3.     28 Dev'l] Q1–2, F, Fp; Devil Q3, D.     30 says] Q1–3, F, Fp; say D.     31 Bloud———] Q1, Q3, F, D; ~,——— Q2; ~———. Fp.     31 breath] Q1–3, F, Fp; breathe D.      35 enow] Q1–3, F, Fp; enough D.

Another Epilogue: Entire epilogue omitted from Q1–l3, F, D.     5 You Bilbo] You, Bilbo Fp.

I, i

Caption GUISE.] Q1, F, D; GUISE. / A TRAGEDY. Q2–3.     ACT I. SCENE I.] Q2–3, F, D; ACT. I. SCEN. I. Q1.     s.d. Seated:] Q1–3, D; ~. F.     s.d. Duke of] D; Duke of Q1–3, F.     1 what,] F; ~‸ Q1–3, D.     7 merit] Q1, Q3, F, D; merits Q2.     8 Heaven] Q1, F, D; Heav'n Q2–3.     13 Cause.] Q1–3, F; ~, D.     18–19 F puts on one line, with extra space before Writ; its many other examples of this space-saving device are not noted unless we have combined the two lines into one.     29 Pow'r] Q1–3, F; Power D.     32 e're] Q1–3, F; e'er D.     34 Pow'r;] Q1–2, F, D; ~? Q3.     35 Power] Q1–2, F, D; Pow'r Q3.     39 must.] D; ~? Q1–3, F.     46–47 Case;——— / The] Case; the Q1–3, F, D.     61 together.] ~? Q1–3, F, D.     62–70 As in D; as verse in Q1–3, F (/ There's … / In … / Sworn … / Head … deputed. / Buss. … / We are … / An … / have). pg 59463 that,] Q1, Q3, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     88 Sheriffs] D; Sheriffs Q1–3, F.     91 Guise.] Q2–3, D (Gui. D); ~‸ Q1; ~, F.     94 all.] Q1–2, F, D; ~‸ Q3.     96 all the Saints] Q1–2, F, D; all that Q3.     96 Guisards] D; Guisards Q1–3, F.     97 Guise.] Q2–3, F, D (Gui. D); ~‸ Q1.     100 on] Q1–2, F, D; upon Q3.      103 here] Q1–3, F; ~, D.     111 Heaven's] Q1, Q3, F, D; Heav'ns Q2.     115 Kernel] D; Kernel Q1–3, F.     119 Midwife-hands] Q1–3, F; Midwife Hands D.     124 Fryars;] ~, Q1–3, F, D.     127–128 Curate's speech on a single separate line in Q1–3, F, D.     130 exclude] Q2–3, F, D; exlude Q1.      131 Choice:] Q1–3, F; ~. D.     135 Sheriff] D; Sheriff Q1–3, F.     138 all.] period failed to print in some copies of Q1.     141 Witness] Q2–3, D; Witness Q1, F.     145 Porte] Q1–3, F; Port D.     145 Honoré] Honore Q1–3, F, D.     146 must] Q1–2, F, D; most Q3.     150 Exeunt.] Exeunt all but Guise. Q1–3, F, D.

I, ii

SCENE II.] omitted from Q1–3, F, D. s.d. Malicorne] Malicorn Q1–3, F, D.     23 stand] Q1–3, D; stands F.     26 crowd] F, D; crow'd Q1–3.     26+ s.d. Mayenne] Mayen Q1–3, F, D.     32 Dowager] D; Dowager Q1–3, F.     33 till] Q1–3, F; 'till D.     37 Beard] Q2, D; Beard Q1, Q3, F.     41 Madam] D; Madam Q1–3, F.     42 The] Q2–3, F, D; the Q1.     44 pushing] Q1–2, F, D; punishing Q3.     45 Cautious] Q1–2, F; ~, Q3, D.     48 because,] ~‸ Q1–3, F, D.     65 Mayenne] Mayen Q1–3, F, D.     65 agen.] D; ~, Q1–3, F.     76 short;] ~, Q1–3, D; ~‸ F.     81 overcame.] Q1–3, F; ~, D.     85 Heaven] Q1, Q3, F, D; Heav'n Q2.     89 Malicorne] Malicorn Q1–3, F, D.     90 s.d. [Exeunt Mayenne, Malicorne.] omitted from Q1–3, F, D.      90+ s.d. Marmoutier] F, D; Marmoutire Q1–3.     101 Conquests] Q1–2, F, D; Conquest Q3.     103 times.] Q1; ~, Q2–3, F, D.     106 be gone] Q2–3, F, D; begon Q1.     107 What,] D; ~‸ Q1–3, F.     115 Confess,] Q1, Q3, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     120 Death,] ~. Q1–3, F, D.     121 Fumes] Q1, Q3, F, D; Fume, Q2.     129 Heaven] Q1, Q3, F, D; Heav'n Q2.     135 People.] Q1–3, F; ~, D.     146 E're] Q1–3, F; E'er D.      161 awhile] Q1–3, F; awhile D.     167 Marmoutier] F; Marmoutire Q1–3; Marmoutiere D.     168 you,] D; ~‸ Q1–3, F.     187 Possible?] ~! Q1–3, F, D.     195+ s.d. Mayenne, Malicorne] Mayen, Malicorn Q1–3, F, D.     196 be?] ~! Q1–3, F, D.     196 Madam,] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2–3.     196 s.d. [Reads.] Q1–2, F, D; ‸~ Q3.     201 Father's] Q1, Q3, F, D; Fathers Q2.     216 dead.] Q2–3, F; ~, Q1, D.

