Marshall Waingrow (ed.), The Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell: Research Edition: Correspondence, Vol. 2: The Correspondence and Other Papers of James Boswell relating to the Making of the Life of Johnson (Second Edition)

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From Edmund Hector, Monday 31 October 1791

MS. Yale (C 1531)

address: James Boswell Esqr.

endorsement: 31 Octr. 1791. Mr. Hector with two odes by Johnson in his early years1 and praising my Book.

pg 348[Birmingham,] 8ber 31 91

Dear Sir: For the pleasure You have given me and many of my friends who knew Dr. Johnson, I most gratefully and sincerely thank you.

If hereafter, it shou'd ever lie in my power to do you any service, You may command Your oblig'd humble Servant

Edmd. Hector

The daffodill was the first production of his Pen I ever saw, and as He thought it not characteristick2 of the flower gave no copy.3

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Editor’s Note
1 The two odes and the fragment that follows them occupy the first two pages of the letter, preceding the letter proper. The first of the odes, 'The Daffodil', duplicates Hector's earlier offering (ante 1 Feb. 1785). For the texts, see Poems, ed. McAdam and Milne, pp. 3, 38, and 69.
Editor’s Note
2 MS. 'chararist'
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