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Marshall Waingrow (ed.), The Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell: Research Edition: Correspondence, Vol. 2: The Correspondence and Other Papers of James Boswell relating to the Making of the Life of Johnson (Second Edition)

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To Mary Adey,1 Tuesday 15 February 1785

MS. Yale (L 9). A copy by Johnston of Grange, endorsed by him: 'Copy Letter To Miss Adey 15th February 1785'; headed by JB: 'To Miss Adye Lichfield.'

pg 47Edinr., 14th [sic] February 1785

Dear Madam: Though I have by this post Solicited Mrs. Cobb's communications of Anectdotes2 and Sayings of our great and good friend Dr. Johnson, I beg your kind assistance also in Collecting materials for his life. Every thing that you can Send me Concerning him will be valuable; and therefore pray think nothing too Small, you have been So much with him, have had so lively a perception of his Wisdom and Wit, and can reflect it so well, that I am Sure you may enrich my work if you will be So good as take the trouble to write down all that you remember.

Please put your packets under Cover etc.

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Editor’s Note
1 Mary Adey (1742–1830), daughter of Joseph Adey (1704–63), Town Clerk of Lichfield, and Felicia Hammond (d. 1778), sister of Mrs. Cobb. Before her mother's death, she was living with Mrs. Cobb (Journ. 24–25 Mar. 1776), and in 1793 inherited the bulk of her property. The following year she married John Sneyd (1734–1809), High Sheriff of Staffordshire (Reades, p. 212 n. 4, 229; Life ii. 522 [App. B]).
Editor’s Note
2 MS. 'Ancetdotes'
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