II, i

S.d. Polin] Q1–3, F; and Polin D.     7 Life;] Q1–3, D; ~? F.     9 till] Q1–3, F; 'till D.     10 Colonel] Q1–3, F; Col. D.     29 Coprirsi] Copriersi Q1–3, F, D.     30 Hornets] Q1–3, F; Hornet's D.     44 him;] Q1–3, D; ~. F.     45 s.d. Exeunt.] Q1, Q3, F, D; Exit. Q2.     45+ s.d. Alphonso] Q1–3, F; and Alphonso D.      49 That;] D; ~? Q1–3, F.     52 But,] ~‸ Q1–3, F, D.     66+ s.d. Abbot] Q1–3, F; and Abbot D.     79 Acts … Breath,] Q1–2, F, D; ~, … ~‸ Q3.     92 streams:] D; ~, Q1–3, F.     93 aspiring] Q2–3, F, D; Q1.     93 Death;] D; Q1–3, F. pg 59594 Margerite] D (Margerita); ~ Q1–3, F.     100 Scowring] Cowring Q1–3 F, D.     100 him.] Q1–3; F, D.     103 lies] Q1–3, F; lyes D.     103 till] Q1–3, F; 'till D.      108 Honest-Man] Q1–3, F; honest Man D.     108 old try'd] Q1–3, F; ~~~ D.     116 Friend,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.     122 Line?] D; ~. Q1–3, F.     123 Traytor.] D; ~? Q1–2, F; ~, Q3.     133 it?] Q3, F, D; ~. Q1–2.     133 s.d. Exit Grill.] Q2–3; Exit. Grill. Q1, F; Exit. D.     134 Follow,] F; ~‸ Q1–3, D.     134 Alphonso;] ~, Q1–3, F, D (Aphonso Q3).     135 'em. [Exit Alph.] 'em. Q1–3, F, D.     135 Grillon] Q2–3; ~, Q1, F, D.     138 Something] Q1–3, D; Some thing F.     141 s.d. Exit Q. Mother.] Q2–3; Exit. Q. Mother Q1, F; Exit. D.

II, ii

SCENE II.] Q2–3, F, D; Scene 2. Q1. s.d. Louvre] F, D; Louvre Q1–3. s.d. Marmoutier] F; Mamioutire Q1–3; Marmoutiere D.     1 (aside.)] omitted from Q1–3, F, D.     1 Furies,] Q1–3, F; ~! D.     2 my] D; thy Q1–3, F.      4 Design.———] ~:‸ Q1–3, F; ~.‸ D.     8 What,] Q1, Q3, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     8 thousand?] Q1, Q3, F, D; ~, Q2.     9 thousand.] F; ~? Q1–3, D.     24 not] Q1–2, F, D; no Q3.     34 Bosom-War.] Q1–3, D; ~‸ F.     37 Form,] Q1–3, D; F.     49 Grill.] Q2–3, F, D; Girll. Q1.     50 Stripling] Q2–3, F, D; Sripling Q1.     52 accomplish?] ~! Q1–3, F, D.     71 done:] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3.     75 Honours often] Q1, D; often Honours Q2–3, F.      81 doubt] Q2–3, F; ~ Q1, D.     85 you] Q1, Q3, F, D; yon Q2.     89 Navar] Navarr Q1; Navarre Q2–3, F, D.     103 What, if] Q1–3, D; ~‸~ F.     105 well] Q1–3, F; D.     120 thou'rt] Q1, F, D; thour't Q2–3.     121+ s.d. Abbot] Abbot Q1–3, F, D.     134 die] Q1–3, F; dye D.     142 s.d. [Exit.] Q1–2, F, D; ‸~. Q3.     145 Knees.] Q1–3; F, D.     155 Marmoutier] F; Marmoutiere Q1–3, D.     159 s.d. [Exeunt.] omitted from Q13, F, D.

III, i

8 Monastry] Q1–3, F; Monastery D.     18 Malicorne] Malicorn Q1–3, F, D.     26 come.] Q1–3, D; ~, F.     29 s.d. [Exit Polin.] omitted from Q1–3, F.     29 1.] Q1, F; ~‸ Q2–3, D (and similarly through l. 60 with both sheriffs).     32 Hark you] Q1–2, D; ~ ~, Q3; ~, ~ F.     49 'ere] Q1, F; e're Q2–3; e'er D.     54 you're] F, D; your Q1–2; you are Q3.     55 wrest] Q1–2, F, D; rest Q3.     68 Sedition.] ~? Q1–3, F, D.     69 1.] Q1–3, F; ~‸ D (and similarly through l. 86).     70 leaves.] Q2–3, D; ~? Q1, F.     73 bold] Q1–2, F, D; sold Q3.     75 'Fore God] D; Fore-God Q1–3, F.     81 Dogs,] Q1–2, F, D; Dog's‸ Q3.     85 through.] F; Q1–3, D.     92+ s.d. Malicorne] Malicorn Q1–3, F, D.     93 Ha,] Q1–3, F; ~! D.     93 above,] Q1–3, F; ~‸ D.     97 die] Q1–3, F; dye D.     100 Why,] Q1–3, F; ~‸ D.     101 Brother Devils] Q1–3, F; ~—l~ D.     104 'Fore] D; Fore Q1–3, F.     107 definite] Q1–2, F, D; a definite Q3.     112 why this] Q1–2, F, D; this Q3.     121 e're] Q1–3, F; e'er D.     124 I've] Q1–3, F; I have D.     124 is] Q1–2, F, D; is is Q3.     128 fleck'd] Q1 (corrected state), Q2–3, F, D; flush'd Q1 (uncorrected state).     137 Even] Q1–3, F; Ev'n D.      142 hast said,] Q2–3, F, D; hast said,' Q1 (corrected pg 596state); say'st Q1 (uncorrected state).      146 Ha,] Q1–3, F; ~! D.     147 utter'd] Q2–3, F, D; utter' Q1.     149 Compacted] Q1 (corrected state), Q2–3, F, D; Compounded Q1 (uncorrected state).     151 hits.] Q1–3, F; ~? D.     154 s.d., [Exit.] omitted from uncorrected state of Q1.     156 thus] Q1 (corrected state), Q2–3, F, D; that Q1 (uncorrected state).     157 here?] D; ~! Q1–3, F.     157+ s.d. Enter Alphonso Corso, Marmoutier.] omitted from Q1–3, E, D.      159 Ha,] Q1–3, F; ~! D.     159 Malicorne … thee?] Malicorn … ~! Q1–3, F, D.     162 s.d. [Exit.] omitted from Q13, F, D.      179 Heav'n] Q1–2, F, D; Heaven Q3.     179 Honour,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.     180 me this] Q1 (corrected state), F; me thy Q1 (uncorrected state), Q2–3, D.      188 Heaven] Q1, F, D; Heav'n Q2–3.     189 e're] Q1–3, F; e'er D.      193 laid] Q1 (corrected state), F; lap'd Q1 (uncorrected state), Q2–3, D.      193 Heart-strings] D; Heart-strings Q1–3. F.     194 Cares] Q1–2, F, D; Care Q3.     197 Iron Tears … Heart] Q1 (corrected state), F (in italics); Tears … Iron Heart Q1 (uncorrected state), Q2–3, D (in romans in D).     198 Babe] D; Babe Q1–3, F.      201 perhaps,] Q1, Q3, F, D; ~‸ Q2.     209 Something] Q1–3, D; Some thing F.     221 Heaven] Q1, F, D; Heav'n Q2–3.     229 till] Q1–3, F; 'till D.     230 will.———Nay] ~‸———nay Q1–3, F; ~,———nay D.     231 Bed.] D; ~, Q1–3, F.      235 her. [Aside.] her. Q1–3, F, D (~‸ F).     235+ s.d. Marmoutier] F; Marmoutiere Q1–3, D.     235+ s.d. Song] Q1–3, D; ~. F.     238 Heaven] Q1, Q3, F, D; Heav'n Q2.     243 by:] D; ~, Q1–3, F.     247–248 leave——— / Nay] Q1 (corrected state), Q2–3, F, D; leave to taste / These Hybla Lips. Nay Q1 (uncorrected state).      249 Sir,] Q1–3, F; ~! D.      253 Pattern.] Q1–2, F, D; ~‸ Q3.     254 you're] Q1–2, F, D; your Q3.     258 flattery] Q1 (corrected state), Q2–3, F, D; flattering Q1 (uncorrected state).     261 Heaven,] ~! Q1–3, F, D (Heav'n Q2–3).     263 you.] Q1–3, D; ~; F.     264 rise.] Q1–3, D; ~‸ F.     265 Seditious] Q1–2, F, D; Seditions Q3.     269 their] Q1–3, F; the D.     271 'fore God] D; fore-God Q1–3, F.      273 Heart?] ~; Q1–3, F, D.     277 Marmoutier] F; Marmoutiere Q1–3, D.     280 behaviour:] Q1, F; ~. Q2–3, D.     283 Marmoutier,] F; Marmoutiere, Q1–3; Marmoutiere! D.     292 Guise; for] Q1–2, F, D; ~! ~ Q3.     297 me?] Q3; ~; Q1–2, F, D.     300 Blood.] D; ~? Q1–3, F.     304 Majesty,] Q1–3, D; ~. F.     306 then;] ~, Q1–3, F, D.     315 Carries.] Q1, Q3, F, D; ~: Q2.     317 and] Q1, F, D; an Q2–3.     320 Heart,] Q1 (corrected state), F; ~; Q1 (uncorrected state), Q2–3, D.      321 Omitted from Q1 (uncorrected state), Q2–3, D.     331 Hand, and] Hand, / And Q1–3, F, D (F prints the two short lines on one line as usual).     334 his Victim] Q1 (uncorrected state), Q2–3, D; Victim Q1 (corrected state); the Victim F.     335 dies] Q1–3, F; dyes D.     335+ s.d. [To her Grillon.] Enter Grillon. Q1–3, F, D (centered).     336 Creature,] Q1–3, F; ~ D.     336 me:] Q1–3, F; ~, D.     337 again,] Q3, F; ~: Q1–2; ~‸ D.      338 redeem] Q1 (corrected state), F; relieve Q1 (uncorrected state), Q2–3, D.      338 us;] Q1–3, F; ~. D.     339 O] Q1–3, Oh F.     340 Till] Q1–F; 'Till D.     347 Kings] Q1 (corrected state), F; Common-wealths Q1 (uncorrected state), Q2–3, D.     354 Heavens] Q1–3, F; Heav'ns D.     357 of] Q1 (corrected state), F; for Q1 (uncorrected state), Q2–3, D.     358 concern'd,] Q1–3, F; ~. D. pg 597359 mischief,] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2–3.      371 Bellievre] Belleure Q1, F, D; Bellieure Q2–3.      379 thus. Let] ~. / ~ Q1–3, F, D (F prints the two short lines on one line as usual).      380 s.d. Abbot] Abbot Q1–3, F, D.      380+ s.d. Cardinal] Cardinal Q1–3, F, D.      380+ s.d. Mayenne] F; Mayen Q1–3, D.      380+ s.d. Malicorne] Malicorn Q1–3, F, D.      381 Death and the … Malicorne] Death, and thou … Malicorn Q1–3, F, D.      383 Grill. A Friend!] D; ~. ~~, Q1–3, F.      386 s.d. [Exit.] Q1–3, D; omitted from F.      388 Malicorne, Malicorne, Malicorne] Malicorn, Malicorn, Malicorn Q1–3, F, D.      392 Malicorne] Malicorn Q1–3, F, D.      395 dare;] Q1–3, D; ~‸ F.      396 Malicorne] Malicorn Q1–3, F, D.      399 ha, … yet,] Q1–3, F; ~! … ~? D.      401 Marmoutier] F; Marmoutiere Q1, Q3, D; Marmoutire Q2.      413 Bawd.] Q1–3, F; ~——— D.      416 Heaven,] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2–3.      418 e're] Q1–3, F; e'er D.      418 my] Q3, F; me, Q1–2, D.      424 Heaven] Q1–3, F; Heav'n D.      427 Fire-arm'd] D; Fire, arm'd Q1–3, F.      428 way.] Q1, F, D; ~, Q2–3.      431 Where-e're] Q1, F; Where e're Q2–3; Where-e'er D.      436 vengeance; Malicorne,] F (Malicorn); ~, Malicorn; Q1–3; ~. Malicorn; D.      436+ s.d. within.] Q1–3, D; ~‸ F.     

III, ii

II.] the Third.] Q1–3, F; III. D.      9 dying;———] ~; Q1–3, F, D.      15 most] Q1–3, D; ~, F.      30 Swisse] Swits Q1, Q3, F, D; Swiss Q2.      32 Guise,] Q1, Q3, F, D; ~‸ Q2.      35 be] Q1–3, D; to be F.      40 e're] Q1–3, F; e'er D.      41 on their] Q1–2, F, D; on Q3.      42 My] Thy Q1–3, F, D.      43 implies,] Q1, D; ~‸ Q2–3, F.     

IV, i

IV. SCENE I.] D; IV. Q1–3, F.      s.d. Louvre] D; Louvre Q1–3, F.      s.d. Abbot … Bellievre] Abbot … Bellieure Q1–3, F, D.      1 come.] Q1–3, F; ~‸ D.      3 more,] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2–3.      9 Duke] D; Duke Q1–3, F.      16 Bellievre] Bellieure Q1–3, F, D.      19 was,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      26 Master] D; ~, Q1–3, F.      30 wrong'd … knows,] Q1–3, F; ~, … ~‸ D.      31 wrong'd;] D; ~, Q1–3, F.      34 ensue?] D; ~, Q1–3, F.       42 judg'd———] Q1–2, F, D; ~———. Q3.      49 King———] Q1–3, F; ~.———D.      52 dies] Q1–3, F; dyes D.      52 (stopping the King.)] ‸~ ~ ~.‸ Q1–3, F, D.      52 Sir?] D; ~, Q1–3, F.      54 'Tis] in some copies of Q1 the apostrophe of 'Tis appears as a comma before You in l. 53.      58 Crowd's] Q1–2, F, D; Crow'ds Q3.      62 aside.] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2–3.      64 Multitude's] Q1, F, D; Multitudes Q2–3.      70 Health,] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3.      72 Till] Q1–3, F; 'Till D.      72 Service.] Q1–3, F; ~, D.      72 s.d. Exit Guise.] Q1–3, F; Exit. D.      72+ s.d. Manent King … Abbot] Manet King … Abbot Q1–3, F, D.      73 So] Q1–3; ~ F, D.      73 gone,] Q2–3, F, D; ~. Q1.      74 King.] D; ~, Q1–3, F.      87 Th'] The Q1–3, F, D.      87 were,] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2–3.      95 Majesty,] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2–3.      98 do?] ~ ! Q1–3, F, D.      98 Abbot] D; Abbot Q1–3, F.      109 attempt] Q2–3, F, D; artempt Q1.      110 'Till] pg 598Q1–3, D; Till F.      111 So,] Q1–3, F; ~‸ D.       111 day] day off Q1–3, F, D.      112 Sir,] Q3, F, D; ~. Q1–2.      113 idle] Q1–3, F; idly D.      120 Heaven] Q1–3, F; Heav'n D.      125 Louvre.] Q2–3, D; Louvre. Q1, F (~‸ F).      126 yet not] Q1–2, F; not yet Q3, D.     

IV, ii

SCENE II.] omitted from Q1–3, F, D.      s.d. A … solus.] as in D; lines reversed in Q1–3, F.      1 Devils] Q1, F; Devil's Q2–3, D.      7 Habit,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.       19 Mel.] Q2–3, D; M l. Q1; Mal. F.      22 Crowd] Q1, Q3, F, D; Crow'd Q2.      23 Mal.] Q2–3, D; Mel. Q1, F.      23 O true] Q1–3, F; ~ ~, D.      26, 28 lie] Q1–3, F; lye D.      35 Covent] Q1, F; Convent Q2–3, D.      38 till] Q1–3, F; 'till D.      39 depos'd? … depos'd:] Q1, F, D; ~.… ~. Q2–3.      47 he, now] Q1–3, F (he; Q2–3); ~‸ ~; D.      53 Maker's] Q1, Q3, F, D; Makers Q2.      55 as] Q1–3, D; ~, F.      56 dark Sphere] no space between in Q2–3.      62 entering in] Q1–2, F, D; entering Q3.      66 Saturn] D; Saturn Q1–3, F.      72 now,] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2–3.      75 Bells] Q1–3, D; Bell, F.      79 scape] Q1–3, F; 'scape D.      86 Till] Q1–3, F; 'Till D.      90 Why] Q1–3, D; ~, F.      93 lies] Q1–3, F; lyes D.      93 Hell,] ~. Q1–3, F, D.      94 till] Q1–3, F; 'till D.      97 purpose: … more:] ~, … ~‸ Q1; ~, … ~, Q2–3; F; ~; … ~. D.      98 yon] Q1–2, F; your Q3; yon' D.      101+ s.d. [Exit Malicorne.] omitted from Q1–3, F, D.     

IV, iii

SCENE III.] omitted from Q1–3, F, D.      9 not.] Q1–3, F; ~, D.      10 Court,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      11 yond] Q1–3, F; yond' D.      14 Lie] Q1–3, F; Lye D.      15 Mayenne is] D; Mayenne Q1–3, F.      15 too cool] Q1–2, F, D; coo cool Q3.       20 Crowd] Q1, Q3, F, D; Crow'd Q2.      20 gaping] Q1–2, F, D; ~, Q3.      23 ransackt] Q1–2, F, D; ransack Q3.      27 Ere] Q1, Q3, F; E're Q2; E'er D.      34 rise.] Q1–3, D; ~: F.      35 rise:] Q1–3, D; ~. F.      38–39 Hazard, … Certainty?] ~?… ~; Q1–3, F, D.      40 Heav'n] Q1–2, F, D; Heaven Q3.      41 than … yielding,] Q1–2, F,      D; then … ~. Q3.      44 Two lines in Q1–3, F, D (/ Conduct).      45+ s.d. [Exeunt all but Guise.] omitted from Q1–3, F, D.      46 (Starting back.) ‸~ ~.] Q1–3, F, D.      46 possible?] F; ~‸ Q1; ~, Q2–3, D.      47 Marmoutier.] Q1–2, F, D; ~! Q3.      51 Madam.] Q1–3, D; ~, F.      71 had,] Q2–3, D; ~' Q1, F.      72 Why then, … seems,] Q1–3; ~, ~‸ … ~‸ F; ~ ~ ‸ … D.      92 Power] F; ~, Q1–3, D.      93 Louvre] Q2–3, D; Louvre Q1, F.      104 methinks] Q1–3, F; ~, D.      105–106 kindness. … Life,] ~, … ~. Q1, F; ~, … ~; Q2; ~; … ~; Q3; ~, … ~, D.      109 Heaven] Q1–3; Heav'n F, D.      110 If] Q2–3, D; if Q1, F.      110 lie] Q1–3; lye F, D.      113 till] Q1, F; 'till Q2–3, D.      124 Stay, or] Q1–2, F, D; ~———~ Q3.      124 Heav'n] Q1–3, D; Heaven F.      131 force,] Q1–2, F; ~; Q3; ~. D.       132 last;] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2–3.      134 s.d. Exit] Q1–3, D; Exits F.      135 Ha, … Honour?] Q2–3, D; ~‸ . . . ~. Q1, F.      137 scap'd] Q1–3, F; 'scap'd D.      139 Ambition,] Q1–2, F, D; ~‸ Q3.      149 with order'd] Q1–3, F; with D.     

pg 599IV, iv

SCENE IV.] omitted from Q1–3, F, D.      s.d. 'em.] Q1–2, F, D; ~‸ Q3.      3 ere] Q1; e're Q2–3, F; e'er D.      3 Onset.] Q1–3, D; ~‸ F.      5 God's] Q1, Q3, F, D; Gods' Q2.      7–9 As verse in Q1 (/ We … / Let); partly as verse in Q2'3 (We / have … / Let).      13 I] Q1, Q3, F, D; I I Q2.      17 have sown] F, D; sown Q1–3.      24–25 As verse in Q1–3, F (/ Has).      32 (aside.)] ‸~.‸ Q1–3, F; [~.] D.      44 resolutely] Q1–2, F, D; ~, Q3.      51–53 As verse in Q1–3, F, D (/ He).      53 (looking out.)] ‸~~.‸ Q1–3, F; [~ ~.] D.       54–55 As verse in Q1–3 (/ Wou'd).      56–57 As verse in Q1–3, F, D (/ Look).      59 Brass] Glass Q1–3, F, D (~, Q1, F).      62 2 Cit.] Q1–2, F, D; Mel. Q3.      69 Pagan] D; Pagan Q1–3, F.      70 Bilbo] Bilbo Q1–3, F, D.      74 stand still] Q1–3, F; stand D.      76+ s.d. Guise] Guise Q1–3, F, D.      76+ s.d. They] D; The Q1–3, F.      77–79 Partly as verse in Q1–3 (/ Stand).      81 got] D; Got Q1–3, F.      83 'em.] Q1, Q3, F, D; ~‸ Q2.      83+ s.d. Melanax] Q1–2, F, D; Meianax Q3.      83+ s.d. 1] Q1–2, F, D; 1. Q3.      84–85 As verse in Q1–3, F (/ And).      84 Place] place Q1–2, F; Place Q3, D.      89–90 As verse in Q1–3 (/ Go … / What … / Why).      89 Sirrah.] ~, Q1–3, F, D.      89 Sign-post.] F; ~: Q1–3, D.      91 2 Cit.] Q1–2, F, D; Cit. Q3.      93–96 As verse in Q1–3, F (/ Thou shalt … / Get … / What … / Wee'l).      94–95 Traytor. ———] ~‸——— Q1–3, F, D.      95 are] Q2–3, F, D; Are Q1.      97–99 As verse in Q1–3, F (/ And … / Nay).      101+ s.d. hale] Q1–3, F; hawl D.      104–105 Partly as verse in Q1–3, F ('Swounds … / Legs … / Carry).      101 Cuckolds,] Q1–2, F; ~; Q3; ~. D.      101 'Swounds,] Q1–2, F, D; ~‸ Q3.      102 what] Q2–3, D; What Q1, F.      106–109 Partly as verse in Q1–3, F (/ Give … / I'le).       110–112 As verse in Q1–3, F (/ Take … / O).      113 2] Q1–3, D; 2. F.      113 me] Q1–3, F; of me D.      114 Debt's] Q1–2, F, D; Debt is Q3.      114 speaking] Q1–2, F, D; your speaking Q3.      115+ s.d. Malicorne] D; Malicorn Q1–3, F.      115+ s.d. Attendants] Q1–2, F, D; Attendant Q3.      116 Guise] Guise Q1–3, F, D.      117 Guise.] F, D; ~‸ Q1–3.      117 (bowing, and Bare-headed.) I] ‸~ ~ ~.‸ / ~ Q1–3> F; [~ ~ ~.] / ~ D.       122–123 talk … Blood?] ‸? … ~, Q1–3, F; ~, … ~? D.      127 Book.] Q2–3, D; ~, Q1, F.      131 strong;] Q1, F; ~: Q2–3; ~? D.       137 Fools;] ~‸ Q1; ~, Q2–3, F, D (fools Q2).      142 that] Q1–3, F; the D.      145 Prisoners.] D; ~, Q1–3, F.      150 Till … till] Q1–3, F; 'Till … 'till D.      152 scape,] Q1–2, F; 'scape, Q3; 'scape. D.      157 What,] ~‸ Q1–3, F, D.       159–160 As prose in Q1–3, F (and Qualm).      160 Sipps?] ~. Q1–3, F, D.      162 head,] Q1, F; ~. Q2–3, D.      164 King?] ~. Q1–3, F, D.      170 declar'd] Q1–2, F, D; de declar'd Q3.      177 lies] Q1–3, F; lyes D.      178 Phœnix] D; Phœnix Q1–3, F.     

IV, v

SCENE V. SCENE] SCENE Q1–3, F, D.      Louvre] D; LOUVRE Q1–3, F.       s.d. King … Abbot] King … Abbot Q1–3, F, D.      s.d. Grillon] Q1–3, F; and Grillon D.      1–2 As prose in Q1–3, F, D (like).      1 Faith] Q1–3, F; 'faith D.      7 me?] D; Q1–3, F.      17+ s.d. Q. Mother … pg 600reads.] Queen … reads——— Q1–3, F, D.      20–21 As verse in Q1–3, F, D (/ The Divinity).      20 so the] Q1–3, F; ~ that D.      26 Death!] ~, Q1–3, F, D.      27–28 As verse in Q1–3, F, D (/ If … / And).      29 Town?] F; ~. Q1–3; ~! D.      29 Bedlam] D; Bedlam Q1–3, F.      31 Louvre] Q2–3, D; Louvre Q1, F.      32 dispute,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      38 deliverance;] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3.      40 s.d. Q. Mother] D; Q. Mother Q1–3, F.      45 Death! … Love?] ~‸ … ~! Q1, F; ~, … ~! Q2–3, D.      55 Adieus] Q1–3; Adieu's F, D.      61 way,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      65 scap'd] Q1–2, F; 'scap'd Q3, D.      66+ s.d. Exeunt, King] D; ~‸ ~, Q1–3, F.     

V, i

ACT V. SCENE I.] D; ACT. V. Q1–3, F (ACT‸ Q2–3).      s.d. Blois.] Bloise. Q1–3, F, D (~, Q3).      s.d. Alphonso] Q1–3, F; and Alphonso D.      1 Blois] Bloise Q1–3, F, D.      4 Faith] Q1–3, F; 'faith D.      11 miss'd] Q1–2, F; missed Q3; mist D.      15 satisfaction, … wounded] ~‸ … ~, Q1–3, F, D.      17 Alph.] Q1–3, F; ~‸ D.      19 him.] the space from the end of this word to the right margin is blank in Q2–3.      25 O … implacable.] as a line of verse in Q1–3, F.      44 him] Q1–2, F, D; ~, Q3.      48 am I] Q1, F, D; I am Q2–3.      50 I] Q1–3, F (Ay Q3); ~, D (Ay).      51 And … Vote] Q1–3, F (and Q2–3); ~, … ~, D (and).      52 who] D; Who Q1–3, F.      63 your] Q1–3, F; the D.      67 (aside.)] ‸ ~.] Q1–3, F, D.      70 Exception.] Q1, Q3, F, D; ~‸ Q2.      73 Something] Q1–3, D; Some thing F.      82 Not Man,] Q1–3, D; ~ ~‸ F.      84 Thought.] D; ~, Q1–3, F.      85 speak,] D; ~‸ Q1–3, F.      90, 97 till] Q1–3, F; 'till D.       99 all] Q1–3, F; and D.      102 Admiral,] Q1, F; ~. Q2–3, D.      106 Bartholmew,] Q1, F, D (Bartholomew D); ~. Q2–3 (Bartholomew Q3).      108 then?] Q3, D; ~! Q1–2, F.      117 what Murder?] ~ ~! Q1–3, F, D.      120 and] Q1, F, D; an Q2–3.       126 th'y] Q1, F; they Q2–3, D.      128 work.] Q1–3, D (Work D); ~‸ F.      141 life,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.       153+ s.d. awhile] Q1, F, D; a while Q2; a-while Q3.      154 forgiv'n,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.       156 know] Q1–3, F; ~, D.      158 further] Q1–2, F, D; farther Q3.      159 yond] Q1–3, F; yond' D.      160+ s.d. [Deputies] Q2–3, F; ‸~ Q1, D (s.d. centered in Q1–2, D).      162 Tyrant Business] Q1–3, F; ~-~ D.      164 Heav'n] Q1–3, D; Heaven F.      165+ s.d. States,] Q1–3; ~: F; ~. D.      167–168 Archb. … House,] one line in F.      174 so;] Q1–3, F; ~. D.       182 made———] ~. Q1–3, F, D.      182–184 King. … too.] two lines in F (us; / The).      184 short,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      187 What,] F; ~‸ Q1–3; ~! D.      187 decree?] F, D; ~, Q1–3.      188 th'] D; the Q1–3, F.      200 stiff] Q1–2, F, D; still Q3.      202 rejected;] Q3; ~, Q1–2, F; ~: D.      204 Grant,] Q1, F, D; grant‸ Q2–3.      207 giv'n] Q1–3, D; given F.      214 Crowd] Q1, Q3, F, D; Crow'd Q2.      219 Certain; … name,] D; ~, … ~‸ Q1–3, F.       223 proud;] ~. Q1–3, F, D.      224 uneasie] F, D; ~, Q1–3.      246 it.] D; ~, Q1, F; ~: Q2–3.      248 prosp'rous] Q1–3, D; prosperous F.       257 the pointed] Q1–3, F; th' appointed D.      258 King.] Q1–2, F, D; ~, Q3.      263 it?] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3.       268 serve] Q1–2, F, D; sere Q3.      272 resolv'd,] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2–3.      279 him.] F, D; ~: Q1–3.      280 s.d. Walking] Q2–3, F, D; Walping Q1.      289 Go,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      291 I a] Q1–3, D; I 601292 ha'] Q1–3, F; have D.      297 sweating] Q1–2, F, D; sweeting Q3.      298–304 As verse in Q1–3, F (/ When I … / I have plunder'd, / When you … / I have been … / When a … / As … / In my … / But).      298 drunk] Q1–3, F; drank D.      309–311 As verse in Q1–3, F (/ Has … / And … / I am).       310 till] Q1–3, F; 'till D.      312 King.] Q1–3, F; ~‸ D.      313 Conscience.] D; ~, Q1–3, F.      314 shalt] Q1–2, F, D; shall Q3.      323–325 As verse in Q1–3, F, D (/ Tho … / For).      324 I'le defend] F, D; I'de defend Q1–3.      324 killed:] ~, Q1–3, F, D.     

V, ii

SCENE II. / The] The Q1–3, F, D.      2 Year] Q1, F, D; Years Q2–3. 6 Faith] Q1–3, F; 'faith D.      7 come,] Q1–3, F; ~! D.      13 there!] Q1–3, F; ~. D.       13+ s.d. A Song and Dance.] Q2–3; A SONG in the Fifth ACT of the DUKE of GUISE. Q1, D (at the end of the act); A SONG. F; Love and Jealousie: OR, A Song in the Duke of GUIES. B; A DIALOGUE betwixt a Shepherd and Shepherdess, sung in the Play of the Duke of Guise. Fs; Song in the Duke of Guise M2; no title M3, M4. Romans and italics reversed from Q1, which does not capitalize the first word in each line, except for the first line in each stanza; other texts with music proceed similarly.      14 Shepherdess.] Q1–3, F, D; omitted by B, Fs, M2–4 (B, M2–4 omit all other speech tags also).      18 Repeated as required by the music in Q1, B, Fs, M2–4 (what can Love, / what can Love and I do more? Q1, Fs, M4; the others similarly); entire stanza repeated in M2, M4.      18 more?] Q1–3, F, D, B, Fs, M4; ~. M3; ~‸ M2.      19 Think] Q1–3, F, D, B, Fs, M2, M4; 'Think M3.      19 it's] Q1–3, F, D, Fs (its F); 'tis B, M2–4.      21 Cordial] Q1–3, F, D, Fs; Cordials B, M2–4.      23 kills me with] Q1–3, D, B, Fs, M2, M4; kills with me F; fill's me wth M3.      23 Joy.] Q1–3, F, D, B, Fs, M3–4; ~‸ M2.      24 you?] Q1–3, F, D, Fs, M4; ~, B; ~‸ M2–3.      25 you;] Q1–3, F, D, B, Fs; M3; ~‸ M2; ~. M4.      27–28 Repeated as required by the music in Q1, Fs, M2–4 (l. 28 repeated a second time, followed by and yet be true in Q1, Fs, M2, M4).      28 true.] Q2–3, F, D, B; ~; Q1, Fs (first occurrence); ~‸ M2–4.      29 expiring] Q1–3, F, D, B, M2–4;      expressing Fs.      30 desiring,] Q1, F, D, B; ~. Q2–3; ~‸ M2–4; desiers, Fs.      33 down.] Q1–3, F, D, B, Fs; ~‸ M2–4.      34 Mine's, &c.] Q1, F, D, Fs, M2–4 repeat ll. 29–33 in full (Fs repeating its readings in ll. 29 and 30).      34+ s.d. [Loud] Q2–3; After a Song and Dance, loud Q1, F, D.      34+ s.d. door.] Q1–2, F, D; ~: Q3.       34+ s.d. Servant] Q1–3, F; a Servant D.      35 Mal. What] What Q1–3, F, D.      38 s.d. Exit] Q1, Q3, F, D; ~. Q2.      39 s.d. Knock] Q1, F, D; Knocks Q2–3.      42 so,] Q1, F, D; ~. Q2–3.      42+ s.d. Knock] Q1, F, D; Knocks Q2–3.       46 s.d. Exit] Q1–3, D; ~. F.      46+ s.d. [Scene] Q2–3; ‸~ Q1, F, D (s.d. centered).      50–51 Or … / Deep] / Or … deep Q1–3, F, D.      51 Red] Q1, Q3, F, D; Read Q2.      53 Laugh'st thou,] Q2–3, F, D; ~, ~‸ Q1.      56 on] Q1–3, F; in D.      56 do't] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      62 resty,] D; ~‸ Q1–3, F.      66 will, so] D; Q1–3, F.      66 Heav'n] Q1–2, F, D; Heaven Q3.      67 behold;] Q1–3, F, D.      77 repent,] Q2–3, F, D; ~‸ Q1.      77 then] Q1–2, F, D; and then Q3.      83 I may] Q1–2, F, D; I Q3.      85 Heav'n] Q1–2, F, D; Heaven Q3.      87–88 Melanax's speech as one line in F (to).      93 pg 602yet,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      94 soon;] D; ~, Q1–3, F.      96 Prayers] Q1–3, F; Pray'rs D.      97 Heaven] Q1, F, D; Heav'n Q2–3.      107 Half Soul, half Clod] F, D; Half-soul, Half clod Q1; Half-soul, Half-clod Q2–3.      115 ev'ry] Q1–3, F; every D.      116 scape] Q1–2; 'scape Q3, F, D.      116 Ever, Ever,] Q1–3, F; ~, ~ ! D (ever, ever).      120 earthy] Q1–3, F; earthly D.       122 Clay,] F; ~? Q1–3, D.       123 fire?] ~‸ Q1–3, F, D.     

V, iii

SCENE III. / Duke] Duke Q1–3, F; Enter Duke D.      s.d. Cardinal] Q1–3, F; Cardinal and D.      12 Then] Q1–2, F, D; Than Q3.      12 dye,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      20 moves] D; move Q1–3, F.      33 shock:] Q1–3, F; ~‸ D.      39 Your] Q1–3, D; Tour F.      41 As two lines in Q1–3, F, D (/ What).      43 me?] Q2–3; ~; Q1, F, D.      45 within] Q1–2, F, D; with Q3.       45 me;] Q3, F, D; ~, Q1–2.      50 too.] F, D; ~, Q1–3.      57 Moment] ~, Q1–3, F, D.      58 straight] Q1–2, F; strait Q3; streight D.      62 Therefore] Q1–3, F; ~, D.      64 heart,] Q1–3; ~: F; ~. D.      65 Oaths] Q1–3, F; Oath D.      69 me. [Aside.] me, Q1–3, F, D (me. D).       70 Never] Q1, F, D; Nerve Q2–3.      75 you're] Q3 (corrected state), F, D; you'r Q1–2, Q3 (uncorrected state).      76 Guise.] Q1, Q3, F; ~‸ Q2; Gui. D.      77 have,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      78 Madam.] Q1–2, F, D; ~, Q3.      80 Guise?] F, D; ~, Q1–3.      85 death,] Q1–2, F, D; ~. Q3.      94 Soul;] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      103 then.] D; ~, Q1–3, F.      112, 113 till] Q1–3, F; 'till D.      113 arises] D; rises Q1–3, F.      114 till] Q1–3, F; 'till D.      119 Tear,] Q1, F, D; ~‸ Q2–3.      121–122 I … Fall.] as one line in F.      121 Cherubins] Q1, F, D; Cherubims Q2–3.       122 Heaven] Q1–3; ~, F; Heav'n D.      122 confess,] Q1–3, F; ~! D.       130 till] Q1–3, F; 'till D.      132 Pray'r] Q1, D; Prayer Q2–3, F.      135 it; if] D; ~, ~ Q1–3, F.      136 pard'n … it is] Q1–3; pardon … it is F; pardon … 'tis D.      137 crawl] Q1, Q3, F, D; craw'l Q2.      138 Robe.] Q1–3; ~: F, D.       138 s.d. After l 137 in Q1–3, F.      138 possible?] ~, Q1–3, F, D.       145 call me.] Q1–3, D; ~ ~, F.      148 more;] ~, Q1–3, F, D.       152 part,] Q2–3, D; ~‸ Q1, F.      154 Io's] Q2–3; Io's Q1, F, D.      155 prove,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      156 s.d. Exit] Q1, D; ~. Q2–3, F.      156+ s.d. Guise] Q3, F, D; Guise Q1–2.      159 Spirits] Q1, F, D; Spirit's Q2–3.      161 now?] ~! Q1–3, F, D.      161 bleed'st!] Q2–3; ~‸ Q1, F, D.      164 twenty?] Q1–3, D; ~. F.      164+ s.d. Enter a] Q1, F, D; Enter Q2–3.      165 the] Q1–3, F; th' D.      166 come. Down] ~, down Q1–3, F; ~ ; down D.       167 Dreams!] ~, Q1–3, D; ~; F.       167 it] Q1–2, F, D; I Q3.      167 now] F, D; Now Q1–3.      171 black?] ~. Q1–3, F, D.      175 s.d. [Exeunt.] omitted from Q1–3, F, D.     

V, iv

IV] II Q1–3, F, D.      2 Petition.] D; ~, Q1–3, F.      3 back.] ~, Q1–3, F, D.       5 Faith] Q1–3, F; 'Faith D.      8 True Grillon] Q1–2, F, D; ~, ~, Q3.      9 Ha!] D; ~‸ Q1–2, F; ~, Q3.      15 off (aside.)———] off, Q1–3, D; off. F.      15+ s.d. Cardinal] F, D; Cardinal Q1–3.      17 s.d. [Ex.] Q1, F; [Exit. Q2–3; [Exeunt. D.     

pg 603V, v

V] III Q1–3, F, D.      s.d. The Council-Hall] D; Council-Hall Q1–3, F.      s.d. Enter Guise, Cardinal, Archbishop.] omitted from Q1–3, F, D.      3 thought;] D; ~, Q1–3; ~: F.      4 ha!] Ha‸ Q1–2; Ha, Q3; Ha! F; ha, D.      4 more?] D; ~, Q1–3; ~; F.       6 Blood? F, D; ~, Q1–3.      7 may.] D; ~, Q1–3; F.      9 rob] Q1–3, D; robst F.      9 use?] F; ~. Q1–3, D.       11 Pardons:] F; ~, Q1–3, D.       11 Vapours,] Q2–3, F, D; ~‸ Q1.      12–13 Grillon's speech as a single line in F.       15 more. Thou] ~, thou Q1–3, F; ~; thou D.      16 Recluse,] Q1–3, D; ~. F.       17 breathe] Q1–3, D; breath F.      19 Lord,] Q1–3, F; ~. D.      22 him,] Q1 (some copies), Q2–3, F; ~; Q1 (some copies); ~. D.       26 Air———] ~, Q1–3; ~: F; ~; D.      27 Guise. (within.)] ~‸‸~.] Q1–3, F, D.      28 door.] Q1–3, F; ~, D.     

V, vi

SCENE VI. / The] The Q1–3, F, D.      s.d. draws. Behind] ~‸ behind Q1; ~, behind Q2–3, F, D.      s.d. Eight,] Q1–2, F, D; ~: Q3.      1 Hell-hounds] Q1–2, D; Hell hounds Q3, F.      1+ s.d. draws] Q2, F, D; draws, Q1; draw Q3.      2 Sword,] Q1–3, D; ~. F.      3 Lognac] Logniac Q1, F, D; Logniack Q2–3.      3 me,] Q1–3; ~: F; ~. D.      4+ s.d. him ———] Q1–3, ~. F.      5 Open] Q1–2, F, D; Ope Q3.      10 Sir. What] D; ~, what Q1–3; what F.       12 lies] Q1–3, F; lyes D.       22 Cause.] Q1–3, F; ~! D.      23 King. (looking upon Guise.)] ~, ‸~ ~ ~.] Q1–3, F; ~. [~ ~ ~] D.      23 warning,] Q1–3; ~. F; ~; D.      24 more,] Q2–3, F; ~‸ Q1; ~; D.       25 which] Q1–2, F, D; for Q3.      28 Till] Q1, F; ''Till Q2–3, D.      Advertisement: Entire advertisement omitted from Q2, F, D.      ADVERTISEMENT.] Q1; ~‸ Q2.      4 Stationers,] Q1; ~‸ Q2.     

The Vindication of The Duke of Guise

The Vindication: Or The Parallel of the French Holy-League, and the English League and Covenant, Turn'd into a Seditious Libell against the King and his Royal Highness, by Thomas Hunt and the Authors of the Reflections upon the Pretended Parallel in the Play called The Duke of Guise was first published in 1683 (Q; Macd 130). Remainder copies were bound with some copies of the 1699 edition of The Duke of Guise. The Vindication was reprinted in Congreve's edition of Dryden's Dramatick Works (1717), V, 311–362 (D; Macd 109ai–ii [two issues, the differences not affecting The Vindication]). There is no evidence that Dryden revised the text after publication, so a Clark copy of Q (#PR3419.V71 [cop. 1] has been taken as copy text for the present edition, emended as shown in the footnotes. No way to emend the sentence "He … Consciences" (p. 328:27–30) or the clause "the young … Izabella" (p. 338:9–11) suggested itself. Starting pg 604at p. 316:3 above, Q normally has blank lines between paragraphs, but these have been closed up.

The following additional copies of the editions have been examined: Q: Clark (*PR3419.V71 [cop. 2]; *PR3417–1683, v. 3; *PR341o.C95a, v. 3; *PR341o.C94, v. 3); D: Clark (*PR3412.1717, v. 5 [2 cop.]; PR3412.1717a, v. 5).

The following supplement to the footnotes gives differences between Q and D where the present edition follows Q.

309:32 till] Q; 'till D.      315:16 beholding] Q; beholden D.      317:13 inspected] Q; suspected D.       321:4 lies] Q; lyes D.      323:6 Authors] Q; Author's D.      324:30 lies] Q; lyes D.       325:20 been] Q; been the D.      329:16 I have not] Q; I have not D.      330:14, 17 scape] Q; 'scape D.       331:7 till] Q; 'till D.      332:5 lies] Q; lyes D.      334:32, 336:30 till] Q; 'till D.      340:2 Tenents] Q; Tenets D.      340:16 lies] Q; lyes D.       343:12 in] Q; in in D.      344:24 amongst] Q; among D.      345:27 beholding] Q; beholden D.      346:7 their true] Q; their D.       348:6 is it] Q; it is D.       348:33 last Declaration] Q: Declaration D.      351:7 his] Q; his D.       351.29 to be] Q; to D.      352:18 Reader.] Q; ~, D.      352:19, 25–26 Protestants] Q; Protestants D.      353:14 sixth] Q; Sixth King D.      353:30 Propriety] Q; Property D.      355:4 Audiences] Q; Audience D.       357:9 it.] Q; ~? D.     

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Editor’s Note
1 How much Congreve had to do with this edition beyond writing the dedication, and how much the text represents Dryden's last thoughts, are questionable (see Macdonald, p. 151), but it has seemed wiser to include its variant readings always.
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